I would never ever attempt this…so just for info sake…just say’n.

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.357 Magnum (Winchester Handgun Data) Warning!

.45, .40. Such a load would be useful for snakes on a hiking trail.

http://shop.proneshooter.com/Winchester-Powder-231-Smokeless-1-lb-WIN2311.htm, http://shop.proneshooter.com/Winchester-Powder-231-Smokeless-8-lb-WIN2318.htm, Subscribe to Ultimate Reloader Reloading Blog by Email, 25 Creedmoor PRS Rifle Build: Start to Finish, NEW: Athlon Cronus 10×50 UHD Laser Rangefinder Binoculars, Hornady Lock-N-Load Neck Turn Tool: Unboxing/Setup/Turning, 6.5 PRC Load Development: Bergara Wilderness HMR, WARP SPEED!

Bullet Type Primer. I also like and have had good on range performance with Blue Dot in 10MM and don’t worry as much about its weight variations as the others because reloading data allow greater total grain weights making small variations less significant. Note that .38 Special ammunition can also be used in the .357 Magnum. Smith-WessonForum.com is not affiliated with, Find all threads started by JeepinSoldier, Tennessee Valley Bullets - Scotts Hill, TN - Shopping & Retail, Gun Store | Facebook. This kind of “Sweet setup” may or may not work out for you- you’ll have to make sure your autoloaders are “happy” with the bullet weights and charge weights used, but in my experience these loads work really well. Some 180 and 200-grain gas check bullets are made for hunting. Older sources list a charge range of 6.0gr to 6.7gr W231 under a 158gr SWC. Here’s one example….scope mounts and rings. GCF, Tennessee Valley Bullets, one of the forum vendors. Old habits can be hard to break…and I guess with me…if it works for me…I ten to stick with a method or productto make things simple. No idea about inventory though. Slower, traditional magnum powders are less to unforgiving when loaded light. Reactive shooting and within acceptable range….20 feet or less….accuracy is what…six inches? Yes..I have been looking into using TiteGroup or Tite Wad powders but….until this hoarding is over…I’m gonna have to stick with the Unique. It can be loaded lighter, but then you might have a large gun that can’t be utilized with the top loads. I’m sure my tests are not lab quality but I’m also sure I repeated them enough times for the conclusions to be worth considering. With a hard cast bullet that needed the pressure of a full power load to obdurate the base or if I just wanted to shoot full power I would use the old Winchester data and start at 6.0 and work up if needed. Some of the heavier loads will produce over 1000 FT LBS. !function(d,s,id){var js,fjs=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0],p=/^http:/.test(d.location)? Great idea, thanks for spreading the word. This was a disappointment as careful reading of loading manuals by Alliant, Hornady, Speer, Lyman, Hodgdon, Lee and numerous other sources led me to believe Unique would be a great choice with good load range. In some instances, it may slide in the case and not produce the best results. off. My book doesn’t give me specifics for 148gr jacketed , it does give 146gr jacketed info though. Sometimes the bullet will fold over which acts as a conventional bullet.

but I want a big flame – I've done a lot of target shooting / practice with 4.8 grs W231 ,, 158 gr LSWC ,, WSP , Win. Although The High Road has attempted to provide accurate information on the forum, The High Road assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of the information.

Info would be appreciated…need small container/s of powder too. I have a .357 mag Redhawk and considering a LCR in .357. I learn so much from you! Remington makes a 130 grain, which would be good for game that you might not want to ruin the hide or meat. All of these loads use the same exact charge weight! like my Hodgon’s titegroup. The standard bullseye load is a 148gr LHBWC with 3gr of Bullseye in a 38 Special case. Point is…if you are shooting at 10 to 20 feet (Or Less)…it really doesn’t matter what powder you use. There are a few .38 loads that show the difference between the two rounds. Pistol; Rifle; Cowboy; GR.

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So I stopped the testing. I use their brass for forming other calibers and it works better than anything else. Hornady XTP: Powder: Winchester - 231: Min Charge: 6.2 gr.

http://shop.proneshooter.com/Winchester-Powder-231-Smokeless-1-lb-WIN2311.htm There is even a semi auto or two in the mix. About; Disclaimer; Contact; Log in / Sign up.357 Magnum - Manufacturer Loading Data.

That was true until the .44 Magnum came out in 1955. It makes an impressive looking hollow point. WW 231 is not a .357 Magnum powder. This website has a pretty good price on the 231. Brass for both the .38 and .357 are typically plentiful.

Good Luck!!! This load gives good penetration and accuracy, so consequently, my friend’s freezer never lacks for venison. The .38 Special has a case length of 1.155" (29.3mm) while the .357 Magnum has a … Asked the experts @ the range--One of 'em took a Hornady book off the shelf and found a max load of 231 with 158 cast bullets of 4 point something grains!

Hodgdon's current load data lists a Max charge of W231 under a 158gr SWC as 5.0gr in a .357 Magnum. I do that and have made quite a variety, including some frangible types. They are copper plated and their cost is somewhere between a cast and a jacketed slug. Years ago, I did some competing and used a model 19 in .357. With all else being equal, the larger .357 magnum cases will reduce the pressures and velocities if 38 Special data is used with magnum cases. I shot a Ruger New Vaquero. I always say…Don’t complicate it too much.

