Your link has been automatically embedded. Identity: Either an original or certified copy of your U.S. and address supposedly on the ESCAPEES literature. Step 3: Prepare the driver’s license application, the vehicle registration, and voter registration forms. I have come to the conclusion that the 3 main RV/Mail/Domicile counties are accustomed to dealing with full-timers and make the process of drivers license/registration/voting easy. 10 0 obj <> endobj

At a minimum it is strongly recommended that the following steps be taken if an individual with two residences seeks to declare Florida their domicile.

more info, 215 E McCollum Ave

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A) File Declaration of Domicile with the Clerk of Court in the Florida county where one resides. D) Transfer securities, bank accounts, brokerage accounts and similar investments to institutions located in Florida.

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116 am in a similar situation to Melle12.

This is my declaration of domicile in the State of Florida that I am filing this day in accordance and in conformity with Section 222.17, Florida Statutes. �A<5��AZ�3�-(U��S�P�Jz��T�Re��R��S�%�L)Fv��1c�|� �}WV{HE��Y(�`5�n�9��F{��١�%ڜ���|�oGA���@It�Ni��M�ӱ��7�UK��GC�2� �C��h��m�����1S박�dU�րĘ�Mg6a�(� BBerry

Started September 11.

Have the following information available:, If using Sumter Oaks RV Park, your county would be “Sumter County.”. (Signature) Sworn to and subscribed before me this of , .

A declaration of domicile is a document filed with the Clerk of the Circuit Court that declares your intention to keep a Florida residence as your permanent home. Appear in-person for a photo at a Driver License/Motor Vehicle Service Center. Two forms of proof of residential address: It is our understanding that Sumter County is accepting a copy of your Escapees: Home agreement/welcome letter*, along with the Escapees RV Club “Letter of Acknowledgement*.” Voter’s Registration card, Florida vehicle registration or title, or mail from a financial institution (not more than two months old) is also acceptable.

Suggestions include: Revocable Trusts, Limited Liability Companies, Irrevocable Trusts, and Offshore Trusts.

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That will mean getting driver's licenses, registering your vehicles, registering to vote, changing your insurance, etc. It is a legal document that defines where you reside and intend to maintain your permanent and principal home and declares that you are a bona fide resident of the State of Florida.

Sumter County, Florida 7375 Powell Road Wildwood, FL 34785 Ph: 352-689-4400 FX: 352 689-4401 Contact Us

in _____________________ County, Florida, which place of abode I recognize and intend to maintain as my permanent home and, if I maintain another place or places of abode in some other state or states, I hereby declare that my above-described residence and abode in the State of Florida constitutes my predominant and principal home, and I intend to continue it permanently as such. h�|̱ uuid:3cfb037f-0648-467f-bb3d-58239e144b7a

This is my declaration of domicile in the State of Florida that I am filing this day in accordance and in conformity with Section 222.17, Florida Statutes.

waiting on the letter from Escapees, as the SKP# and the address support email came through already.

The burden of proof is on the person declaring domicile to show that Florida is the center of the person's social, economic as well as civic activity.

2018-04-12T08:34:11-04:00 N��L�(>!wѲ?�;�pX��_ԬP��Ӟ��4zޔ+U��g+��������!_DZF���$� nL���xi���C This is a Florida form that can be used for General within Local County, Polk.

7/2011 LS American LegalNet, Inc.

Non-commercial Class E licenses are acceptable for anyone driving a vehicle less than 26,001 pounds and/or driving an RV for recreational purposes only.

Sorry, we couldn't download the pdf file.

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