It can seriously modify your amp’s sound, or just add to the quick boost as mentioned earlier.

This compact pedal has the most essential control with no fluff. Some people want it higher, others want it lower for a quick boost.

This is the second version of the original Fulltone OCD. The positioning of certain pedals will have a huge impact on their performance, and if not considered you could end up with unwanted noises being produced. In my opinion, this is the best distortion pedal under 100 dollars currently on the market.

Despite primarily being a boost/overdrive pedal, it does offer a solid level of grit when you turn up the gain knob. Some distortion pedals are loaded with multiple capabilities, while others specialize in one particular form of distortion. The two other controls featured on the Rat 2, distortion and volume, allow you to add the ideal amount of gain to the output without running the risk of creating inconsistent levels between the processed tone and your clean tone. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. As far as performance goes, you could traverse from high gains to low ends, choose a song of your choice, or compose your own tune from scratch.

The OCD V2 seems like it finds the right chord on an amp. Even when the gain is turned down to zero, the Ibanez Tube Screamer gives a noticeable boost to your clean signal while maintaining the characteristics of your guitar’s natural sound. The distortion knob controls distortion and gain effects level. Distortion is one of the most commonly featured effects on these types of pedals, along with reverb, delays, octave, phase, chorus, and others.

Each kind of distortion pedal has specific settings, a particular shape, and some special in-house mixing thrown in. There’s also a 3-band EQ built-in so you can dial the tone in if it gets too harsh, or alternatively add in more of the bass, mids or treble to make the effect even more extreme. The die-cast box has the classic smoothed corner design, and the tones it is capable of producing are a fitting tribute to the original model of 50 years ago. In other words, extreme values won’t be useless super-wet or super-dry sounds. The Freidman BE-OD is the pedal version of the BE-100, which itself is inspired from Marshall amps. Reproduction of any part of this website without direct permission is prohibited.

When the input gets too hot, compression and distortion occur as a result.

My Review: If you’re a metal guitarist, look no further than the MT-2 distortion pedal by Boss.

After all, if anyone knows how to produce authentic tube tone it’s Fender. This is unlike some other pedals that make your tone sound the same regardless of the instrument being used. If you’d like to get as close to the authentic tube distortion sound, you need a pedal that utilizes vacuum tubes within its makeup.

It’s a completely analog true bypass medal that offers a natural and organic tone for an affordable price. The color scheme is quite striking — the sharp red hue over white is attention-grabbing.

It would be accurate to say that distortion occurs when the peaks of your audio waveform are compressed by adding large amounts of gain to them. Instead, these stomp boxes adjust the shape of the audio wave to create certain patterns, whilst not being dependent on the amount of gain.

These versatile or multipurpose distortion pedals come with flexible controls, letting you dial in correct tones for your rig.

Your email address will not be published. There are some sound effects which are hard to achieve without a reliable distortion pedal.

Contrary to digital distortion which occurs suddenly as a result of harsh spikes in the audio, saturation on an analog tape is much more unpredictable and harder to control.

Although this may seem minimalistic compared to some of the more complex distortion pedals on the market, you’ll be surprised at how much tonal flexibility you have with this trio of knobs. The distortion knob adjusts the gain level, which is critical to overdrive and distortion effects.

If you combine your distortion pedal with a feedback suppressor, you can create some awesome vocal effects.

At $200 it’s on the pricey side, but you won’t be disappointed with the array of warm distorted and overdriven tones that this pedal has in its arsenal. It’s important to be self-aware of your play style or the types of music you expect to play in order to gauge what kind of equipment is available.

Also, they have three or more controls — such as volume, middle, bass, treble, distortion sound, and tone.

There is also a small toggle switch that changes the low end. By cranking the distortion control you get the classic sounds of early Fender amps, brimming with the growling saturation that made tweed amps so popular. The BE-OD oozes with thunder and class on all fronts. You also get two outputs which make it possible to use this pedal as a signal splitter, so you can send your clean signal to one amp while the FX channel is played out of another. You’ll be cutting through the mix in no time. Much like fuzz, this effect is well suited to one-off riffs rather than the playing of multiple notes and chords. Type: Digital There’s a long list of iconic guitar players who have used the MT-2, including Prince and Dan Donegan, which should provide some verification of its quality. The Tube screamer is usually used for one of two purposes: to produce smooth overdrive that fits perfectly into blues and rock or as a boosting pedal to push the output of your amp. Share. The chassis is diecast metal that can easily take some beating. When looking through the distortion pedal reviews earlier in this article you may have noticed that some of the options had two outputs.

