Our Top 20 Ads.

Snickers’ 2020 Super Bowl Ad took their “you’re not you when you’re hungry” message and supersized it to the nth degree – as an entire movement of angry people dug a whole, and fed the world a snickers. A self-deprecating star, and a brand that refuses to take itself too (/at all) seriously – that’s a match made in comedy commercial heaven. When everybody’s favourite chocolate bar (what? ... 49 – Progressive Insurance – Off the Mara-ket (2020) The 50-year-old, yes, we said 50, studied acting at The Once out west, Courtney turned to commercials as a means of making quick money. Funny, relatable, and repeatable – the best kind of humour in advertising. Not a single ad, but a series – grouped together because they all make the same gag.

A neat way to slip in some USPs, acknowledge that they’re dull, yet have someone on screen insist they’re not. Anyway – it doesn’t matter how crazy you drive – in a Volkswagen, you and the car are always safe.

She hails from Stony Point, New York.

(Sorry Aleksandr!). The kicker? When times are hard, every parent looks to save money where they can. A super simple play on the word “mushy” gives you a super simple advert that was almost certainly made on a tight budget. Posted on June 2, 2018 by Jill Harness. We’re social-first, but we offer a whole lot more. Submit them to the Funny Ads Archive and we’ll be sure to keep them in mind when we next update this list. On this sunny day, Carnie Wilson stands on her driveway dealing with a tree that just fell on top of her car. Ok – this is it. This first funny commercial for Dollar Shave Club built an entire brand – and has been replicated by others the world over. You can do ANYTHING. How happy are customers who switch to Geico? Yahoo is part of Verizon Media. Still. Watch the commercial, share it with friends, then discover more great Progressive TV commercials on iSpot.tv You can use it any. Unless – that is – you offer him a drop of John Smiths. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. This is our definitive list of the 50 funniest commercials of all time. Anthropomorphism at its best – this groundbreaking series of advertisements featured real interviews with customers dubbed over animated animals, perfectly paired with the story being told. And they’re great. As she is told to hold on during her phone call and starts to hear "Hold On" by Wilson Phillips play, Flo turns up from out of nowhere to give Carnie some advice... mostly in the form of lyrics to the song. Unless, of course, you rang Talking Pages. But you guys voted it in – and we’re slaves to the system. From Mexico.

This is one marketing campaign you won’t mind watching over and over again. Happier than a camel on Hump Day – apparently.

No offence, Americans, but I just don’t think you’d get this one. If you’re looking to find commercials to inspire your own work, and you need examples of humour in advertising at its best, you’re exactly where you need to be. A funny commercial that perfectly positions McCafe as the place to go for no nonsense, no frills, quality coffee. A funny commercial hidden “inside” a boring one – this does a great job of selling us marmite, AND car insurance. You could send your kid to a swimming gala with a rubber glove for a swim hat. A brilliant twist on the Crufts dynamic – instead of dogs who look like their owners, competing for treats, we have owners who look like their dogs, competing for the one things humans love most: Avocados. Back in the late 80s, you had to ring round them all to find one who could help. Instead, Grandpa complains that nobody is letting him enjoy nature in peace, and Mom begins singing an…. A deliciously catchy song to help sell what the people of 1982 presumably believed was a deliciously tasty “steak”. A great example of “the funny advert” having exponentially more of an impact than “the serious advert” – this brilliant piece for BauBaxs’s innovative travel jacket got 93x the reach in its first month online than the unfunny version achieved in a full calendar year. He’s the master of self-deprecating comedy on Twitter – which is why it was so savvy of The National Lottery to use James Blunt in their #PleaseNotThem campaign. We wonder if he’s a San Francisco 49ers fan? And has the best elements of both. The overprotective father trope is often overplayed – but it’s pitched to perfection here in this tongue in cheek Hyundai Ad featuring Kevin Hart as a concerned father who lets his daughter and her date borrow his new car, but only because its impressive security features means he’ll know exactly where they are, and it’s safety features will keep them, and the car, from harm. Progressive commercials are the WORST. Look at your man, now back to me. This is the second Specsavers commercial to make it into our Top 50 – and it’s arguably their best. Yes you would. With the help of his new friends John Cena, Usain Bolt, Brooks Kopek, Brooke Sweat and Kerri Walsh. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. A fun, funny ad – although it did get banned for being misleading. This is our definitive list of the 50 funniest commercials of all time. Again. Watch Queue Queue if I had a dollar for every time a client had said to me “we want something like that Dollar Shave Club Ad” – I’d have, well, a lot of dollars. It started with Betty White in 2010, and ended right here. He has been hired to peddle everything from AI assistants to Korean beer, but always manages […] Watch Queue Queue. Were there any better funny Ads in 2020? Funny Marmite Adverts – Marmite Mind Control, Comedy: the safest way for brands to take a stand, From Low Engagement to an Army of Raving Fans - with Comedy Content, The New York Times – Half-Truths Are Lies Too (2020), PocketBook – Inside your PocketBook: the Shocking Waltz (2020), PocketBook – Inside your PocketBook: the Spy Granny (2020), The Ultimate Guide to Comedy in Social Media Marketing, Everything you need to know in order to entertain, engage and sell on social media. They also save the most obvious joke until just after you’re sure they’re not going to be making it at all – which doubles the effects of the humor in this case. This is far from Bud Light – and proves that a sense of humour in marketing goes a long, long way.

Smoke clears – turns out he’s in a smoke-filled kitchen. A cute relatable Ad that talks about finance in a warm, inclusive way – this is one of those funny commercials the UK could only pull off. Porn addiction is serious. With your hands so dirty, as MC Hammer says: you can’t touch this. (as a side-note – the Innocent team are a content marketer’s dream. We’re massively into it. And it really is a joy to watch. 1) Old Spice: Bounty, Mr. Clean, Febreze, Olay, Charmin, Head & …

1 This Clown Will Make You Want To Skip Breakfast. Proof that humor in advertising can be weird AF and still work. In January 2021 we will set the final ranking for the most popular 2020 TV commercials. Mr Soft lives in a soft world. (Or at least, those of you that voted). You can’t win ’em all.

And it escalates nicely from there. One. This TV personality, known for his ‘sweary chef’ persona from various food-based shows, can also serve a pretty good laugh to his audiences. Sep 9, 2019 - Explore MW Apparels's board "Progressive Commercials" on Pinterest. Late Night TV Legend Jimmy Kimmell shows that working out can be fun.

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