Replace the lampshade, if previously removed, and set the lamp upright. The lights I liked and wanted were similar to this: But with a price tag of $250 and $200 I decided, nope. Always unplug a lamp before attempting repair or maintenance. "embedURL" : "" Submitted: 12 years ago. Floor lamps offer a convenient means of adding light to specific areas of a room which are too dark. Otherwise, remove the shade by hand by loosening the thumbscrew or finial that holds the shade onto the harp surrounding the light bulb. Look at the pre-paint, pre-lamp transformation. But with so many options to choose from, which is right for you? Your wish is my command. Making homes a little bit prettier whenever I can. This helps my projects to be seen by more people and to hopefully gain more readers! Wiggle it again to ensure all parts are tight. The movable joint is loose and I am trying to find a way to tighten it. I try to not let things like math cloud my vision. I’ll figure out how to make my own. That’s the finish I’m going with in door hardware and most of our future lighting. }. The cord hides behind the piano and runs inconspicuously along the wall. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! This light is $55. Getting a look I want for a fraction of the price. Like swing arm lighting, wall lamps also attach or hang from the wall surface, but they lack the adjustable swing arm feature. Because the lamp arm is in a fixed position, this type of lighting should be used in locations where having an adjustable light source is not an issue, like on either side of a vanity or bathroom mirror or above a console table. There are sleek modern swing arm lamps out there, as well as more traditional designs with shades.

{ ", April 2011 I made sure to give the lamp several light coats with dry time in between. 2. Hard-wired wall lamps, also known as direct wired wall lamps, offer the same great style as plug-in models, but they do not have a cord and must therefore be hard-wired into your home. I had a floor lamp over there at first. Adjustable and adaptable wall lights and swing arm lamps add both style and functionality to your decor. Illuminate a dim hallway or flank a bathroom mirror with a pair of wall lamps for an ambient glow. "@type": "VideoObject",

Thanks for helping out! Gently lean the lamp downward and rest the top of the floor lamp -- the area near the bulb -- down on the pillow. ‘How to House Homemade’ ebook out now! The lamp had to be plug in.

Plus without a shade, it’s more like task lighting and wouldn’t help us light the whole space. Swing arms are available in a wide variety of styles and finishes. Repeat the inspection and tightening process if the lamp is not yet stable. Anyway, I wanted to share this with you guys, because making a lamp is fun and it costs half the price of buying online. "name" : "Functional & Stylish Lighting - Swing Arms and Wall Lamps", In most cases, a loose lamp is just a simple case of tightening it as was done during assembly. That’s when I thought about a modern looking swing arm lamp. *this post contains affiliate  links. Put the bike in 4th or 5th gear, and place a board across the swing arm, through the spokes, so it lays across both sides of the arm as near the rim as possible. There are also very modern lamps like this: I really love them but I feel like they may be a little too trendy for the look I want in our house. She enjoys exploring foreign locales and hiking off the beaten path stateside, snapping pics of wildlife and nature instead of selfies. My swing arm lamp has come loose at the swing joint. I hear you, handsome. Most plug-in swing arm lamps and wall lamps come with at least 6 feet of cord, making it easy to reach outlets next to a reading chair, sofa or bed.

They adjust to be a slip or threaded shade. The shade may be left in place if it is a solid shade or if the shade is sturdy enough to handle it.

That was the tricky one.

It worked fine but it was either in the way of the piano bench or it took up space in what acts as a walk way through the living room and into the kitchen. It goes above the light bulb before you screw it in. This makes them ideal for reading or other tasks. Inspire Me Monday For $3.99. They’re perfect on either side of a bed headboard, above a desk, or next to a favorite reading chair. Lamp shades really help to spread the light better than a bright spot from a light bulb. That’s when I thought about a modern looking swing arm lamp. Ok, I’m pretty excited about this project because what I made for around $60 can be purchased for around $200. Floor lamps take up little floor space, yet shine a good deal of light where most needed. There are different finishes of the same lamp for up to $20 more. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Plus, the possibilities seem endless.

Alright, back to the light.

Sharing tips and tricks to help you do the same. "uploadDate" : "2013-12-09T17:04:04+08:00", For the shade you really need a threaded UNO fitter. I guess the last restor is to replace it. Anyway I rewired a similar lamp (Mine was white but the same swing arm) and I opened up the bottom of the swing arm (The cover you said was removable) I used a sharp tool to pull the old wire out of one the sides of the arm and then I was able to pull the old wire though (Don't worry if you damage it as you will now have to replace it anyway) Getting the new wire … "@context": "", That’s how we roll and opposites attract. tighten the lower swing-arm of an original Tizio lamp? If you need more information, contact a Lamps Plus certified lighting consultant, or visit one of the many Lamps Plus store locations.

Read more…. It’s a great way to get lighting but without taking up extra space. © 2018 Lamps Plus, Inc. All rights reserved. Wall lamps are great for areas where you’re short on space or need a little more light. He pretty much lets me do whatever I want to our house but he draws the line at light bulbs. Possibilites. If it is a metal lamp with broken welds or snapped hardware, it is best to let a professional handle it if you aren't familiar with doing such work. How to Repair a Three-Way Switch on a Lamp, Custom Lighting Repair: Floor Lamp Styles, How to Remove a Canopy From a Chandelier Cord, How to Choose the Correct Size Table Lamp. I won’t attempt to tell you the exact fraction because I’m CREATIVE. I wanted it to have a matte black finish. It’s a great way to get lighting but without taking up extra space. Simply mount the wall lamps like a picture or hanging piece of artwork, and then plug them into any standard household outlet. If you've assembled the lamp yourself, hold onto the instructions for reference during standard maintenance. I tried this one at target. However, they are a bit more difficult to install and you may choose to use the services of an electrician for installation. © Copyright 2020 Hearst Communications, Inc. You can find more expensive versions on Amazon or maybe places like At Home sell some similar. Tighten a screw with a Phillips-head screwdriver, or use a small adjustable wrench to tighten a nut.

Functional swing arm lamps, like the one shown below, feature an adjustable arm that pivots and swings into a number of positions, allowing you to control the position of the lighting source. Tutorials and Tips Link Party. The ReStore (Habitat For Humanity) is a great place to find some nice DIY projects for your own home. Want an easy way to try out the wall lamp look? Examine the lamp closely to determine the source of looseness. She writes travel and budgeting tips and destination guides for USA Today, Travelocity and ForRent, among others. Not impossible to fix but way more annoying to install it twice. Plug-in swing arms are very simple to install and look great for years to come. I didn’t like the visual space it took up over there. I got the image to load. This one is a blush color but they still sell them. Now, there are lots of great swing arm lamps on the market but the one I was looking for had to meet a few requirements.

Wall lamp designs save space and add a chic touch to any decor. Allow the bulb to cool to room temperature if the light was recently in use. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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