2. 3) ace up your sleeve More holes than Swiss cheese21. Nail on the head Hand to on a silver platter, Cat caught your tounge 24.Turn over a new leaf Stiff upper lip7.

10.Hole in your head/ screw loose 8. 13) ace up your sleeve, So I will leave you to it. 21) cast a shadow over Counting the eggs before they hatch Rags to riches. In a nutshell 28.

A screw loose6. 20. 14) Having a cold feet

27. – hard to crack 5. But for your number 5, could it be that he is not a shadow of himself? Bird’s eye view Time flies Chalk and cheese9. 8) nail on the head Kicked the bucket

Sadly, most of these treats aren't available on the market... Coca-Cola will soon discontinue around 200 drinks brands. Cat by the tail, Cat got your tongue, tongue tied 1. We all use some form of online grammar and spell checking nowadays. A place for pictures and photographs. Piece of cake – wearing your heart on your sleeve Born with a silver spoon in your mouth Tongue tied 20) bird brain Growing out of ones ears Born with a silver spoon in your mouth. Crowing about (something) Pull up your socks Fish out of water All eggs in a basket 21. Keep your cards close to your chest 12. 23. You hear the changed idiom, and you know something is wrong, but you can’t quite figure out what it is till some time later when it dawns on you “OH! Cut and run, Your email address will not be published. A can of worms14. Silver platter Can You Find 27 Figure Of Speech Examples In This Puzzle? 12.

15) heart on your sleeve, That guy wears his cards close to his chest, has an ace up his sleave and wears his heart on his sleave. They are very common forms of saying something in a way that is more polite or not as blunt or direct. Our taste buds are tingling!

– beggars can’t be choosers Anyway, I have given you more than enough clues to get you halfway to solving the puzzle. The opposite, of course, is an understatement that makes a situation seem less important. No room to swing a cat22. At first glance, it looks like an easy puzzle to solve. 21.

Ace up your sleeve. Got the cat by the tail 6.

6. 17 Don’t trust your shadow One foot in the grave There are 27 figures of speech in the following picture, guess them? Copyright © 2020 Just Publishing Advice - All Rights Reserved. Eyes wide open, Red herring It helps to create emphasis. I got as far as identifying twenty or so from the picture but then ran into trouble. 17. Time flies The cat had my tongue. 9. like cracking a walnut Stiff upper lip 15 Self-Publishing Problems And How To Avoid Them, What Is Metadata And Why It Is Important For Books, https://twitter.com/EBaronCartoons/status/1103727058784538624?s=09, https://harmonykent.co.uk/can-you-find-27-figure-of-speech-examples-in-this-cartoon/, How To Find KDP Keywords For Kindle Books. 25. 23. Hope he doesn’t kick the bucket but the cat has my tongue . 10. 5) Hit the nail on the head Carrying my heart on my sleeve

March 9, 2019 March 9, 2019 Cubby 23 Comments on Figures of Speech Answers. Can’t make an omelette without cracking an egg. 7. A nutcase (?) Examples include, I’m as busy as a bee and it’s as dead as a doornail or dodo. 18) rags to riches, Because l wanted to now them very well and memories them in my brain, In a Nutshell – bird brain Bird’s Eye View Red herring There is something fishy Just scroll down a tiny bit on the twitter thread linked above in the article for the complete list. 26) Pull up your socks Expressing life through local news and entertainment.

Tied up in knots wearing your Heart on your sleeve, Don’t keep all your eggs in one basket, Time flies. 11. Put your best foot forward Share on Facebook. 11. 27. Holding the cat by the tail Piece of cake. A screw loose4. Cold feet Cheesy, Since most have been answered and a few may have multiple answers .. a few which I thought are also possible –

Play your cards close to your chest Crowing about nothing. 4. 16.

Bug in the ear Raise an eyebrow The short end of the rope 25. Oh see how *time flies* some of us have already *tied the knot* and others have unfortunately *kicked the bucket* Got the Cat by the Tail 18. 24) shoe on the other foot Dont put all your eggs in one basket 14. I have always been advised to put a bug in the ear some I’m aware of who is spilling the beans.

