Assuming this happens (and he has his right toe and left heel on the ground it seems), then, the left foot becomes the pivot foot which then is lifted and never put back down. until his left foot is down. No travel. As player become quicker and more skilled there will be coaches that teach moves outside the prescribed limits of movement to test our knowledge and recognition of the dribble and travel rules. Regardless of how you rule on a game, we have to make split decisions and cannot rewind, rethink, pause and/or debate it. However, the first foot that comes down (in your first example, the right foot) is the pivot, then a “step” comes, and then you’re up, and shoot.

Making a call… ” If you cant see it at full speed, it isn’t there”. Then you step right, and back to left to go up and shoot, and you’ve travelled.

As far as the video goes, it does appear to me that his left foot is the pivot foot, and if thats the case…NO TRAVEL…Just my two cents. This is not a travel at any level of Basketball. He then jumps and releases the ball before either foot returns to the floor. This is legal. A couple have mentioned the 1:05 mark on the film, regarding the status of the ball and the Right pivot foot…. He took one step to the right after establishing a pivot foot. Since you seem to think you can do anything after calling it your pivot foot, why does it matter Which pivot foot you’re referring too? this is simply not true. The dribble ended when the ball was gathered, at that time the Left foot was the pivot. Anything with "launch control", like the Chevy Corvette and Nissan GTR, is using a 2-step. It doesn’t return until shot is gone.

At 1.06 you can just see him gather the ball when the left plants, making the left his pivot foot. Love it. The video didn’t Confirm there was nothing illegal. On a car with launch control, there is a 2nd rev limit much lower in the rev count where the system will hold the engine at while you wait to launch for your run.

A legal move. There is a lot of faulty logic going on about no feet can return to the floor and I haven’t seen anyone talk about the fact that you can pick up and move the non-pivot foot as many times as you want. However, if you slow the video enough you can see that he finishes his dribble with the right foot only in contact with the floor, thus establishing a pivot earlier than he intended, i.e. yes.
So why would you think he can just take another step with his right because his left didn’t touch again?

At that point (if you are able to pause the video right as it turns to 1:05), his right foot is on the ground and left foot is in the air.

If I come to the floor and stop establishing a pivot foot then I can use that pivot foot to launch myself into a step or jump in either direction. It is extremely difficult to determine if Manu picks up (gathers) the ball with one or 2 feet on the ground.

He lifts his left pivot foot, steps onto his right foot and lifts his left pivot foot. By technical definition, the footwork of a “lay-up” is traveling (L-R-L) for a right-hander. The first time through at 1:05 he establishes his pivot foot as his right foot.
He then comes down on the left, then steps and comes down with the right (pivot foot) before releasing the ball. e. A player who comes to a stop on the count of two, with neither foot in advance of the other, may use either foot as the pivot foot.

There are a small number of exceptions to this ban on indoor gatherings between households (you can check out the list here) but none of them are likely to fly if you're caught having sex with someone outside of your household. The left or the right. “The dribble doesnt end until he is making a legal layup.”, Which foot should be considered the pivot foot? In that case the move would be legal. this happens with the #right# foot on the floor and it is a traveling violation. foot.

This is no doubt a travel. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Just to clarify there’s two cuts at 1.05 and 1.06.

You can’t just pick up your pivot foot and let your other foot touch the floor since it hasn’t touched yet lol wtf! This is a left-handed lay-up!! If both feet were off the floor and that player lands on both feet simultaneously, either foot may become the pivot foot.

Right foot is the pivot foot.

You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at, Prince William kept his COVID diagnosis a secret, What it's like to be a Black female police officer, If you WFH you can now apply for a £124 tax refund, The royal are ditching a tradition this Christmas, Meghan's return to the UK is delayed by 9 months, William and Kate's surprising reality star friend, Archie is starting to develop a proper personality, Kate went incognito on a day out with her children. Only Virginia has a specific law making it illegal for step-siblings to marry, regardless of whether the parental relationship has ended. Love the sport. Also most 2 steps only have an ignition cut, whereas stock rev limiters have ignition and fuel cut. It is apparent that this is causing a lot of problems for officials. The “Euro Step” – Is it legal or a violation? But otherwise this move is not hard to execute legally just like any other layup (you do need more body control to pull off the change of direction successfully.). The classic Euro step always ends with the ball gathered on the first lateral step. You’d have be so stupid to think its legal!

if the euro step is done by hopping or a jump then it’s clearly illegal. watch it again.

What you have here is a theoretic discussion without discussion of unintended consequences.

Bob, I agree with you by far the most out of these comments. Legal move. He may bring his other foot to the floor and thereby stop, or momentum may cause him to jump off that foot which is already on the floor and land on both feet simultaneously. There is none. If you gather in the air, establish a pivot, step, jump and pass – still legal.

Clean move. It only does if you stop without taking a second step. All he’s doing is picking up the ball and walking around with it.

I’ve coached middle school basketball for over 10 years and I’ve attended seminars, read books and watch countless videos on this by experts. For some reason everyone is having a tough time recognizing! Things get a lot clearer the moment there’s no doubt about the ball being caught (he slaps the other hand onto the ball) when the left is on the floor. If you end your dribble with one foot on the ground and then you jump onto two feet that is a traditional jump stop and neither foot is the pivot foot.

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