The game is currently under development and production by Cracked Spoon Interactive.

The creators of the anime issued a contract with Bandai to produce a single player for PSP and the PS Vita which both aren't MMOs. Age of Aincrad is a Fan-Made project to produce a stable MMORPG based on the popular anime 'Sword Art Online'.

The idea is similar but we will add our own originality. I really don't see this happening, just as much as I don't see any fan created Pokemon MMO's happening. Fans want a good (SAO) MMO that utilizess Oculus Rift (Me Included) -  Lets face the hard facts - You Do Not Own The Rights To Sword Art Online - You're wasting your time, and your taking a very big chance of being shut down completely and sued big time. There is no real MMORPG based on Sword Art Online apart from the one in this thread. - In VRChat, somebody is recreating the whole world of Aincrad. Some mechanics are nice and new, some are already in games (like open tapping and auto-shared quest objectives), but some are outdated or just plain bad (like permadeath). Or the limited player population, which would help to limit the elitist number as well - however no company would accept and take the financial disaster of it. It has not been confirmed if it’s available for other gaming platforms as of yet. Do yourself a favor and ditch the project title and figure out something nice and original, including aincrad and any character/building/assets and basically anything related to (Sword Art Online) or else Namco Bandai Games is going to bandai your pockets in the future.

Fans also want a good pokemon MMO (Dare I Link You!) Is it worth making something completely different and just using anime names... for what?

I can't see reasoning behind that. The game will look and will have similar features to the anime.

I love how people keep on saying the same thing when in his first post it's clearly stated they are working on obtaining copyright rights.. Goodluck on the project I saw the youtube channel but yeah if you want to make it like SAO don't turn it into realistic world, keep it animeish. Enter the magical world of Telara and experience an unprecedented class system and dynamic, open-world battles on a massive scale. RIFT - The Rising Storm Power Pack $29.99 RIFT - Laethys' Indulgence Power Pack Free RIFT - 7-day FREE Patron Pass $14.99 RIFT 1-Month Patron Pass $131.99 RIFT - 12-Month Patron Pass $206.96 Add all DLC to Cart .

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It's called Sword Art Online Redux. Have to say gameplay concept are pretty close to old school games which many call it boring .

There are a few console SAO games already, true, not mmo's.

Aincrad Rift is a Virtual Reality game inspired by Sword Art Online and will have hundred of quest, items and monsters.

Be anyone, anywhere! Make something original, you can still make a dungeon (LIKE AINCRAD) while not calling it that.

I think SAO material would be a good game for perm death if the objective is to get past all 100 floors and win the game.

Aincrad Rift is a Virtual Reality game inspired by Sword Art Online and will have hundred of quest, items and monsters.

Agree with 1989, turning SAO into a game 1:1 wouldn't be a bright idea.


The Oculus Rift is an upcoming high field of view (FOV) virtual reality head-mounted display (VR-HMD). Make a 100 + floor tower (including basement) that takes weeks/months to clear each floor, years played and STILL not max level, hardcore 1-death and done (with the extremely rare and sought after revive item), integrated voice chat that uses only your mind, non-instanced player housing, and make everyone look like they do in real life.

I'd like to suggest that you're doing it wrong by violating the copyright first and then trying to obtain it legally later.

Not to mention there can be outages on the server side as well, or somewhere along the route between you and the servers.

Current plans are to obtain copyright by presenting a stable demo version to ASCII Media Works (WHICH DOES NOT USE ANY COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL). I suppose that is your entire opinion which is fair enough, though, the majority found the anime quite outstanding. Welcome to the world of Sword Art Online!

(defeat all 100 floors). For those who dislike subs (Japanese voiced/English subtitles) Here is a legitimate playlist of the anime in English.

Find external links below! Oh... and have all of the above at launch with no server issues ever or lag. Current status of integration [edit | edit source].

We haven't practically based all on the anime as we understand that if the copyright is declined, we are going to have to dispose any used material. The game will also have a voice chat for communication and team battle strategies. About This Game Download RIFT and enter the vast, magical world of Telara. RIFT is an epic fantasy adventure set in the magical world of Telara. Previous Previous post: I need advice. Thus, we are giving a 'shot' to obtain copyright as it will help the project greatly, though if the plan fails, we have the demo and will continue to create a similar MMO atmosphere.

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