Red herring 30. I have always been advised to put a bug in the ear some Im aware of who is spilling the beans. 15. wormed his way out

Piece of cake These should be added to the list

Or, Tiger Woods was a half-decent golf player in his prime. 24. Tongue-tied – all your eggs in one basket His straight was foiled by the joker,a card with no suit. 10) walking on egg shells Best foot forward 11. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. In which war was the napalm incendiary bomb first used? Tough nut to crack, Bald as a Coot Running out of time just came to me. Joker in the pack silver tongue Which Indian cricketer is known as "Brown Bradman"?

Big cheese16. Can make an omelette without ‘breaking an egg’. 25 kick the bucket Piece of cake 8. 21) Cast a shoulder over 1) spill the beans, 27. Spilling the beans Don’t spill the beans More holes than swiss cheese 9. Can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs. Ella posted a screen cap of the 49 solutions the other woman sent her. 9.Bird’s eye view Screwed up in the head 27. Red herring17. The same applies to acronyms and abbreviations. A fish out of water Born with a Silver spoon in your mouth, Kick the bucket, red herring, Ace up his sleeve, ear worm, cat got your tongue, Bird brain, Playing his cards close to his chest, Hit the nail on the head or a screw loose,Don’t Spill the beans, It;s a piece of cake…with a cherry on top, Can’t make an omelet without breaking an eggs-, he’s Got Cold Feet, Big cheese or Your story has more holes than swiss cheese, In a nutshell, Best foot forward, Shadow of your former self, Rags to riches or life in tatters, Everything was handed to him on a silver platter, Shoe on the other foot, Overshadowing women/cast a shadow over me, Skinny as a rail or tall as a beanpole, Bald as a billiard cube, Pale as a ghost, 1) Time flies From head to toe, I was hoping not to *spill the beans* but I guess the *cat’s got my tongue*. 15) More holes than a Swiss cheese Free self-publishing advice, how to guides and tips. Don’t trust your own shadow 2. Shakespeare uses the word stage to give an abstract meaning to how we all live and behave in our world. 7. keep your cards close to your chest Spill the beans It’s a piece of cake. 24. rags to riches As black as a raven It’s not on the list.

27) In a nut shell. Time Flys Don’t think it’s a red herring. 7. 7. For example, as hard as a brick, as brave as a tiger and laughs like a monkey. There are 6 words hidden in this picture.

I am mentioning here only the ones which are different from other lists. 3. Fun days at Milky Paradise, The largest competition website in South Africa and entries are FREE, Photo: Donnalee and Ivan welcome baby boy, Find them all: 27 figures of speech in one image, Morgan Freeman converted his 124-acre ranch into a giant honeybee sanctuary, Answer: The battle of English and Mathematics, Coca-Cola to discontinue 200 drink brands, Thousands of seals found dead on the Namibian coastline, Don’t count your chickens before they hatch. Shoe’s on the other foot 3)Putting all your eggs in a basket… Cherry on the cake. My days are spent teaching English and writing, as well as testing and taming new technology. I would rather keep *my cards close to my chest* with the *joker in the pack* rather than *serve it all on a silver platter* as it’s *a piece of cake* 26. shoe on the other foot 27 cat got your tongue. Born with a silver spoon in your mouth8. Figures of Speech Answers. The Gloves are off….? In a nutshell Keep your cards close to your heart 4) hot under the collar, There could be up to 49 figure of speech expressions captured within in her cartoon. So do we take her literally or figuratively? 25) skinny as a rail or tall as a beanpole 1)Play one’s card close to the chest…. Bird brain 14. It’s a red herring.

Tie the knot6. Can you pls explain I’m getting (14) cold feet & I have half a mind to (15) worm out of this whole thing. 6) Walk on egg shells 9. Tie the knot18. In a nutshell 9. 9) kick the bucket, A big thank you to Kim, who posted a comment on this article. Joker in the pack Wow! The cat’s got your tongue, Spill the beans 27.

Scared off her own shadow, 1. To be hit for six, to be caught on a sticky wicket, to be stumped, I did it off my own bat, to be caught out, and to bowl a maiden over. Born with a silver spoon in your mouth 11. 8. 10. Cherry on the cake 17) bird brain, 27. Red herring

In a nutshell. Stepping on toes 27) to find?? Shadow of your former self

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