If that doesn't get rid of the mites you should try to find a reptile veterinarian in your area. Two to three times a week, sprinkle the “salad” with a calcium supplement. The last 10% of the diet should consist of animal-based foods: pinkie mice, crickets, mealworms and wax worms. The number of eggs varies from 12-40+. Finally, males develop a bulge behind their cloacal vent as they mature. Those are not color changes, he will need to be treated until they clear up. Environmental causes include: low temperature, low humidity, excessive handling of shy species, overcrowding (may occur with only two iguanas in a cage), aggression from cagemates, lack of hide box for visual security, lack of UV light and lack of proper diet. Coloration can vary depending on where an individual originated from geographically. Raising the temperature of the iguana’s enclosure to 85-90°F will help stimulate appetite and increase the function of digestive enzymes.

The supplement should contain calcium with Vitamin D3.

Your iguana’s enclosure should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.

If your iguana’s activity level does not improve, further evaluation by a veterinarian is recommended. Testing of the iguana for Salmonella is possible, but often gives unreliable results and is expensive. Newly imported iguanas often have raised black lesions that resemble scabs. Kyphosis is curvature of the spine resulting in a hump along the back. Do not put the iguana in direct sun in a glass enclosure. While you should ensure indoor enclosures are well lit, you should ensure that they have temperatures of between 75 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Application of a topical antibiotic ointment is recommended. Instead, they do it by sneezing. Iguanas are very territorial and once they are past juvenile stage, do not do well when housed together or with other reptiles. Photoperiod: The photoperiod is simply the length of time your iguana is exposed to light. You may use a bleach solution (one part bleach to ten parts water) for disinfection.

If you cannot commit yourself to shopping and chopping just for a lizard, don’t despair! iguana black spots on skin. I don't know if it is fungal or bacterial, do you have a vet? The recommended photoperiod for iguanas is pretty simple: plug your heating lights and ultraviolet lights into a timer so that they turn on for about fourteen hours each day. With each shed, the area becomes smaller as new scales are produced. Color Changes: Male iguanas often develop an orange hue when in breeding season, this must be differentiated from the orange discoloration often seen with illness. Many diseases can be completely reversed if caught in time and if a proper course of action is taken. Adults may reach 40-60″ in length. The basking areas of the enclosures should have temperatures of between 95 and 105 degrees. You will know if your female iguana develops eggs (gravid): her abdomen will become large and lumpy, and she will also go off feed for a few weeks prior to egg laying. Thread starter IggyReptileGuy; Start date Jul 30, 2016; I. IggyReptileGuy Member. Sexing: Most iguana owners like to know if their iguanas are male or female. Growth rates in iguanas vary, depending on the individual, and also on diet. These changes are ultimately fatal. In short, do not feed any of the eight aforementioned vegetables in excess. When you buy the plants from the stores you should keep them for at least 30 days before you give them to the pets.

Iguanas that are calcium deficient may demonstrate signs of twitching, jerky gait or difficulty using her back legs.

Tongue is essentially used for smelling. When your iguanas eat a diet primarily of foods high in oxalic acid such as spinach, rhubarb, beets, celery stalk or Swiss chard, the oxalic acid binds with the calcium in these vegetables, rendering it unusable. This condition may require surgical removal of eggs and can be fatal. In situations where outdoor enclosures compromise the security of the pet, you should go for indoor enclosures.

Please refer to Salmonella, by Steven D. Garner, DVM, DABVP Diplomate, for more detailed information. Iguanas use radiant heat from above not heat from below.

You can show new photos. This action will sometimes stimulate iguanas to defecate. This is mainly for identification purposes. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Lights should not be placed inside the cage; rather, they should be positioned outside the cage so they can shine into the cage. Lumps/Bumps: The most common cause of a lump/bump is an abscess under the skin. Iguanas generally eat better in the summer months, then slow down considerably during the winter months. Abscesses are swollen, pus filled areas of infection caused by bacteria. Physical Appearance: Nostrils are used for breathing and for salt excretion. Signs of MBD include broken bones, especially the long bones of the legs, a “crooked” back, lack of use of toes, twitching of muscles (tetany), generalized weakness and failure to raise its body up off the ground when walking.

You need to recreate the digging area by making an egging box, a place for her to dig a burrow and lay her eggs in a cavern. Goitrogenic Cabbages: Like oxalic acid-rich vegetables, many vegetables in the genus Brassica (the “cabbage-like” vegetables) should not be fed in excess. Earning the pet’s trust takes time and you have to treat it properly. The soiled carpet can then be rinsed and cleaned with a bleach solution (One part bleach to ten parts water). Scars from wounds, burns and other trauma initially are white to pale pink, smooth and lack scales. The calcium supplement should contain only calcium and vitamin D3. Retained skin must be removed by soaking and gentle peeling. Hence, it is recommended that they be able to bask in their enclosures. iguana: developed two black/green spots (both about 3/8 Our iguana is three going on four. For substrate, newspaper is easy to clean and inexpensive. Increasing the humidity in the iguana’s environment will help prevent these problems. After your iguana turns three or so, it will continue to grow but at a much decreased rate. If your iguana’s tail does break off, you may try to keep the area clean and dry.

Burns: Thermal burns caused by hot rocks are commonly seen in iguanas. The preferred site is usually the highest branch in the forest canopy and hours each day are spent exhibiting this behavior. MBD is a reversible disease, especially when caught early and treated aggressively. Rid your lawn of dropped fruits. These pellets are not harmful to ingest, but you must be dedicated to scooping out soiled rabbit pellets if you choose to use them. Add an incandescent spotlight over a rock or branch so the iguana can bask. I would ask the pharmacist, they may have it behind the counter. Breeding to Egg Incubation: If you have only one iguana that tends to get aggressive in the fall, you probably have a male on your hands that is interested in mating. In addition, these mites can spread bacterial infections.

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