The Greeves victories of 1961-62 by Dave Bickers were called “motocross” races. Thanks in advance!

If I had more time, money, and space I would love to keep it.

£ 3,220

Combined postage is not available through the global shipping program, Villiers 2t3t4t ignition cover greeves james .

Meanwhile, the gearbox was also uprated for the bigger Hawkstone with stronger steel for the gears and shafts, a new ratchet and pawl selection mechanism and changed tooth profile to improve the contact area. Colchester, Nov 5th 2006 Greeves villiers for sale VILLIERS 2T / GREEVES SPORTS TWIN ETC. johndpunnett at

I have the original 390cc works sidecar outfit built for the 1967 TV series ridden By Alex Wright in the Nationals and the Welsh, then by me for some years. As an established engine builder, Greeves was able to survive while many rivals disappeared, along with the supply of Villiers engines, in the late 1960s. The single-purpose MCS was the ultimate 250 of its class but it cost a monster 25% more than the more accommodating SCS, which retailed new for £199. I have ridden all three of these motorclcles but have not started them in several years.

The first is a 1971 380 Griffin Enduro.It has a long seat, slightly larger tank than the MX, and was sold in Canada with lights.

Frame 24 RBS 115, Engine GPA2/125. The heart of this beast: Villiers innards in Alpha lower-end cases below a Marcelle cylinder and head, being fed by a 389 Amal carb with an adjustable main jet and Webco float-bowl extension. Please find attached some info on a bike i in Brisbane Australia. 4 some reason my detail's have been removed from your pages & my ID doesn't work anymore, I f I had contacted U B4 U may have ended up downloading a Trojan & I know U don't want that so I cleaned up my PC B4 contacting Frame No 59/1875, Newer Gear Case No's Villiers greeves 31a 32a 33a  piston rings std. The same guidelines for combined international purchases will apply as detailed above for uk purchases, Lotus women's greeve ankle boots, black (black. Greeves 24MX3A1146A bike in parts. When I bought the bike, the story was that it was one of Nick Nickolson’s ‘desert sleds’ that had been restored and that the name of his engine builder is etched on the bottom of the motor.


if (!document.MAX_used) document.MAX_used = ','; dianehon at greeves 535 A couple of the Nicholson-sponsored riders achieved real fame.

Hi .

just found number plate...PJR 480 AND supplier harry wood,newcastle upon tyne ,uk.on back mudguard.also last licience disc.dated 1963,anybody out there remember this bike? Kind regards John

First introduced for the 1958 season, the 'Hawkstone' scrambler and 'Scottish' trials iron used the 197cc Villiers 9E engine to begin with. dlea02 at toucansurf dot com Did all boxes use drum selectors?

Americans did to Greeves motorcycles what they had been doing since 1776: take something from England and make it look and work better.

Somebody realized that the engine requirements of an early desert racer were very similar to that of the small displacement European road racers of the day – screw it wide open and hold it there until you see a black and white checkered flag. Albion gearbox casing in good usable condition.


Believed to be the late great TT winner Tom Herrons second racing bike. Clutch assembly for a villiers 8e engine.

Is there any manual of any sort for the 380 cc engine? Original mechanical rev counter and drive in good working order. 1.

Central threaded attachment approx 1 5/8 inch with fine thread. loically, the models that closely replaced the Hawkstone Scrambler were the Motocross Special, the MX1, MX2, etc. I’m just choosing to remember and preserve a slightly different aspect of that history; desert racing in southern California and the spirit and uniqueness of how riders had to make motorcycles of the day work in this specialized application.

The sale includes a judging score sheet from Classic Cycle Events, where this bike was given maximum points in every category except for tires (9/10 as it had a Barum, OEM was Dunlop) and originality because of the paint, folding pegs, and aftermarket exhaust.

The pipe, of course would have been down swept.

Genuine Greeves Service Notes for T. organic chemistry by stuart warren, nick greeves, jonathan clayden 2nd edition.

It has ceriani forks, arces triple clamps. How many different boxes were there?

Just one year later the Hawkstone was joined by an all-out race replica, the 24MCS Moto-Cross Special with Greeves’ own design alloy cylinder barrel, chrome bores and go-faster goodies. The 380 QUB will not turn over but

The Greeves victories of 1961-62 by Dave Bickers were called “motocross” races. a villiers 8e engine and gearbox unit complete with carburetter, kick start and gear levers, and front section of exhaust pipe. It is formally registered with the CRMC but would require new tyres for competitionand it would be also advisable to free the piston rings before chrome. In 1962, the MCS gained a modified frame, full-width alloy hubs, and a slightly more powerful engine, becoming the 24MDS.

Greeves Pathfinder 175cc [CDATA[

In 1962, the MCS gained a modified frame, full-width alloy hubs, and a slightly more powerful engine, becoming the 24MDS.


of me on the bike.

Email: tony at

dudley at daytonacrossgates dot com greeves info Full Description.

need bike id

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