At $70, it’s an absolute steal in my opinion. The remarkable thing about the Bonsai Tube Screamer is that despite its extensive range of distortion and overdrive sounds, it is relatively compact and will easily fit onto your board. Many amps will come with a naturally distorted channel, but may not provide the tone needed for the solo, which is where this kind of equipment comes in.

When it is cranked up all the way, you get long, drawn-out notes which maintain their power for impressive periods. It can distort a clean channel or be used to augment the primary distorted channel on the amp. The Hot Head will do the job whether you need some dirt or want to amplify your sound to the next level.

These pedals are responsive to your playing. The 2-band EQ controls are positioned on the bottom row. The most natural way for guitarists to produce distortion is through the use of a tube amplifier. The output knob adjusts the distortion effect level that gets infused into the audio output. Unlike many other distortion and overdrive pedals, the MojoMojo even adds color to chords without making them too muddy and chaotic.

It provides you with huge-sounding distortion that will fill a room in an instant. Who is this best suited for: Guitarists who prefer subtle distortion rather than over-the-top effects. Or you want a more prominent attach with less crackle? This explains why the TS9 has been used by renowned and budding artists across the globe for so long. The more the waveform is compressed, the more distortion will occur due to the clipping that results from this process. There are five control knobs: distortion, output, mid, treble, and bass. My Review: Since its initial production in 2004, the Fulltone OCD has been tweaked many times to create the brilliant current version of the pedal. This results in a square-like wave being produced, and you can usually control the frequency control to make the effect more or less extreme. If you turn this knob all the way up, it filters out any unwanted high-end frequencies that may be weakening your overall sound. They’re great for providing you with a little bit of everything but less focused than a pedal which serves a specific purpose. When the overdrive is present, provides a nice boost in the midrange. To harness this sound, you must add a distortion pedal to your setup. This technique is commonly used by bassists who want to use effects without losing the solid foundation of their clean signal. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The ‘level’ control or knob boosts your signal’s output level. To compensate for the natural dark sound of the pedal, JOYO has included a useful 3-band EQ so that you can tailor the output and build the exact tone you want. It is fantastic from an overdrive perspective, but not from a versatility one, Voice switch to augment sound is a nice touch, True Bypass, so no amp coloring is involved, Hard to replace batteries because of tiny screws, You'll be disappointed if you're looking for something with a lot of gain. There is also a tone knob which is implying how much tone you want to use from the product itself. Power: 9 Volts DC.

With more and more manufacturers emerging every year, it’s important to do some research on the quality of their previous pedals in order to make an informed decision. For example, overdrive distortion pedals work by applying an increase in gain at certain points in the audio output. It retains a certain base of all frequencies. It’s straightforward to use and doesn’t have any unnecessary controls to over complicate things. Almost all of the aforementioned distortion pedals require 9V DC power to run. As far as performance goes, Dark Matter covers a complete array of sonic profiles, ranging from modern metal to classic rock distortion and hard rock. The housing is durable as you would expect with a Boss pedal, and the stompbox design makes it easy to bypass or activate the effect.

If you would like to add more character to your tone or melt some faces with a roaring solo, then keep reading through this detailed guide of the best distortion pedals available today. These are done for the purposes of a lead. The controls are simple but the quality, nuance, and subtlety under the hood prove the pedal is a lot more capable than what its looks might suggest. Another cool thing about the JF-14 is that it has cabinet emulation built-in.

The owner of this website does not guarantee offers on this site, and all offers should be viewed as recommendations only.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Best Distortion Pedal of 2020 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide. Tech 21 is a brand known for its well-designed best bass distortion pedals.

A distorted and overdriven guitar can unleash thunder in a manner that renders other instruments obsolete. The level control can be used to create dynamic consistency between the processed signal and your clean sound, while the tone knob on the opposite side affects the thickness of the distortion produced. The tone control, based on your pick attack, works best between fully clockwise and noon, allowing for increased clarity or edge. The detail of each preset is outstanding, moving in chronological order from primitive Japanese distortion pedals like the legendary OD-1, to John Mayer’s favorite TS-10, and into the modern era with the JHS Strong Mod.

This list covers all bases so you can identify the perfect choice to produce your desired tones. Built around all-analog circuitry, the Dark Matter delivers classic distorted sounds with some sprinklings of modern flavor thrown into the mix. They add a different sonic texture or a different color to the current tone you're using. It creates separation from the band or backing track and allows the guitar using the overdrive features to stand out. Type: Digital Bottom Line: At $65, it’s hard to find a distortion pedal that is a better value than the DS-1. Connectivity: 1 x 6.35mm Jack Input, 1 x Output Best distortion pedal …

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