one of the post-credits scenes in Stormblood's 4.0 main storyline has Nero walk up to Cid wearing a pair of. No longer ambiguous as of 4.3. There is at least one laboratory in the Garlean Empire dedicated to cultivating youthful clones of Solus and keeping them in stasis. And later available as an extreme trial as a tale told to the Dramaturge. That's a. In 5.3, it's shown that Zenos has absolutely no idea who Asahi is, thus Asahi's admiration for Zenos was truly one-sided. As Hypertuned Grynewaht, he ditches his hammer and shield in favor of a, Taken to its logical extreme when you fight his Hypertuned form, who is only capable of speaking by. Said before he takes on Yda, Papalymo, Thancred, and Y'shtola during the legacy quest Future Perfect.

Calling a meteor and destroying everything in the process? His ghost appears as a mini-boss in the Palace of the Dead. He also seemingly puts suspicions of an ulterior motive to rest by agreeing to let Yostuyuu remain in Doma unless she regains her memories. Even when the data of Nael van Darnus effectively acts like a primal with reality warping powers and goes berserk, its treated as a minor inconvenient glitch by the Garleans rather than the horrorfying disregard for the pilot's life and safety of everyone it truly is. We want to have both sets of voice actors in the game! At the end of 4.3 where the Warrior of Light defeats Yotsuyu's primal form, Asahi not only shoots and kicks his dying sister, he. even makes it clear that he opposes the Ascians and their plans since he believes mortals like himself will not belong in whatever end they bring. that you are too dangerous to be left alive. Flees upon defeat in the Aetherochemical Research Facility. They're not attending Varis when the emperor is slain by Zenos, and arrive moments too late. Not only that, he was also the man behind the Allagan Empire, him personally deeming it to be a finer handiwork than the Garlean one. Much like Nael van Darnus later who attempted the same course with greater success, this incident tainted the memory of Midas as a genocidal lunatic who was toying with powers far beyond his understand. The lore book would later reveal it was the death of the real Nael that caused said misery. He believes in earning rank and honor through one's own skills. And he did so freely, unlike Varis who actively censored works there is no hint that Solus attempted to stifle any creativity.

He goes far as to convince himself that his Garlean children as not as his own, but those of the original host body.

The Legate of the XIVth Imperial Legion, and the commander in charge of the Garlean invasion of Eorzea. The end of the MSQ in 5.2 shows he has a recurring dream of himself in a, after becoming a Resonant, he freely wields magic through enchanted katanas.

The more Primals that are summoned and the bigger they are, the more certain a Calamity is to happen, which is what he wants to happen to help bring back Zodiark.

his nature as an Ascian is a little bit unclear; whether he was always one and was planted as an agent to make Garlemald what it is, or if he was a mortal man who somehow struck a deal to. He actually survives slitting his own throat, though he's thrown into a different body for a while due to the effects of his artificial Echo. It's still a memory, and it's noted to be possibly inaccurate to his prowess by others. The Empire plunges into civil war after Zenos murders his father. While Eula's body dissolved into aether at the end of Legacy, her essence survived the battle. Following the main story, Nero sets his eyes on a power source within the Crystal Tower equal to, if not surpassing, the Ultima Weapon.

Used Solus DNA for his scientists to perfect the Allagan cloning technology, which gave his grandfather an inexhaustable supply of bodies ready to possess. Zenos has no intention to become Emperor himself, causing a second, potentially more devastating civil war. A powerful Warmachina of the Empire deployed in the Bozjan Southern Front, it serves as the enemy fought in the solo Critical Encounter "Aces High". Also, like Gilgamesh, Grynewaht undergoes a transformation during the fourth and final time that you fight him when he's much more dangerous than he's ever been, and dies at the end of it. Suddenly Grynewaht isn't getting the one-sided battle he was hoping for, and all he can do is scream "Bugger! In his Hypertuned form, he wears a helmet carved in the image of a snarling demon.

Its implied he arranged the attack in the first place to curry some good favor by saving them.

It happens again when Varis zos Galvus, the second emperor, gets killed by his son Zenos at the end of 5.0. in frustration.

And eventually merges with a divine dragon during his final boss fight.

