In October 2016 the company said it would work with UK shipbuilder Cammell Laird as well as the UK’s Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (NAMRC) on a study to explore potential design efficiencies to reduce the lead times of its SMR. The  report concludes that Generation IV SMR development is a response to market forces for "smaller, simpler and cheaper" nuclear energy, and the large global market for this technology will be "driven not just by climate change and clean energy policies, but also by the imperatives of energy security and access." It was about the size of a standard shipping container and was truck-mobile and air-transportable, with 12-hour set-up. The others mostly have the steam supply system inside the reactor pressure vessel ('integral' PWR design). In September 2017, following acceptance of the company's design certification application (DCA) by the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) earlier in the year, NuScale applied for the second part of its loan guarantee with the US DOE.

 d. In 2010, the American Nuclear Society convened a special committee to look at licensing issues with SMRs in the USA, where dozens of land-based small reactors were built since the 1950s through to the 1980s, proving the safety and security of light water-cooled, gas‐cooled, and metal‐cooled SMR technologies. In October 2020 grants of $80 million each were made to TerraPower and X-energy to build demonstration plants that can be operational within seven years. They have no moderator, a higher neutron flux and are normally cooled by liquid metal such as sodium, lead, or lead-bismuth, with high conductivity and boiling point. Actinides remain in the reactor until they fission or are converted to higher actinides which do so. The DOE was in discussion with four further small reactor developers regarding similar arrangements, aiming to have in 10-15 years a suite of small reactors providing power for the DOE complex. They operate at or near atmospheric pressure and have passive safety features (most have convection circulating the primary coolant). MNPPs would be portable by truck or large aircraft and returned to the USA for refuelling after 10-20 years. A June 2016 report for the Ontario Ministry of Energy focused on nine designs under 25 MWe for off-grid remote sites. It is proceeding slowly and was originally due online in 2019. Helium will exit the reactor to a gas turbine at 1200°C, and the exhaust gas from this at 600°C will drive a steam cycle, using a molten salt circuit, with overall 60% thermal efficiency. Fuel is uranium aluminium silicide with enrichment levels of up to 20%, giving up to four-year refuelling intervals. In mid-2013 SNPTC quoted approximately $5000/kW capital cost and 9 c/kWh, so significantly more than the CAP1400.

No recent information is available, but an antecedent is the Pamir, from Belarus. [Back]. More recently (2010) the DEER (Deployable Electric Energy Reactor) was being commercialised by Radix Power & Energy for forward military bases or remote mining sites. Status Report on the Small Secure Transportable Autonomous Reactor (SSTAR)/Lead-Cooled Fast Reactor (LFR) and Supporting Research and Development, Sienicki et al., Argonne National Laboratory (29 September 2006)

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