The last two weeks consisted of Timberwolves games, watching the first playoff games with teammates/friends, to play dates! We had dinner at Mastro's steakhouse and it was seriously the best steak/ dinner we had all ever had. Asher, my brother and I got to go on the field before the game to see Adam which was really cool. Well, we are always looking for the information and undoubtedly will come up with all the information as soon as the news hits the media. I know I didn't have food poising because I had shared stuff with my friends throughout the day. They say these kids are usually in for a week or two and then get released depending on how stable they are. Anyways, ever since the mall my stomach had been feeling super weird. It was nice because my brother and SIL, Adam’s sister and family, and Adam’s parents also came to Florida for the week so they got to meet baby Hudson while he was still in that newborn stage. I was compensated by Schwan's® to create this post. I think they definitely wouldn't have won that game without having faith and God with them, and having his arms around each of the players. Caitlin and her spouse Adam shared marital vows on May 23, 2015. Happy Holidays everyone! Additionally, Adam currently plays for the Minnesota Vikings of the National Football League (NFL). God has given us this platform and we want to use it for good as much as we can! Of course the one weekend I wanted to just relax and have some fun with my friends and enjoy Adams game...and I get sick (but hey thats life, shi* happens)!!! It's super nice my parents live close so we have them to celebrate with (we celebrated with Adam's family a couple weeks ago). I'm really hoping for a Win Sunday in Philly, I know its going to be a tough one but I really think this is the Vikings year to be in the BOWL. We got a suggestion to go see these little Bears that sing Christmas songs every hour. Another early partner of the Thielen Foundation was the Salvation Army. Their are many pictures below you can scroll through from this incredible night. It's definitely fun to travel but in my opinion I like being home (I'm a home body;)). Seeing him barely able to walk Monday after the Saints game is not something I like to see or want to see in the future. - This dish was such an easy and quick meal to make. It was definitely tough with both kids but so worth it to be there supporting and cheering on Adam. We received testimony after testimony from kids who said, ’We will never forget this time in our life when we were championed by someone who really cared about our future, and who we were.’”. Little man was left with Gma and Gpa Graboski again and he had a great time...grandpa maybe snuck him a little too much chocolate though ;) They have been so helpful with all of our traveling, events, and last minute meetings...we are so blessed to have them close! For lunch the other day I made a chicken wrap with the asparagus and tater tots on the side. The Right Team   With the values they’ve learned from sports and the right team by their side, Adam and Caitlin Thielen have achieved their dream of empowering and inspiring youth to reach their full potential. We didn't have a checking account, we had nothing, and we built it up from day one,” Amy said. Well, Caitlin is a Lifestyle Blogger and apart from the mentioned information, there aren't any further details about her professional career. All opinions expressed are completely my own. I think we brought the MN weather with because it was a pretty cold weekend, especially for North Carolina. It was wonderful to hear from the nurses how excited and thankful they are that someone is taking the time to come in and hang out and invest in these kids. I wanted it to be a quick trip where I'd only be gone one night but could still have a good time and obviously go to the Vikings game. They also have a 8 month old boy, so it was nice for them to get away and relax for the week. Moreover, the details about their assets, including home and car are still beyond media. I know I am hoping Spring will arrive early this year:), I wanted to share a quick little update regarding our foundation and what’s happened in the last few weeks:). I was planning on taking both kids to the game but ended up not going due to heavy rain all day long. I will definitely try and keep you guys posted on what we've been up to more throughout the next months:). We loved playing pool volleyball, walking along the beach, eating the pizza/ Jamaican jerk chicken, and trying out "special" drinks from the fun Sandals workers. I truly have loved the meals I received, and they have all been very tasty, easy to make (especially with a little one running around), and overall healthy. working out, our family has a strong faith), and specific times where Adam and I have had to cope with our own personal issues. Also, a lot of the meals can be cooked from frozen and take less than 30 minutes to make which is a huge plus in our house!

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