Required fields are marked *. Don’t worry about the longer amount of time, this is simply because the sororities will take some time out of individually talking with you to give a presentation of their philanthropy. However, if you are a legacy or you already know a lot about Clemson’s Greek Life and what sorority you would like to join, it would definitely help to ask for a letter of recommendation from a member you know personally! Having a conversation that flows easily and feels comfortable will make the time go by faster and make the experience more enjoyable for both of you! As the first round was all about showing the sororities your personality, this round is all about showing you who they are as a sisterhood and organization. Members of our community are active in the tour guide association, FCA, Student Alumni Council, student government and various honor societies, clubs and organizations. Student Mail Services are conveniently located next to Holmes and McCabe in the Edgar Brown University Union. Ask lots of questions and show genuine interest in any philanthropy that speaks to you personally!

Because of our rich history on campus and integral involvement, Fraternity and Sorority Life is represented in numerous student organizations and for many, is an integral part of the Clemson Experience. Our fraternity and sorority organizations are very involved in serving both the campus and the community. Replies. It is definitely not a good idea to stress out about what to wear to each round the night before it comes, so definitely plan out your outfits before you get to school. A dress or nice skirt is advised for this round and you will be sitting in a chair for part of the round so make sure it is comfortable to sit in. Clemson fraternities and sororities are student led organizations that enhance the student experience inside and outside the classroom. Reply. This is the time for you to make the decision on which organization you truly see yourself being a part of and letting the active member know how interested you are in joining the sorority. Residents of legal drinking age are allowed to have alcohol in their private residence room. 2. 1. At most schools there are sorority houses and during recruitment the girls going through rush go around to each house; however, at Clemson we do things a little differently.

Our consistent drive for excellence will exceed expectations and bring recognition to members, organizations and Clemson University. Outside lofts (purchased, rented or constructed) are not permitted since the bed frames provided allow lofting, bunking or raising the bed to a captain’s height. Space for 444 undergraduate students is available, and men and women may be housed on separate floors within each residence hall. Congratulations on being accepted to one of the best institutions in the world. Fraternity and Sorority Life Welcome to Clemson University!

This round is a little more dressier, but not as dressy as the final round. Unfortunately, recruitment can be a very stressful and emotional time for girls transitioning into their first year away from home. Fraternity and Sorority Housing on the Quad Measurements*. The exterior was kept as it was designed in the ’30s, but the interior provides an atmosphere that supports communal living while promoting academic success. This round is still casual, but slightly dressier than the first round. Study lounges are available for each house.

Rush is instead held at different meeting rooms throughout the school and your Pi Chi, which is a disaffiliated member of a sorority who is there to help guide you through rush, will give you your schedule of which sorority’s round you will be attending at what location for every day so you will not be confused about what room you are walking into! Reply Delete. Click HERE to visit the Panhellenic sorority house photo tours! ROUND THREE The third round will take place the next Saturday and will last 45 minutes each. Clemson’s fraternities and sororities will be leaders in providing innovative and collaborative growth for the campus and community. This is the time to break out booties or wedges, but I would save heels for the last round. Clemson fraternity and sorority members volunteer with local foster children, animal shelters and voter registration drives — just to name a few.

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