40 load and just squeak in over the 125 pf floor for IDPA.

I haven't chronographed this load from any of my handguns, since I worked it up specifically for the Carbines.

In my collection I have an old model Ruger pre 73. Yes, a true crud ring does develop but a little Hoppie's #9 and a bore brush will take care of it in short order.

I use a Hornady Lock & Load (digital) bench scale and a Lee beam scale. Since they are so inexpensive, I use a C4 tool and put on a cannelure which makes it a more desirable bullet. Can not find any data on this powder, anyone know what this powder is good for? Coincidentally, the only rifle powder I currently use is Hodgdon CFE 223 for the same reason as well as its copper fouling free properties which I have found to be absolutely true. You will be better served by using .357 cases for hunting as they have more capacity then a .38 Special case. There is no problem with shooting 38 Special casings in magnum chambers if you CLEAN your guns occasionally. Google Alliant Reloader 33 for more info, I want to load up a batch of 240 jhp -for my 29 s&w 6″ 44 magnum Handgun calibers range from 7 MM TCU to the .500 S&W Magnum. If you have access to cheap lead then you can cast your bullets for almost nothing. Use at your own risk. WC867 and WC872….8lb jegs….order 6 mix/match and pay no HazMat fee…just shipping only. It was disappointing to find my investment in three flake powders subject to question and slows down my use of those powders.

Poll: Where are you finding reloading primers and powder? Dale Swanson North Las Vegas, NV. In a pinch, the .38 Super can be fired through a .357 Mag, however that is not recommended on a regular basis. I have been loading 5.5 grains of 231 for a decade or so. $300.00 for mounts and rings? Ultimate Reloader LLC is not responsible for errors in load data on this website. Did I mention it is super accurate? Being able to use a single powder for multiple applications is a great benefit.

More commonly, detonation isn't the resulting effect in low charge weights with position sensitive powder, but rather a squib followed by another shot. Since the .357 Magnum is so popular and plentiful, I can’t imagine having a gun collection without having at least one. Assume with proper load would act similar in 44.

Check their. SWC+GC, 160 gr. So I knew who did duplex load and competed several slots away.

Remember we were knocking over ram silhouettes at 100 meters with a scoped high power pistol…usually 44 mag but the 30 Herrets were coming on strong. 296 for this application. I shoot 8 - 10,000 38s a year in a model 66 .357 with a heavy barrel, using loads, virtually identical to what was just described by Iowegan. I have not tried it in my Springfield ’03, M1 Carbine or USMC M40A1 and with the possible exception of the M40A1 I probably won’t this year. Have a new rifle I’m building up and not enough bullets for all my 30 cals. My load was 4.5 grains of 231 behind a 130 gr Hensley & Gibbs SWC bullet.

Have you guys found good powders other than W231 and HP-38 that you can use in multiple applications?

Heavier bullets can also be used, but a lot of velocity will be sacrificed. I saw on another forum that several members routinely use 7.0 grs with 158 gr cast bullets as their standard 357 load with no problems even though this slightly exceeds Winchester's recommendation of 6.7 grs max. Bullet: 158 gr. The TVB WEB site is no longer active but they do have a Facebook page now. The performance of Lil'Gun far surpasses either H-110 or Win. Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by Smokey Joe, Jun 15, 2005. A 357 shell will drop in the cylinder just fine. For self-defense, the .357 Magnum is at the top of the list. They are more economical than jacketed slugs and just as accurate. Accuracy was excellent while keeping recoil down and it gave enough velocity to be useful out to 50 yards. They work very well also in Ruger Vaquero and Security 6. don't have the actual numbers at hand right now, but as I've done considerable reloading with these components can comment on results in my own use.... MY experience loading for a Colt Model 3-5-7 with 6" barrel. There are also some specialty loads that can be used, such as shot loads. With the LCR it's strictly D/A only. Speer makes a capsule you can fill up with shot and load it like you would a bullet. Poll: What’s your number one reason for reloading? which powder available displays a good flame ?-, W296 shoot a huge flame out of my 686. When they expand, the mushroom is impressive. Powder position may produce wide spreads in velocity , with certain powders, when loading 38 Special loads in .357 cases. Lead loads listed by Hodgdon are all downloded to cowboy action levels which is a very mild target level. I would accept that if they didn't try to claim a load that is reduced by as much as 20% is generation the same velocities. I did sway many into the concept of buying lower end rifles and moving up in the optics area. I’m headed to San Diego next month….I’ll be hitting up every place conceivable enroute and while I’m there. My question is can I load the magnum cases to light .38 special specs? This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. Though I have been at this game a long long time…I’m trying to open up to new ideas and products. These bullets are and odd ball compared to most and perform the opposite of what you might think. Ultimate Reloader is not responsible for errors or possible issues you may have when using this load data. It shot fairly well but the trigger was horrendous. Did you notice something about this load data? A good hard cast bullet that is properly lubricated will give you good service. No choice but to pay and play. The .357 Mag is one of the most flexible handgun rounds. I loaded thousands of them on a Star machine and in the model 19 I used, accuracy was outstanding.

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