Deluxe Bow Package (riser, limbs, quiver top, & stabilizer), Complete Bow Package (riser & limbs only).

I don't want to dip it without some more experienced peoples knowledge though, or an answer from Vortex. Unlike regular painting, hydro dipping allows you to use different painting and achieve an exceptional finish. Scopes are hydro-dipped at owner’s risk with no warranty. Fly Rod package- 80mm Spotting Scope. Hydro dipping is one way of giving your rifle scope a personalized touch and making it look different. This will guarantee that you get a uniformed finish style with minimal fingerprints interference on the scope.

Starting at $129.99. Wall Plate (outlet/duplex, switch/toggle, blank, etc. Additionally, you can always buy a hydro dip kit that is already prepared. As you spray the topcoat, ensure you avoid placing your fingerprints for better results. However, this could be expensive hence requires adequate planning. Scope* – Standard (At Owner’s Risk/Not Warranted) – $85.00     *We will mask off numbering/lines and lenses at no charge. ), Gaming System (X-box, Playstation, etc.) with Bowtech Guardians) Did you know! Therefore, if you are not sure, it is always good to have a professional take you through the process. The prior owner had the entire outfit hydro dipped. AR Buttstock – $90.00 On the other hand, if you choose to hydro dip your rifle at home, it is essential to invests in the right equipment for the job. At least that is what the people at Leupold told me.

This is due to the amount of “holes or cutouts” that the riser may have. It finally worked; however, what little of the camo I was able to remove came off grudgingly. Additionally, it is essential to minimize your hand movement when holding the rifle. I would recommend coating over it. Then, fill a plastic container 3/4 full with lukewarm water and spray your chosen colors onto the surface of the water. Starting at, Rifle Barrel+Action+Bottom Metal+Bolt+Muzzle Brake, Ultimate Rifle Package (stock, Barrel, Receiver, scope), Deluxe Rifle Package (Stock, Barrel, & Receiver), Deluxe Shotgun Package (Stock, Barrel, & Receiver), Deluxe Bow Package (Riser, Limbs, Quiver Top, & Stabilizer), Complete Bow Package (Riser & Limbs only), Shotgun Choke Tubes (up to 3 included) Starting at. Once you are satisfied, let the rifle scope rest for up to 24 hours to dry. That follows what I've found all around the internet. Specialize in Hydrographics Dipping and Plasti Dip. If it was just a gun barrel/receiver, I'd say a heat gun.

Scott will personally send the customer a form to send in with their project. XLR systems have lots of parts that will require extensive time for prep and dipping. Firearms that are not Disassembled and/or cleaned of debris by customer prior to submission will incur an additional $65.00 fee. Hydro-Dip specializes in water transfer printing application and supplies. Next, dip your object slowly into the water and bring it out again. Cams or Wheels – $55.00 I've also sent an email to Vortex in case I don't find any info here. Covering Infinity provides the most accessories and options to further customize your firearm or its protection. UTAH HYDROGRAPHICS WILL NOT DISASSEMBLE ANY FIREARMS. Check your scope prior to sending it to us. Although it could be easy to dry the rifle on the direct sun, the paint could easily pear hence make the entire process in vain.

Scopes are hydro-dipped at owner's risk with no warranty. Ensure to stir from one end to the other for you to achieve a uniform look of the hydro dip. If you are unsure about your rifle scope and whether it can be submerged in water and still perform, then going to the experts for hydro dipping is quite an in order.

), Website powered by Field of Dreams Web Design, ALL PRICES ARE FOR STOCKED FILMS; ANY NON-STOCKED FILMS ARE SUBJECT TO A $25 ChARGE ON ORDERS UNDER $200, Disassembled and/or cleaned of debris by customer.

However, ensure that you don’t spray in a crowded place to avoid inconveniencing others. This is to reflect that we will only be using our very own Armour Hide Protective clear coating on every job. Hydrographics is a process that allows you to decorate, or transform, a plain boring object into something very unique. If the scope is dunked, and it leaks, Leupold will repair or replace per their warranty. Powder coated parts will not be stripped off unless powder coating finish is in poor condition. When done correctly, hydro dipping protects your rifle scope from rust and keeps it looking unique. While there are many companies specializing in hydro dip art for large items (e.g. EDIT: I just called a local guy I know that runs a cerakote/hydrodipping shop. Fill water in a container about 4/5 full then add different paints in alternating times. Deer, bear, Boar, Steer Skull – $85.00 I think it could be blasted lightly and then I'd Duracoat it or use air dry Cerakote. Phone: 724-991-4712 for removal of previous coatings. Navel jelly works great.

