Averaging across the four bullet weights, here are the percentage increases in muzzle velocity of each super magnum over the .338 Win. To provide a better website experience, hubpages.com uses cookies (and other similar technologies) and may collect, process, and share personal data. So a .338 Lapua Magnum round exits the barrel with kinetic energy equal to the energy required for linear vertical displacement of 4830 pounds through a one foot distance, while a .338 Winchester Magnum round exiting the barrel has energy equal to the amount required to displace 3920 pounds over the same one foot distance. Mag., while a charge of 107.9 grains of Viht N-165 is needed to drive the same bullet at 3300 f.p.s. It seems that Winchester really was endeavoring to provide a better bullet for every single one of the world's hunters and guides.

Of course, the difference is less than three inches at the 400 yard mark and less than that at all of the previous yard markers.

Please click the above links to take a look at all of the .338 Lapua Magnum and .338 Winchester Magnum ammo we have in stock and ready to ship, and let us know any parting thoughts in the comment section below.

And the great and lovely grandson of the formidable battle rifle ammo. Google provides ad serving technology and runs an ad network.

I dont want to just poke holes in paper from long range.

These are the .330 Dakota, .340 Weatherby, .338 Remington Ultra Mag, .338 Lapua Magnum and .338-378 Weatherby.

At the end of the section, when we look at the averages of our larger sample size, we will also provide the recoil energy when the rounds are fired from the rifles of the same weight.

Averaged across the four bullet weights, the .338 Win.

Forgot to mention barrel erosion. Mag is outstanding.

BONUS OFFER: Get your 500 Page Ammo Comparison Handbook (worth $43) for FREE right into your inbox. The average velocities, when we add in more rounds, are near identical to the trends we just looked at.

If you'd like, however, you could purchase 200 or 175 grain bullets for the Lapua.

Mag.). From this example, we see that the .338 LM round is showing an overall flatter trajectory than the .300 Win Mag round with the biggest difference being 10″ at the 500-yard mark. We still see that the .338 LM rounds have quite the edge over the .300 Win Mag when it comes to the BC.

The more powder burned equals more recoil and muzzle blast principle applies to all the super magnums, of course. (These figures, and all that follow, are NOT corrected to account for the different barrel lengths.


So while these numbers can vary, the general trend of recoil energy between these two cartridges remains constant. My own personal shooting range. It certainly seems that way. For cartridge comparisons, we are going to look at the energy and the penetration which includes the sectional density and the bullet momentum. There is no single measurement that is going to provide a perfect indicator of a cartridge’s stopping power to us. The .338 Winchester Magnum, introduced in 1958, set a performance level for the caliber that most subsequent .338 cartridges have struggled to exceed.

From just a couple dozen rounds, the .338 LM cartridges might be more fatiguing to you than the .300 Win Mag though both can be uncomfortable when used by less experienced users. A 24-1/2 inch barrel was used for the .338 Lapua and a 28 inch barrel (!)

The rifle bargain here is the .338 Remington Ultra Mag.

We also saw much higher ballistic coefficients for the .338 LM rounds than the .300 Win Mag rounds, though both have high BCs when compared to other types of cartridges. Likewise, the .300 Win Mag rounds vary between 0.481 to 0.64. The high ballistic coefficients, which we will discuss next, and the increased weight of the .338 LM rounds also allow them to maintain velocity at a slightly higher rate than the .300 Win Mag rounds as they move downrange.

Because we are using such a small sample size for the majority of our discussion, we went ahead and compiled more factory loads for each cartridge. We also have the chance now to see how the recoil energy generated between these two cartridges compare when fired from a rifle of the same weight. This service allows you to sign up for or associate a Google AdSense account with HubPages, so that you can earn money from ads on your articles. The drawback to this cartridge for hunting has to do with the firearm. I am growing bored with standard assault rifle ammunition.

yields the results that the .338 Win. and 360 yards the Lupua. Furthermore, the muzzle energy of a .338 Lapua Magnum round averages out to 4830 ft-lb, while a .338 Winchester Magnum round averages out to about 3920 ft-lb. of recoil, a 55% difference. lbs.)

Why not look at the .338-378 weathrby mag as well? With a degree in Microbiology and several years of doctoral work manipulating bacterial genes, he attempts to merge the rational and unbiased thinking of scientific research with the passions of hunting and fishing.

