In the pub shortly after their introduction, Nicholas says that he didn't mean to upset the apple cart. Nicholas Angel: Like who? Lurch is named after the manservant of the Addams family in. Nicholas Angel A series of gruesome deaths rock the village and all are labelled as accidents. Throughout the film, Sergeant Angel uses a Vauxhall Astra Diesel and a Subaru Impreza WRX.

In the scene where Nicholas Angel interrogates Skinner in the supermarket, you can see an exact resemblance of Skinner's facial appearance on a picture in the background wall just as he says spool through and smiles. Sampson the dog (who played Saxon the dog) was not allowed to become a real police dog, as he was considered too friendly. DS Andy Wainwright Quotes in Hot Fuzz (2007) Share. At the castle, Joyce says "Janice Barker has decided to name her twins Roger and Martin." Edward Woodward OBE as Prof. Tom Weaver DS Andy Cartwright: Everyone and their mums is packin' round here! Cate Blanchett as Janine (uncredited) By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. The film has many cast members who appeared in film and TV versions of. On edit 5, I forgot to say that the fact that they know who the last 2 people to see Merchant means that they might be really fucking good detectives. Skinner is able to provide plausible explanations for all of Angel's charges, and a videotape of himself working at his supermarket while the murders took place. This continues the gag from. After Angel meets with Danny in the village, the two begin to dispatch the members of the NWA in an increasingly destructive and frantic series of gun fights. Philip Shooter The filming of Angel and Skinner's first meeting at the supermarket was filmed over the course of two days. Cast requirements were fifty people for speaking and non-speaking parts. On the Video Diary extra on the 2-disc DVD bonus features. Before this, they're still gaslighting nicholas, but as SOON as the Inspector points the guns at him, they know there's no need to try to deter him, the battle has begun. During the church festival scene, members of the Air Cadets (the largest cadet force in the UK) can be seen in the background. During the shootout scene, Nicholas shoots the tyre of a delivery truck, causing the beer kegs to roll off and knock out Mr. Treacher. In Hot Fuzz, The Detective Sergeant and the Detective Constable Share the first name Andrew. at the castle, means "for the common good of the community".

Despite Nicholas telling others to always have their notebook on them, the one time he doesn't have his is when Leslie is murdered while he goes to his car to get it. Might play in on how they know about the NWA but haven't been caught. Danny urges Angel to go back to London, reasoning that no one would believe the truth about Sandford. This film contains a scene that may be a thinly veiled spoof on the CSI story-universe, and how CSI forensic investigations are portrayed. In the final scene, as Nicholas Angel is walking through the churchyard to meet Danny, he is wearing a gun, which would be very unusual for an English police officer. Lucy Punch as Eve Draper ", Sandford's Neighborhood Watch Alliance, is also the name of the seminal rap group "N.W.A.," whose most famous song is "Fuck Tha Police", a sentiment with obvious relevance to the film's plot.

Might seem like if he started to know what he was doing, he would be targeted aswell. View All Videos (10) Hot Fuzz Quotes. He knocks the attacker unconscious, discovering it is the trolley boy at Skinner's supermarket, sent by Skinner to kill Angel. In a village, everybody knows each other. Nicholas Wilson as Butcher Brother, Martin Lawrence as Detective Marcus Burnett (Bad Boys II) Graham Low as The Living Statue Kevin Wilson as Butcher Brother The character of Simon Skinner having a mustache was. Just saying this was interesting to point out. Out of all the words written on the swear box, "cunt" (probably the most offensive word) is ironically the only word that hasn't been censored in any way. something i just wanted to point out. Final Edit: Last thing i want to mention is that the Inspector mentioned that the whole 'multiple murderers part' was the SAME thing that happened to the previous Sergeant. He drives back to town and arms himself with the firearms he confiscated earlier. One of the many instances of foreshadowing hidden in the movie: at the beginning, Nicholas tells the Inspector "With all due respect, Sir, you cannot just make people disappear", to which he replies "Yes, I can. Edit 1: OH SHIT. This foreshadows Frank Butterman being revealed as the mastermind and chief conspirator behind the murders.

... DS Andy Andy Wainwright: You do know there are more guns in the country than there are in the city? This could be an in-joke to the main characters in the Lethal Weapon franchise, Roger Murtaugh and Martin Riggs. During the early scene with the Chief Inspector, if you watch his face closely after he says 'Yes I can, I'm the chief inspector,' he gives Nicholas a sharp evil glare for a brief moment. When Sergeant Fisher is first introduced, a freeze-frame reveals that on the drawing board behind him it's possible to read the following words: "inefficient", "rude", "disloyal", "indecisive", "non commital" [sic], "late", "lack of leadership skills" and "unfit". If they were at the bars, they would of been in the shoot if they knew merchant was being taken home by the 2. They're constantly berating Nicholas Angel because they don't want him to die from the cult, because they know they'll get him eventually, and the best way by doing that to an elite cop, is to gaslight him. At 1:10:39 Skinner smiles to camera whilst a framed photo of him is on the wall behind him. Paul Freeman as Rev. David Threlfall as Martin Blower (uncredited), Metropolitan Police Inspector

“We already joked about having a ‘Crocodile Dundee’ reversal of it being Danny in the city… The hypothetical sequel would be Danny and Angel in the big city together.”.

And at this point, Angel starts to get gaslighted by the Andy's. The film fast-forwards to one year later and Angel lays flowers on a grave marked 'Butterman'; it is revealed that Danny has survived and the grave is his mother's.

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