The extra effort and care which was presented by this medical staff is something that the world needs to hear about more often. After a disciplined training regimen and a determination to win, Anastasia has gone on to win TWO gold medals in the, With the economic effects of COVID-19, many small businesses, and home based businesses are facing a very real financial hardship. Famous Birthdays. She’d taken up competitive freestyle swimming just a few months prior to going totally blind. Axel Aleman, approached the injured runner and simply couldn't just leave him to limp through the remainder of the race alone.With a teammate spirit, and shoulder to lean on Axel and Levi crossed the finish line together, warming the hearts of their parents and onlookers.

So, after eight busted tires, Wesley Hamnett made it home safely and raised over $10,000 for Macmillan Cancer Support, Christie Charitable Fund, British Heart Foundation, and Wythenshawe Hospitals MFT Charity.

Take a few moments to watch this heartwarming video, and share this positive energy with others today. Alex... On Thursday, Selena Gomez, singer and founder of Rare Beauty, posted a photo on Instagram of herself strutting in a blue one piece bathing suit.

Technically homeless, Gordon was determined to still pursue his dreams. The year 2020 has been a rough ride for the entire world. In a recent interview by.

With all of the stress, time away from their families, and pressure placed upon our healthcare workers in their day to day job task, it is well overdue and very much warranted to display them at their happiest times. Happy Halloween #PositiveVibesOnly News readers! Check below for more deets about . "...a teachable moment for us all! Please take a moment to enjoy this compilation of videos from the amazing healthcare workers who care for our family, friends, and associates amidst COVID-19.

Because of COVID-19 and the new standards of living, consumers are forced to consider now more than ever a service's cost, social distancing, and amount of businesses experiencing closures due to the pandemic, which leads to limited options. This generation takes inspiration from past decades and creates their own unique style. Beyond women's empowerment, self empowerment, and even the freedom of speech battle's she has had to fight within the media, concerning "WAP", lets celebrate PEOPLE EMPOWERMENT! The. Share this story with a healthcare worker that you know, and let them know that they are GREATLY appreciated, today.

When she was 14 years old, Pagonis began to rapidly lose her vision, which  hit hard for her. Feeling motivated to get back into the pool  since her vision loss, Pagonis decided it was time to begin swimming competitively again.

The 16-year-old, who is know as Tas to family and friends, is blind. Meena grew up around dogs which cultivated a love and want to care for them. Online school has changed my perspective on school... Eddie Van Halen was a part of one of America’s most known rock groups, Van Halen, where he earned the title of a guitar legend. Please follow Mitchell Couch and his journey to helping families and students all on Instagram. Take a moment to share this story with someone who may have needed a smile today or motivation. Following the sound, he was forced to move on with a limp. If you would like to support Wesley Hamnett on his journey, you may donate to his GoFundMe, Throughout COVID-19 hearts of people around the world have been softened and become more open to giving and helping those in need during the pandemic. Paris took her inspiration and turned in into action immediately.

To date Meena has successfully earned and donated over $14,000 to the dog shelter. Well, little did Emerson Weber know, that heartfelt letter went viral and touched not only postal workers, but families of postal workers, and other children her age.

Contrary to what news and media would lead us to believe, some. Single parenting is more common now than it was in recent decades. After being very adamant to her parents about wanting to help the homeless, Paris' mother shares, "we kind of had to brainstorm some ideas, then we came up with care packages." In my constant efforts to highlight the amazingly strong survivors of COVID-19, today's story highlights another heartwarming journey to recovery. Chuck Feeney made this personal goal, silently over 30-years ago today.

First and foremost, it was the first film by a major Hollywood studio to feature a majority Asian... © 2020 • Privacy Policy • FLEX WordPress Theme by SNO • Log in, Visually Impaired Teen Swims for Gold with Help of Guide Dog, Petition To Ban Wearing Headdresses at East Coweta Reaches Over 4500 Signatures, A Tribute to One of Rock’s Greatest Guitar Legends, Selena Gomez Wears Her Kidney Transplant Scar Confidently, Proposed Law Would Force Celebrities to Label Altered Photos as “Edited” on Social Media, Disney Presents the First Southeast Asian Princess.

Britney Woodrum decided to take on the jaw dropping task of hiking to the peaks of all 58 of Colorado's mountains as an act of charity to assist families struggling financially during COVID-19. From just minor symptoms, to sever chest pain, and difficulty breathing, to loss of plasma due to complications associated with her case of COVID-19. Why are Single-Parent Homes Difficult for Children? As Radar has been a guide dog for Pagonis, he has also had many social opportunities, such as attending hockey games and other events. Soon, Mitchell went from producing a just few desks for his home to over 30 desks to be donated.

Typically, when a teenager or anyone for that matter, enters a race they are in it to WIN it!, The path to success can look very different for each person seeking to attain it. Even Tiger Woods himself can see the seed of greatness blossoming in his son. Meena Kumar, a 14 year old California resident, took the amazing energy of unconditional love and acceptance given to her, and chose to spread that same love to some smaller, and more furry beings, dogs. Fortunately for 11-year old Charlie Woods, his interest and dedication to the sport of golf at such a young age is definitely paying off.

When she was 14 years old, Pagonis began to rapidly lose her vision, which hit hard for her.

Paralympian Anastasia Pagonis’ remarkable success story began when she lost her vision at age 14. Despite any natural disaster, pandemic, or international tragedy which we have had to endure so far this year, it is imperative not to forget about the frontline workers who fight through these obstacles to help maintain a sense of normalcy for us. The accomplishments, journey, and resilience of many people within the public eye are downplayed, here, at #PositiveVibesOnly News, we CELEBRATE each other, young old, near, far, black, white, blue, purple, its all LOVE! The young man, has already dabbled in the business world by starting "Little Free Food Table" a small food pantry near his home. Streetwear is a style that came to popularity in the... Music impacts brain function and human behavior. The United States has the highest percentage of children with... East Coweta High School: home of the Indians. After witnessing his children complete home and school related tasks at the family's kitchen table, Mitchell Couch decided to build a few desks for his household. Roby Attal is an American actor who is best known for Red 11 (2019), Hell Fest (2018) and Messiah (2020). With COVID-19 taking a toll on the economy and lives of so many people internationally, it is refreshing, and also hopeful to see others doing their part to help other people in this desperate time of need. Then, on August 19th, they officially teamed up. This was also around the time a little Labrador retriever puppy named Radar was ready for his new home.

May this bring you a smile and refreshing sense of togetherness. Recently, the Native American Iroquois Lacrosse team experienced a technicality following a series of lacrosse games which landed them in third place in the Federation of International Lacrosse World Championship. The Irish-American co-founder of the Duty-Free Shoppers Group, Chuck Feeney made it a personal goal to one day give his entire fortune away to various charitable acts. All Taylor wanted was to see her baby's face.

Because it’s the weekend and I feel like the world needs a mental break from the election, covid19, the economy, and whatever else has been boggling your mind, please enjoy this collection of Halloween videos from people all over the country. 35. She was a competitive swimmer six months prior to losing her sight.

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