If I were to make a mistake I would hope to be given a second chance.

In “The Metamorphosis the main character is Gregor Samsa, a man who spends his time working to pay off a debt for his father. I believe that everyone deserves a second chance. A Second Chance I remember when I was a freshman in high school. Everyone would most likely say no but in my eyes I thought how could I just let this guy go when I really cared about him? If I cannot do something right the first time, I expect or hope to be given a second chance. He fears that he can be sent to jail after he gets caught by Mrs. Jones. If you enjoyed this essay, please consider making a tax-deductible contribution to This I Believe, Inc. A second chance is sometimes a miracle in disguise. January 23, 2012 No one in this world is perfect and will make mistakes but life always goes on. Everything came to my mind, my most treasured memories that reminded me how I had lived my life to the fullest. Given an opportunity of a second chance is like a gift. Writing Project 1 (Final Draft) A study done at UCLA showed that a growth in the temporal and parietal lobes spurts from the... ...because of the way they live their lives. Everyone makes mistakes, but everyone has the second chance to change in their lives. He is forced to relive the same day, groundhogs day, over and over again. What was supposed to be a perfect vacation turned out to be the most painful thing that I have ever experienced. Punishing someone due to a mistake cannot forever teach the person a lesson, but rather cause the person fear. I was waiting on my boyfriend Rick when had just been dating for about six months and he asked me to move in and make his home our... StudyMode - Premium and Free Essays, Term Papers & Book Notes, ACC 561 Assignment Week 4 CVP AND BREAK EVEN ANALYSIS.

Especially, when they have it built into their mind that they can’t become a better person because of the unbearable actions that they have committed. “Tick, tick, tick,” is the sound of the metaphoric clock that ticks away slowly as juvenile youth continue to be sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. Phil manages to do so only by breaking through and becoming a person of intimacy, creativity and compassion which sets him free from his exile of living in the same day over and over again. Many people can debate this and believe in different views, I believe in what I am saying. Stealing is still rooted in his mind. I believe in second chances. Roger is fearful when Mrs. Jones grabs him, and he asks "You gonna take me to jail?" In life, second chances are important even though it may be hard to look past what he or she has done and forgive them. The windows were shut; piles of magazines were on my knight stand table where I kept my favorite book Frozen by Robin Wasserman. We were about to have the best time. Sign up for our free, weekly podcast of featured essays. A second chance to make things right. When my friend Heather came into my work that week and I gave her a hug and said, “Aw, I missed you so much. No one is perfect, people are going to make mistakes, but life goes on. Like us, he finds himself in an inexplicable situation, something like fate. If you enjoyed this essay, please consider making a tax-deductible contribution to This I Believe, Inc. I can see how it can be hard to forgive someone, and look past what he has done wrong, but I think second chances are important in life. Please consider making your tax-deductible contribution today. This short story illustrates that love and trust can transform a person's life while punishment can only result in fear. I apologized and told them it really was not even worth it and that I would do anything to regain their trust. This can be a very hard task for many people to overcome. But, I believe Michael Vick is a good example of overcoming just that. It was until the third day that we decided to ride our bikes to the border between Honduras and Guatemala, which was about thirty kilometers away from the beach. My mom opened the door and at once you could feel the intense heat of the room. I believe in second chances.

In Groundhog Day the main character Phil is an arrogant, sarcastic weatherman absorbed in his own discomforts, without hope, and cut off from other people.

My parents did not find out what I had done for the longest time. At a point, he kept asking me to let him drive my car. I believe in second chances but only for those who have a heart to believe in one. The work of This I Believe is made possible by individuals like you. English 100 1-3:20pm T/Th Because I am more grown up, I feel like I can have a better conversation with my father. There was really no need for grounding. Although I do believe that grades do not define someone, I wanted to prove to my teachers that I was capable when they allowed me a second chance to redo the work. Please join StudyMode to read the full document. The grey part of the brain involves the section that contains the human’s ability to function in planning, impulse control, and reasoning. Until that day that changed my outlook on life as we know it. My hair was the longest it had ever been, past my shoulders and I was still keeping it dyed blonde, it could use a trim though, my dark brown roots were starting to show. But, unlike us, he gets the luxury of being stuck in the same day until he gets it right. She went out to Heather’s car to talk to her mom and asked if I had slept over the week before and her mom said no. Langston Hughes has written many enlightening stories to tell us positive attitude and lifestyles. I believe in second chances. I think my father is now starting to realize this. I asked my mom one night to sleep over my friend Heather’s house when really it was to sleep over my boyfriend Kiefer’s house. Although he knows he must be going to jail, it does not necessarily mean that he learns from his mistakes. The fun then really began. ...A Second Chance Throughout these two works the main characters try to go back to living their life as before not realizing that this is their second chance at life to make things right. It allows them to look back on their mistake and do better the second time around.

