The IAC is there to regulate the idle speed and provide high idle at cold start more than anything. The throttle cable problem seems to be solved thanks to my new TBI from Geoff! I clearly haven't completed the Idle/IAC and TPS voltage procedure. I want to put in a 3.2 V6 in it or higher, i know this involves alot of remounting and engine rummeging but Im not sure how much.

On your throttle linkage, what's the purpose of that long spring? It didnt' work. It's been a long time since I put the 4.3 tbi on but I believe I switched out the throttle cable arm and used the one from the 2.8. This is an image of my throttle linkage.

Tue Nov 11, 2008 4:45 pm. And it came from a 91 Camero. Seems like it would only slightly affect the angle. One way to "rule out" a vacuum leak other than the tbi is to cover the inlet momentarily. What engine swap would provide the most HP while also being a reliable engine and still a 5 speed manual. The best solution is to use a core with the new style TPS these all come with the right holes already. Check the throttle shaft for side to side play. 2.8 to 3.4L engine swap on 91 Trooper. Would like to fix both. I know I want to get rid of the 2.6 but a 2.8 just isnt enough for me. There are tons of these out there. mpm55 Posts: 2. 1990 Trooper, 3.2L (3.1L .040 over) Pushrod V6, 5 speed manual.

Oh well, I'll figure out a way through it.

Just for the heck of it today I did a search on Ebay today and found thousands of engines and parts. 1990 Isuzu Pickup with a Chevrolet 327 V8. Dennis, 1991 LS Trooper 2.8 V6 5 speed conversion (Sold). Re: 1990 isuzu trooper engine swap Thu May 28, 2015 7:08 pm that_1k1d wrote: I've had my trooper for about 6 months now and I love it. Yes it is a basic bolt in.

I am confident that there are many, many details that are not included in this information. Thanks a bunch, John. It is in great shape with only 100K miles on it. from the body to the performance. Throttle arm is wrong and the bracket is not bolted on right. I don't want that to happen! If the abbreviations confuse you, do some more research to study up. Look for the bracket holes in the side and the new style TPS. I've have looked at many forums to discuss the things I need help with and this seems to be the best place to come to. The throttle cable bracket looks like it has been re drilled. Awesome.

It is equipped with the 2.8 gm motor, which is worn out with 180,000 miles and in need of replacement. Here are some pics. Isuzu Trooper Engine Swap. It can be done with the available jig so it's not too big of a deal.

1990 Trooper, 3.2L (3.1L .040 over) Pushrod V6, 5 speed manual. That picture is correct for the 2.8L. If some wiring doesn't intimidate you, then a 3800 series 2 bolts up also. Sorry I left you off the first write-up. Ed has given me a couple ideas for realigning the cable. Isuzu V8 Conversion Projects - I don't remember having any issues with the 3 bolt holes on the cable bracket lining up or with the number of vacuum ports but I do remember drilling out the plug over the idle adjusting screw. You will be able to see if the screw is no longer contacting the arm on the throttle shaft. I just happened to notice it when doing some work on it. You may have difficulty finding such an engine that is not worn out., Big Bore Intake Kits & Greasable Shackles Here, ... 15&t=81567,, ... tp-522433/. The cable goes on the back side of the throttle arm.

The throttle plate must be open just enough to keep the engine from dying when the throttle is cut. The copper pipe in the background is my diy throttle body hot water connection. 86 Trooper (sold to brother) wrecked and recycled. So, throttle is weird and I have no CC at the moment. Users browsing this forum: No registered users and 18 guests, Discuss anything related to drivetrain mods here (Engine &Transmission Swaps, lift, gearing, exhaust, etc), I've had my trooper for about 6 months now and I love it. And most will not work. What kind of things do I need to look … Well I can still sell you the throttle body modified and ready to bolt on just like your stock one or you can go to your local yard and pick one up. Any advice on what I'm missing from my last post?

I heard some really nice guy let you borrow his starter relocation jig...even had it dropped off at your shop in Everett and he is in Bellingham.,, I used to be a mechanic and have a lot of experience with engine swaps but I am not that familiar with the 3.4L engine. Re: Best Engine Swap. They haven't made them for some time but most are re-buildable. The engine can be woken up a lot with just a few parts. build, send us a message through this page: ******************************************************. I mounted it pretty much stock. Sun Sep 03, 2017 11:20 am. If you have a completed V8 swap build, send, 2008-2019 Ruckerbilt Industries - All rights and lefts reserved, This page will always be under construction. I'll probably have to ship it back to you. I could only see it obviously while I had it off. Then you will need to clean it all up, un cork the throttle set screw, cut off the throttle arm and weld on a 2.8L one and finally drill and install the one or two vacuum ports that may be missing. ARB Lockers front and rear. Hopefully I'll find time next weekend. I believe all the hardware came from the 2.8. WOW...what a nice guy. I already have the intake from Geoff. With that said I am looking for more HP. Also, I noticed that your cable (and Ed's) attach behind the lever (firewall side), while mine is attached on the front. ARB Lockers front and rear. I've had enough broken cables in the few years I've owned this thing (3 burned up speedo cables, but that's another story...). What year engine do I need to look for out and out of what kind of vehicles. It does seem to point to excess intake air like a vacuum leak or something. Well after reconnecting the IAC and starting it, the idle improved a bit. I have been looking into an engine swap to a bigger v6 mainly for more power and torque to get through more stuff off road. Now to get down to business, I want to swap out my 2.8 v6, it's the original engine and is losing its power. The one I got from the yard combined with port matching the intake and all the extra work brought up the cost to about what yours would have cost, plus I still have problems. I own a 1988 Isuzu Trooper II. I've even seen it where an intake manifold gasket was leaking where it was cracked. Cowl Induction Intake. I noticed while working with my tbi the iac was not seated in the hole. I'm going to bring this back to the shop for some tweaks of the throttle, potentially a new TBI (from Geoff), and one other issue: Yup you got it. The power is incredible compared to what the 2.8 could do. It drives great with the easy to push throttle pedal, but the idle is still around 1000 or higher and erratic, and even worse if I turn the AC on. This is why I sell all my kits with the new TPS. If you have a completed V8 swap. Ya, we used the one off the 2.8. Could it be yours is stuck open in the same manner? The only special work is relocating the starter. That is how I got started. I am heading south in a couple weeks...I will just pick it up.

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