Aditionally other plot developments in both Stormblood and Shadowbringers position him as similar to Kuja from FF IX. To achieve this, he joins the Warrior of Light and Cid's efforts to defeat the remnants of the Allagan Empire within, informing them that there is naught but a noose waiting for him back in Garlemald following the XIVth legion going rogue.

Of course, given that Eldibus masterminded the whole affair with the full knowledge of the Emperor, he was nonetheless little more than a pawn. However, for whatever reason, these plans evidently weren't conveyed properly to the game's writers—Gaius explicitly refers to her as a man on at least one occasion in the Japanese version, while the English localization got it particularly muddled. Gives a rather chilling one to the Warrior of Light, vowing to get revenge on them for killing Zenos.

Rex makes it clear that he intends to make the Warrior of Light pay in blood for Milisandia's death after Ruby Weapon's defeat. "A revolution is upon us. only a strong ruler can break the cycle of Primal summonings. Megaflare also, Zenos finds pleasure when locked in combat with a foe that can actually challenge him — which is becoming rarer and rarer, and actually helps kick off, His love of the hunt, his hunt for the Warrior of Light specifically, is so great that, The first time the Warrior of Light encounters Zenos, Diabolos’s theme starts playing instead of the normal Imperial boss music, letting the player know just how dangerous he is, Zenos adopted the katana as his weapon of choice, after brutally crushing the Doman rebellion. Not only is Eula tempered to Bahamut, but Eula's other goals are obscure even to the Garleans.

Allies with the Scions to destroy Zurvan once he determines that the Allagan method of containing the Triad was flawed and thus useless, and Zurvan was too dangerous to let live.

It's possible to back-interpret some of Gaius' lines during, fallen into the hands of Gilgamesh.

Given the Ascians' status as incorporeal beings, siring children should be supremely difficult, at best, yet Varis doesn't dispute Solus's claim to be his grandfather. Upon his ninth nameday, however, fortune smiled upon Honoroit, granting him a chance meeting with Lord Emmanellain de Fortemps in the Jeweled Crozier. And he offers his opponents a chance to surrender and join the Empire peacefully. He is ultimately assassinated by a newly revived Zenos before the Warrior of Light can ever confront him. Her ghost appears as a mini-boss in the Palace of the Dead.

Recognizing the Warrior of Light's talent; Gaius immediately offers to let the WoL rule over Eorzea on behalf of Garlemald as Regent. After showing his true colors to the Warrior of Light, he tries to provoke them into attacking him knowing that it would endanger the peace proceedings between the empire and Doma. Gaius is a proud and powerful soldier who holds absolute belief in the ideals of the Garlean Empire. He flat out refuses to use his second chance to redeem himself and make any sort of amends, intending to continue his "hunt" against his rival, the Warrior of Light. the real Nael's fiancee was Bradamante and she killed herself on the spear after he died. He chose to flee instead of harming them. His reaction after seeing the Warrior of Light piloting a magitek armor. Long ago, Gaius van Baelsar adopted five auri orphans, who joined the Imperial army to follow in their surrogate father's example. He was already at this following the Final Days as Emet-Selch. Also, the bit about the Burn was a, Solus delivers one of the most major twists in the story in regards to the empire's existence, a bombshell by itself, especially when the strange, fancy-looking man turns out to be, Averted. Second Emperor and commands a campaign from a massive airship called the dreadnaught. Whatever was done to him in his Hypertuned form basically destroyed any of his higher brain functions that don't involve hatred or revenge, It's not made clear how many Hypertuned came before him, but all of them seem to retain more of their brain function, suggesting Grynewaht was the first subject of at least some capacity of the experiment, or possibly that's Yotsuyu may have. She's. O mighty Dalamud, am I not Thy loyal servant!? As of the Bozjan Southern Front, Gabranth leading the IVth may be because, His legion is also this among all the others. Solus is also an absolute master of pushing every single one of his buttons. Needless to say the Empire itself was created to be a giant tool for the Ascians to use in order to cause chaos and destruction on a global scale, with the Garleans themselves being little more than useful catspaws who are easy to manipulate thanks to the.

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