By the new plan, the lathe (in which the shuttle runs) was lengthened a foot at either end; and, by means of two strings attached to the opposite ends of the lathe, and both held by a peg in the weaver's hand, he, with a slight and sudden pluck, was able to give the proper impulse to the shuttle. We also supply a range of high-quality upholstery and curtain fabrics, plus all the supplies you may need. His popularity continued to plummet, especially after creating the spinner, and he soon found himself as a virtual recluse in his hometown. That same year his final child, Anne was born. It also was able to maintain momentum at a constant rate which made production higher and more efficient than ever before. His invention of the flying shuttle was bringing great prosperity to manufacturers throughout the region, but he was finding minimal financial gain as the infringements upon his patent continued. In 1733, John Kay earned a patent for his most important invention of all. The wheeled shuttle revolutionised weaving within the country, immensely accelerating the process through the innovative ideas that he created. In June of 1704, John Kay was born in the Lancashire hamlet of Warmsley, just north of Bury in England. The reason it was given this name was that of the rapid speed by which the new mechanism processed the textile and weaved in the material. This was done by broadening the width of the loom which increased the amount of work that could be done in a shorter period. The flying shuttle also allowed the thread to be woven at a faster rate, thus enabling the process of weaving to become faster. In 1738, Mr. John Kay, a native of Bury, in Lancashire, then residing at Colchester, where the woollen manufacture was at that time carried on, suggested a mode of throwing the shuttle, which enabled the weaver to make nearly twice as much cloth as he could make before. Kay placed shuttle boxes at each side of the loom connected by a long board, known as a shuttle race. Copyright © 2011 - 2020, Rita Royd Limited, We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. In 1745, Joseph Stell invented a cloth ribbon weaving loom that was believed to operate using a waterwheel successfully. Before the invention of the Flying Shuttle, weavers had to pass the shuttle through the warp threads by hand. In May 1733, Kay patented his "New Engine of Machine for Opening and Dressing Wool". Many ignored the impact on the labour force at first, but as other innovations quickly followed, Kay became the focus of attacks. In 1725 he married his wife Anne, and they had a daughter a year later. In 1733, John Kay earned a patent for his most important invention of all.

Unfortunately, Kay did not reap the benefits of his invention and died in utter obscurity. Edmund Cartwright and the Power Loom He eventually moved to France where he is thought to have died a poor man. He was forced to take the groups to court for patent infringement in a series of lawsuits. He also made several improvements on the spitting technology related to weaving, making the efficiency of these devices greater. Hargreaves designed the Spinning Jenny.

The wheeled shuttle revolutionised weaving within the country, immensely accelerating the process through the innovative ideas that he created. Lancashire mill owners imported East India yarns to improve the quality of textiles. John Kay was indeed a man ahead of his time. In France, he encountered none of the persecution or animosity from citizens, and the flying shuttle was a huge success, enabling France to become one of the leaders in textile production throughout the world. His mother educated him as he was growing up until she married another man when he was 14, at which point he became an apprentice with a hand loom reed maker. Richard Arkwright and the Water Frame In 1753, an angry mob of weavers, afraid of the competition, wrecked Kay's house and destroyed his looms. A weaver using Kay's flying shuttle could produce much wider cloth at faster speeds than before. Nearly bankrupt and finding that the harassment of him and his family was becoming too much to bear, Kay left Leeds in return to his home in Bury, Lancashire. From there he was utterly unable to enforce his patent protections and was forced to lean upon the support of the French government to keep him, and his family sustained. Unemployment within the region surrounding his home increased significantly, and both the flying shuttle and its inventor became hugely unpopular.

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