Look up the specific water you will be fishing to see if it is listed as an exception to the Standard Regulations. It is not unusual to find large trout in places few think would hold fish, such as in the very shallow riffles that are found on the Gallatin. This is a relatively placid, small stream that flows through the Gallatin Valley with limited public access. If that is identified in the Exceptions, these regulations take the place of the Standard Regulations (e.g., … Due to slower flows and heavy irrigation use, the water in the Gallatin River on its lower stretches frequently become quite warm, hampering trout reproduction and putting a lid on feeding activity. From this point downstream to the beginning of the Missouri River, the Gallatin is open to float fishing. Throughout its length, the Gallatin River offers a wide variety of water, excellent river access and relatively low fishing pressure and gorgeous scenery. Not surprisingly, since the Gallatin River runs through a vast meadow, terrestrial fishing is excellent using hopper imitations, sized 4-10, beginning in July and lasting through September. Float fishing is not permitted on the Gallatin River in this section except for the short stretch of river from Gallatin Forks Access Site to Three Forks. Read the Standard Regulations that apply to all waters in that District.

As always, the best fishing will be found a short walk up or downstream from these sites.

Hot SpotsIn the canyon, the area around Durnam Meadow is worth investigating, as is the stretch of water just across from Portal Creek. More information about this section of river is covered in the Gallatin River in Yellowstone National Park section. Streamer fisherman should try the lower river below the forks starting around April, again once the runoff begins clearing toward mid-summer, and finally around late September and into October. Average rainbow size is 12 inches. Since the water moves so quickly through this canyon stretch, fishing is also more difficult. A float down the Gallatin River provides beautiful scenery, constantly changing landscapes and some challenging whitewater for those who want to try their luck in the canyon stretch. Prepare yourself and your equipment accordingly. An angler arriving during this time who finds the river in this condition should venture further upstream and fish in Yellowstone National Park. The biggest ones are a half inch in size. If you are going out to streamer fish, the valley may yield more success. There are also plenty of browns, as well as some cutthroat, scattered brook trout, whitefish, and even a few grayling. The Gallatin River begins high in the mountains at Gallatin Lake. Though many anglers avoid the lower-most stretches of the Gallatin, a few places here are worth your time.

No rapids are found. Standard dry flies and attractor patterns work well, in addition to the Spruce Moth come late summer. Fishing pressure on the Gallatin River is moderate. Fishing Locations Gallatin River Lower Madison River Upper Madison River Yellowstone River Spring Creeks Jefferson River Big Hole Boulder River Stillwater River Bighorn River Missouri River Yellowstone Park Waters Other Waters. Fishing Regulations. Solitude, as well as the best fishing conditions, will best be found by locating where the river is located furthest from the road and taking the easy hike over to it. Fishing this stretch of the Gallatin is essentially the same as between Taylor Creek and Big Sky.

Experienced paddlers in high quality inflatable whitewater rafts, hard shell kayaks or inflatable whitewater kayaks should only consider attempting this stretch of the river. Fishing the upper Gallatin in Yellowstone Park requires a Yellowstone fishing permit, available at area fly shops. Fishing Conditions October 28, 2020. Thanks to the ever-increasing number of well-developed pullouts throughout this canyon corridor, fishing along this stretch requires little more than pulling off the highway and stepping down to the river. Once the Gallatin River leaves the mountains, it begins to flow primarily through private land. Float fishing is forbidden until the confluence of the East Gallatin River, only 12 miles from Three Forks.

From there, the river tumbles down through the mountains before spilling into a broad and scenic valley located in the far Northwest section of the park.

of water or water area at which those regulations apply. The slower flows, low water and warm temperatures wreak havoc on the trout in between these two access sites, although fish can still be found. Hoppers and other terrestrial patterns are effective during the afternoon while caddis and mayfly patterns will work in the mornings and evenings. If timed right, the salmon and golden stonefly hatch in June can also provide fishing bordering on the sublime. Regulations While the Gallatin receives a fair amount of pressure, it is not so much that an angler cannot enjoy an occasional meal from its bounty. Attractor patterns such as the Royal Wulff also can work exceptionally well during the summer, and are an excellent alternative to using terrestrials. Until September or October, regular hatches of PMDs, Green Drakes, caddis and terrestrials give anglers great chance to catch trout on dries. The Gallatin River in the valley section has excellent fly fishing for both rainbow and brown trout. Be careful when wading the Gallatin, as the myriad rocks are large and slippery.

Brown trout fishing is good in the fall with streamers. If you’re planning on floating or wade fishing the lower river, take I-90 West and exit at either Manhattan or Logan.

The lower river is mostly privately owned, so access is restricted to bridge crossing and fishing access sites. Hoppers should be fished right along the bank. The Gallatin from the Yellowstone Park boundary to the confluence of the East Gallatin River is closed to float fishing. License Fees, Requirements, and other Laws, Western District Standard Daily and Possession Limits, Central District Standard Daily and Possession Limits, Eastern District Standard Daily and Possession Limits. Upstream, the West Cameron Bridge Road diversion dam significantly alters flows below it, starting around mid-summer. Special Regulations: The Gallatin River is open all year. RegulationsWhile the Gallatin receives a fair amount of pressure, it is not so much that an angler cannot enjoy an occasional meal from its bounty. In the pages that follow, you will find an updated summary of statewide fishing regulations in. It’s not that the Gallatin River is overlooked—it’s just that for Bozemanites, there is such a wide-ranging and tantalizing assortment of water to taste and experience on the flight of rivers throughout southwest Montana. In mid December the Winter Stone will start to hatch so have small stonefly nymph ready in your fly box. Just don’t forget to get your park fishing permit. Give this stretch plenty of respect—especially after a high runoff, as channels often change dramatically and strainers could be lurking around every blind corner. The Gallatin River runs for more than twenty-five miles in Yellowstone National Park. Just be aware that in the canyon stretch you need to be capable of rowing significant whitewater and below in the valley, a float might involve more than one serious logjam and resulting portage. This section of river runs extensively through public lands and is closely followed by Highway 191, providing excellent access. Copyright 2002 - 2020 Big Sky Fishing.Com, Yellowstone National Park Photographs | Gallery #1, Yellowstone National Park Photographs | Gallery #2, View Yellowstone Fishing & Travel Guidebooks. These moths make their appearance in July and last through the summer. Float fishing is closed on the first 91 miles of river. While it is a popular river for fishing, particularly among the locals, the easy access for much of its length spreads anglers around. For anglers in search of consistently large rainbow or brown trout, visit another nearby river, such as the Yellowstone or Madison. Constant line mending is needed to prevent dragging the fly. This local freestone stream often gets passed by while we motor along, driftboat in tow, toward larger, more float-friendly locales.

The combined limit for brown and rainbow trout is five daily, and in possession, only one over 18 inches. Once the Gallatin River leaves Yellowstone National Park, the river flows through very mountainous country, with steep mountains towering above the river. As the current is significantly slower and not nearly as rocky, it’s much easier to wade fish than in the canyon stretch just upstream. The canyon section is difficult to wade under any conditions, and it can be very dangerous during high water.

Gallatin River Montana - we have the flows, public access sites, boater information, shuttle contacts and fishing regulations from Yellowstone National Park to it's confluence with the Jefferson and Madison at the Missouri River Headwaters state park.

Instead, what the Gallatin River offers is excellent dry fly fishing on a river that receives relatively low fishing pressure in beautiful surroundings.

Happily, it’s the once stretches of river that may be floated.

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