Again, do some research. ( Log Out /  Had fun today shooting for the new tv series were shooting in KC. I had to know if he was a real person.

I’m quite certain that if our military is currently using it, it’s probably not available for public purchase.

didn’t think so. Out loud. Create a free website or blog at Yeah, a little girl…..tink about that, dummies. Michael Nick Bolton here informs us of a couple of key points about why this Tactical Lantern is so super-badass: They also demonstrate the lantern being frozen solid into a block of ice. Even the TacShaver, which is a simple shaving device for men, is marketed with the military in mind.

Yeah, well…that’s just like…your opinion, man. We have some incredible crew coming from LA: Beth Jackson (Venom) is our cinematographer Matt Anderson (Fast and Furious, Venom) is our stunt coordinator and second unit Alex Noble (marvels, I am number four) is our makeup and special effects.

A cut-shot to the trailer of the truck shows exactly one briefcase falling on top if it while he’s driving. He was General Officer Commanding the 3rd (United Kingdom) Division. I doubted he was and I was rite.. it almost fringes on Stolen Valor I think. Change ), Sick of all the political discourse? ( Log Out /  Apparently you hit a little too close to home and attacked precisely the psychographic this tv spot is targeting. Tired of depressing Oscar-bait movies? THIS IS TO BE EXPECTED FROM A DULLARD JUG-HEAD. But today, lighting technology has come a long way.”. Thanks for the laughs.

It’s legit.

. During Vietnam he made sure that he stayed in college and retained his 2S student deferment.

The Iowa native is also a keen fitness enthusiast, and has acted on several other occasions. And I like to.

Thanks for revealing the truth on this dude in this hilarious review. People with any familiarity on with the subject know that COB is a legitimate term, meaning Chip-On-Board. Thanks to our awesome director Jeff Albert for his hard work and keeping it local, and thanks to our producers Richard Law, Russ Skains, Richard Jergins, Rod Tait humphreys.

And apparently, they really, really fucking hate lanterns.

Will that make his never-served, never-been American MAGAts check him twice? He’s probably not, but I’m saying it anyways so he is. Besides, eye candy won’t give you diabetes. In December 2019, he revealed on his Instagram that he got a role in a sci-fi TV series called Black Zone by posting a photo of himself with some of the cast. Stay tuned. If you like this one, check out the rest of my reviews on Facebook.

Perhaps you’ve seen their other commercial before: If you’ve not had the joy of witnessing their new product’s commercial (above), I’ll break it down for you.

But it’s not. And BTW, who keeps a briefcase in the back of their Deuce-and-a-half? Nick Bolton / Fitness Model Fitness Director of OYO Fitness, spokesmodel, actor, published fitness writer, 2013 Model Universe Champion, IFPA Pro Physique, QVC, Gateway Natural Physique Champion, Reality TV (CMT). ( Log Out /  Not Bell+Howell branded, but identical.

Semper Fi.

Readers React: John Bolton: Another hawk who managed to avoid military service altogether John Bolton testifies on Capitol Hill on April 11, 2005. It’s amazing to work along this talented cast and crew here in Kansas City. I live in one of the most firearms-friendly states in the US, and I’ve NEVER seen anyone dumb enough to select an AR – much less an M4, which is fully automatic and qualifies as a machine gun – for daily carry.


No one is,judging you, Jean. View all posts by Really Bad Reviews.

You missed one additional thing to make fun of: when Nick throws the “full-armor mode” lantern into the back of the truck before boarding it, there’s a completely different dude driving the truck.


Huge things to come.

In the ad, he’s also seen wearing army camouflage pants, to emphasize the fact that the lantern is a military-grade product.

#tvseries #actors #actorslife #picoftheday #photo #photooftheday #onset #onlocation #lightscameraaction #cameraready #bandw #bts #tactical #tacticalaf, A post shared by Nick Bolton™ (@nickboltonfitness) on Dec 13, 2019 at 7:17pm PST, Fitness training is another big part of Bolton’s life. It can survive the cold, dark recesses of a fish tank, It can fill an entire room! On his fitness website, the bio section states that he “provides his positive motivation while inspiring you to live life to its fullest.”.

From a 12 year Army infantry veteran, Good Job! I was wondering myself, being a Marine. My 7-year old thinks Nick Bolton is dreamy and runs to the tv whenever she hears the Tac Light commercial. He states that it’s “designed with the needs of our military in mind”, with the claim that it can give a razor-smooth shave on the go, and can even be used underwater like the “Navy guys” do.

I know I have!

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Do some research. Major-General Nicholas Robert Macrae Borton DSO MBE is a British Army officer. No ice is even near it as the shell is chipped off.


This article made me laugh so much, Thank You! I would even look on his outfit as a homage to the military.

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