Don't usually do shout outs, but when the product is this damn good, you have to. HYDRO DIP KRYTPEK CAMO * Bonus* Muddy Girl Sccy 9mm - Duration: 12:13. ), Shotgun Butt Stock Only – $80.00

Whether you are a seasoned hunter or a professional, giving your rifle scope, a unique look is quite critical. chassis cap, Trigger Cover, Handguard) – Call For pricing. Price may increase based on prep needed, design, item size, shape, and material's needed/used. Ensure to avoid the direct sun while drying the rifle. Spinning/Casting- It is therefore good to learn and understand how to hydro dip a rifle scope. Process involves fully submerging product in water; therefore, no warranty is offered on scopes. Bipod* – $75.00 Quiver Hood (Top) – $45.00 Holy crap! I can't speak for other companies like Swarovski, etc. Professional Fur Handling, Beaver - Part 2 Fleshing - … *NOTE: All skulls must be professionally cleaned and prepared by a taxidermist prior to hydro-dipping. The prior owner had the entire outfit hydro dipped. If skull is submitted for service uncleaned/unprepared it will be returned. and see what they can do to finish/refinish on finish issues. We do not warranty rubber items due to the possibility of adhesion issues and longevity, AR Furniture Set (Buttstock, handguard, pistol Grip) – $180.00 Press J to jump to the feed. parts back together. Limbs Only (2 standard or 4 split) – $125.00* I soaked it in lacquer thinner and wouldn't do that with a scope. Repeat the same movement for approximately three minutes for the enhanced effects.

1 Can of Hydrographic Base Coat Paint - Incredibly durable base coat … *All fishing rods and blanks no longer than one piece 7 ft can be dipped. *NOTE – We cannot accept Bow’s that are not completely dissembled. However, the process takes time to learn and master, depending on your rifle. All Hydro Dip Kit Products 164 Items. (of course, this is has not been officially tested by an independant facility, but based on years of our own in house testing).

That being said, some pricing changes will happen. *Antler coating is extra. Benelli Super Vinci Shotguns stocks* – $175 (Benelli shotguns: All rubber “V” parts in the stock need to be removed prior), Youth Models are the same price as shown above. We will mask off Canine teeth if any at no charge*, Copyright © 2020 Northwest Hydro Print |

Does anybody here have experience removing hydro dipping from a scope. It has been used for years in various fields, including the auto industry. Whether you are a seasoned hunter or a professional, giving your rifle scope, a unique look is quite critical. (includes Tactical Buttstock, Cheek piece, Chassis, (2) Corks pc., Reel seat, rod blank* – $95.00 While applying the undercoat, it is essential that you be extra careful and avoid fingerprints to get a smooth finish. Have you tried sanding the surface, so stuff can penetrate? Oneida Bows have 4 regular sized limbs, which will be extra $85 to coat.

For pricing on items not listed below, our shop charges .50¢ Per Square Inch. So far acetone and 98% DEET won't even smudge it. Elk or Steer Skull – $120.00 For more information on their clear coat follow this link. I am thinking of keeping the scope and selling the rifle. You are 100% good-to-go getting your scope dipped, and it will not void the warranty. Hydro DIY Dip Kits (1) Hydrographic Film (125) Hydrographics Film Spray (4) Hydro Dip Kit Paints (20) Hydro Dip Kit Clear Coat (7) Hydro Dip Kit Primer (2) Hydro Dip Kit Supplies (5) Package Deals (2) Hydro Dip Kit Tanks (1) Oh well, function is what's important. I recently bought a rifle and scope combination second had. Starting at $150.00. In case you were wondering about Big Brain's Dead Flat clear, it's the best and easiest flat clear coat I've ever used period. Baker City, OR 97814 Email: Phone: 541-523-6700 Business Hours: M-F 8-5 PST All Rights Reserved. Powered by UBB.threads™ PHP Forum Software 7.7.3. All items will be done ONE at a time, from start to finish. Didn't remove a bit. Even if I can't remove it I want to find this guy so I can spray down my unit's Bradley Fighting Vehicles. Wall Plate (outlet/duplex, switch/toggle, blank, etc. THIS INCLUDES ARCHERY EQUIPMENT. At least now I can confirm the scope model. We do not warranty rubber items due to the possibility of adhesion problems and longevity, Scope Rings and Base – $45.00 From my understanding, there's a basecoat of some sort, under the dip. Use a starring tool to mix colors evenly to your satisfaction.

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