This high amount of recoil energy is going to be a “necessary evil” to obtain the speeds, range, and power that comes with these two cartridges. Momentum is simply how well an object, bullet in this case, in motion can stay in motion.

That's about a mile and a half! It may be the cheapest and most efficient method money can buy, the cream of all things wonderful about ammunition as astronomers are to the Milky Way.

338Win Mag Vs 338 Lapua Mag Biggest difference between the two is $$$. With large and dangerous game with thick hide, the huge amount of momentum and the high sectional density of the .338LM rounds are going to make getting the round through the vitals much easier. Let’s take a look at the larger data sets and see if we still observe these same trends.

If you are a TFL member and can access TFL, please do not use this link; instead, use the forums (like Questions, Suggestions, and Tech Support) or PM an appropriate mod or admin. See Chuck Hawk's articles for further reference. The amount of stopping power that is thought to bring down game effectively is debatable and shot placement is a key component to this baseline as well.

True .338 Lapua Magnum and .338 Winchester Magnum ballistics information can vary widely from the displayed information, and it is important to understand that the particular characteristics of a given round can make a substantive difference in its true performance. Below, you will find the averages for recoil energy between these two cartridges. When we look at the larger sample set, we do see some differences from previously. At 400 and 500 yards, there is only slightly less than 1,000 ft.lbs difference. If, however, you'd like the same power as the .338 Win Mag but want high velocity, precision shooting, you're better off with the newer .338 Lapua Magnum. SO, for long range shooting where the wind might be more of a factor, a better ballistic coefficient is something you might be looking for.

Mag. We also see that the .300 Win Mag rounds tend to maintain their kinetic energy at a higher rate than the .338 LM rounds.

in the .338-378. With enough hours on the range, you can do some pretty amazing things with both of these cartridges out to 1,000+ yard ranges. Some rifles adapt well, others not so much.

For anyone looking to decide between two cartridges, the ballistics are going to be their main source of comparison.

There are several components that go into how well a bullet will penetrate including velocity, the caliber of the bullet, the weight of the bullet, and the bullet’s design. This round has a muzzle energy of 4,677ft.lb and still carries nearly 3,500ft.lb of energy at the 300-yard mark and 2,842ft.lb at 500 yards. The heavier weights of the .338 LM rounds give it a slight edge in potential penetration from the standpoint of sectional density, but the .300 Win Mag SD is nothing to scoff at and is quite high, especially when compared to other cartridges.

A personal observation: recently I was in attendance when the guest of a fellow shooting club member was putting a .338 Lapua through its paces at our range.

With the same rifle weight, the .338 LM generates nearly double the amount of recoil energy as the .300 Win Mag. This will obviously be a point to come back to when we look at the applications of these rounds. Mag. Not a single rocket or missile uses gunpowder. I have been target shooting and sighting in rifles there for years. With a 250 gr.

Across the four bullet weights for each cartridge, the retained energy at MPBR averages are 2557 ft. lbs.

No one participating in the exercise ventured to shoot the rifle unless it was resting in a Lead Sled and the rifle, equipped with a muzzle brake, was the loudest thing I have heard short of a Browning .50 BMG. gets 40.4 f.p.s. This email link is to reach site administrators for assistance, if you cannot access TFL via other means. Well, it'd take the Lapua, of course. THE BEST GUN DEALS AND HANDPICKED GEAR RECOMMENDATIONS, Subscribe to our Newsletter and we send you the best deals right into your inbox. for the .338-378 Weatherby with a 225 grain bullet.

So, let’s take a look at the recoil energy (ft.lb) between the .300 Win Mag vs .338 Lapua Magnum rounds that we have selected for comparison (Graph 1).

Quite a few factors can influence the recoil such as bullet weight, the amount of powder, as well as the firearm weight. I reckon 800 yards is all you'd get from a 64mm case length and a 200 grain bullet. You can use this to streamline signing up for, or signing in to your Hubpages account.

The .338LM rounds lost momentum at a slightly lower rate than the .300 Win Mag rounds. But we've had enough now, thank you very much. The .338 LM rounds have a much higher kinetic energy than the .300 Win Mag rounds throughout the 500-yard range except for the .338 LM Hornady SP-RP Interlock 250gr which falls into the .300 Win Mag range at the 400 and 500-yard mark. for a 185 grain bullet in the .338 Win. We have listed these ten rounds below.

With both having well over 1,000 yards of supersonic flight, that’s a big advantage to long range marksman.

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