In the United States, fire fighters are called out to 44,880 electrical-related household fires per year. Class B – The Fires which involve the liquids or the liquefied solids such as the paints, Fats or Oils. If there is an active fire, evacuate yourself from the vicinity of the fire and call your fire emergency hotline immediately. Fire is a major risk for any business.

Once the electrical source is removed the fire may resemble another class of fire depending on the fuel that is burning. Electrical fires can be caused by faulty equipment, damaged wiring, short circuits, and overloaded switchboards and sockets.

You need to have a safe work area to avoid injury, pain or fatigue.

Only certain metals are flammable. These can be further subdivided or partitioned into: Class B1 – The fires that involve the liquids which are solvable in the water such as the methanol.

In Europe and Australia, flammable liquids are Class B and flammable gasses are Class C. Flammable liquids and gases are commonly found in garages and workshops. Is this classification as per Indian standard?

This absorbs the heat the fire requires to burn and smothers it as well.

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© Recovery Partners Class K. A Class K fire is defined as a cooking fire involving combustion from liquids used in food preparation. Class A fires consist of ordinary combustibles such as wood, paper, fabric, and most kinds of trash.

These fires are best extinguished using dry powder, CO2or Firexo fire extinguishers.

Electrical fires – The Fires involving the electrical equipment or the circuitry do not constitute the fire class on their own, as the electricity is the source of ignition that will feed the fire until turned off or isolated it.

Examples of liquids that are flammable include petrol, kerosene, alcohol, solvents and paints. These fires also produce toxic smoke and fumes, which can make situations involving these types of risks very difficult to control. Using a dry chemical extinguisher in error, in place of dry powder, can be ineffective or actually increase the intensity of a metal fire.

Eliminate workplace risks to protect your people, Understand how to mitigate workplace risk.

Flammable gases such as methane, natural gas, acetylene, etc.

The best materials for extinguishing combustible metal fires include: Combustible metals are less common in households and more common in industrial fires. The classification of fire helps in selecting the appropriate extinguishing media according to the nature of the material undergoing combustion. [3] In the European/Australian system, flammable liquids are designated "Class B" having flash point less than 100 °C, while burning gases are separately designated "Class C". Some Dry Chemical Powder (DCP) are also used.

Check your local requirements.

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