A second chance to prove that he can still be my friend no matter what happens and talk whenever we need each other. Life is too short for one to not forgive someone for their mistakes. ...I believe most people deserve a second chance. Langston Hughes has written many enlightening stories to tell us positive attitude and lifestyles.

I think it was from quitting smoking. I sat on the floor, feeling defeated and frustrated. Even though my friends disagreed with me I knew it was the right thing to do in order to make me happy and that is why I chose to give him a second chance. Love changes lives. Three years ago, my cousin Wael, aged 17, died next to me in a car accident. “Mom, please don’t cry look at me I am right here look at me!” She instantly turned to my direction, when our eyes met I thought “yes, that’s it just try a bit harder!” As she pulled herself together, she wiped off all the tears away from her face. Many people could take advantage of the second chance, thinking they could constantly make a mistake and have plenty of chances when they really don’t. I believe in second chances the most. The work of This I Believe is made possible by individuals like you. Ray did not even have a weapon, but his soul swooned slowly as he heard the verdict and can recall clearly the tears that dripped down his face when the judge sentenced him to life.

If I didn’t give him a second chance I would have regretted it. It is critical when Mrs. Jones decides to use other way to teach him a valuable lesson. Kettering College R. Fleming Safa Whether I could retake a test or submit homework late, these second chances gave me the opportunity to be the best student I … You can download recent episodes individually, or subscribe to automatically receive each podcast. This was no exception, I recalled the most important moments in my life as I spun on that ATV bike. Life is too short for one to not forgive someone for their mistakes. I believe in second chances more than I believe in first chances. I believe in second chances the most.

We drove everywhere; we drove past my house, past our high school and finally went on this road called Hillcrest Road. My mom was furious and did not know how to react. How come she isn’t trying hard enough to see me? Yassamine Souisri ...Sometimes I walk right to her face and she stares right throw me, as if I am nothing but glass. Learn more. As for Gregor, going from someone everyone depends on to something no one wants to care for, he doesn’t get a chance to have everything go back to normal. I took the taxi from my house to the train station and took the train to his house. I have grown up always thinking that second chances were necessary. No matter what my friends said I didn’t listen to them and gave him a second chance.

Last year, I had to go through what I thought was one of the hardest times of my life when my boyfriend at the time cheated on me. One reason I chose to forgive was because I am afraid of losing him. In Hughes’ short story, “Thank You, Ma’am “, it talks about a boy named Roger, who attempts to steal Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones’s purse but fails. I went from 160lbs to 200. The movie shows us a character that is like the worst in ourselves. Second Chances Carl Band once said, “Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.” Growing up, I’ve learned to believe in second chances. Everyone needs that second shot to prove himself. I didn’t want to at first, because my boyfriend had asked me to please not let anyone else drive it. He was my everything; we always did things with each other, and for each other. Once one learns from their mistake and accepts what they did was wrong, then I believe they deserve a second chance to create a positive outcome from the situation.

A public dialogue about belief — one essay at a time. Second Chances If I didn’t give him a second chance I would have regretted it. Michael Vick took what was a very bad situation for himself, a crime that he committed that was unimaginable to everyone, a crime that made him the most hated person amongst every animal lover in the world, and made himself an all around better person out of it.

I finally gave up, parked at a random store and switched seats with him. There have been studies through MRI machines that concluded that the part of the brain that involves critical thinking thins between ages twelve and fifteen. In deciding on whether or not to give someone a second chance, I’ve come to believe that it is the right choice to do.

This was one of the situations where you think, do I give him a second chance or not? Donate If you enjoyed this essay, please consider making a tax-deductible contribution to This I Believe, Inc. You can download recent episodes individually, or subscribe to automatically receive each podcast. One important difference between a teenager and an adult is the development of the brain. It seemed we were on an endless road. With that said, if an innocent was executed, there is no way for the system to redeem itself, there is no way for that person to be brought back.

This road is known for how small and narrow it is, and its big bumpy hills. This was always hard for me to express because my father was always the one to say, “If you mess up once, that’s it.” He would ground my sisters and I for making little mistakes. Teenagers who are convicted of serious crimes should not be tried as adults and sentenced to life in prison without any possibility of parole because they lack the maturity and brainpower to make responsible decisions with the knowledge of their consequences, teenagers ignore the process of rehabilitation to gain the possibility of a second chance, and many teens are sentenced unfairly due to the aspects of one’s life.

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