I visited the nearest police station and reported my problem. Check out what 24 people have written so far, and share your own experience.

At first, I was worried about it because I was already set back by a … DOT Compliance Group has been amazing through the entirety of the process. A free inside look at company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees. It was due to have been updated in 2013. Don't worry; these scams are easy to spot-- neither the DOT nor FMCSA call new entrants. 20 Things Most People Learn Too Late In Life, The World Has Just Witnessed A “Pearl Harbor Moment” In Armenia, Six Powerful Quotes That Slapped Me Square in the Face, Passive Incomes That Have Been Proven Most Effective. DOT Compliance Group - Drug & Alcohol Testing Program for DOT Compliance Dot Complaince Group 7550 Gaylord Pkwy, Frisco, TX 75034 Beware of any 972 area code, they have muliple area codes and extensions! Fortunately, at the last minute, a client read his text message to one of our service representative and it said, “According to DOT regulations, all commercial drivers must be enrolled in a drug and alcohol testing program.”. Being new to the transportation industry, I had plenty of questions, which include; Biennials, Drug & Alcohol Consortium, UCR all of which were answered with clarity; and processed accurately. 51 DOT Compliance Group reviews. Last time it was filed, according to the letter, was 2012. Dot Compliance Group features alcohol & drug testing services from the USA. My dad got a letter from them requiring him to update his Beinnial/MCS-150 status. Also note that if you do receive an email and you believe that it’s from the real FMCSA DOT it can easily be verified if you check the last part of the URL address, it should contain or end in: “DOT.gov” if not it is probably a scam. While impersonating a FMCSA employee is illegal, simply calling new applicants to offer a service is not. We suspect that the company is mining your phone numbers for texting from DOT public records, such as FMCSA’s SAFER motor carrier database. We suspect that the company is mining your phone numbers for texting from DOT public records, such as FMCSA’s SAFER motor carrier database. After a 5 minute discussion, they hung up on me.

I read their program details and shortlisted a company named DOT Compliance Group. Dot Compliance Group Scam Reviews – Is Scam Or Legit Website? It will assist the trucking businesses to learn more about this business. Is Dot Compliance Group Scam or untrue, let’s find out together-. This report provides you a comprehensive report on a drug and alcohol consortium that offers testing services to motorists. In 2017, I got a threatening letter from AADT in the morning. I followed them and waited for mores than the specified time and got no call or email response from them. Are you trying to find a consortium that will alcohol and drug testing based on DOT compliance? For more information see: www.dot.gov/odapc/MISreporting, Create Your Own Drug and Alcohol Workplace Testing Policy, 1 — Mandatory Federal Workplace D&A Testing Guidelines, 2 — What EMPLOYERS Need To Know About D&A Testing, 3 — What EMPLOYEES Need to Know About D&A Testing, 1 — Basic Information for Passenger Carriers and Applicants. They insure solitary owner/operators in addition to the trucking companies with countless drivers. Representatives at the real DOT have assured us that FMCSA DOT does not use text messaging as a form of communication although they do utilize emails. I truly appreciate all your help with getting us compliant. They are also emailing motor carriers too, as the DOT has in fact sent requests out to about 2,110 motor carriers asking for their drug program summary results. 2 — Tow Trucks, Operators and Vehicle Storage Facilities Law, 4 — Vehicle Storage Facility Administrative Rules, https://aadrugtesting.com/wp-content/uploads/Logo_02.jpg, Deception Alert! As I was new to the trucking industry and had little knowledge about it all, and of course it was all very alarming for me, so I just ended up paying them. They were properly tested and reports were shared readily with us. They call and email threats that you will be fined, making the company seem like they are calling frpm DOT!

So I did some research again and found some reliable options. You are urged to submit required data electronically in DAMIS. They plan to maintain your company on the road easily by handling your DOT compliance applications. However, the U.S. Government does not endorse private businesses or vendors, and the use of a service provider is NOT required by FMCSA. After the payment was done, I got an email with some instructions in it. 2 — What is the PUC’s Drug and Alcohol Testing Program? Voice your opinion today and hear what 24 customers have already said. I read everything carefully on their website and enrolled in the program. Do you agree with DOT Compliance Group, LLC’s star rating? They made it look as if it was from the DOT & we were not compliant. Following our detailed evaluation of Dot Compliance Group, we’ve concluded it is a legit company. As we dug further into the issue we believe that some of the e-mails may have come from the DOT, but all of the texts were a fraud, or at a minimum a deception. I read their program details and shortlisted a company named DOT Compliance Group. This can allow you to work easily without becoming worried about compliance. US election: Five things That You Might have missed amid the Struggle for the White House, Mihail Sebastian: The Way the Jewish Author lived, loved and Lived in WW2-era Romania, Iceberg’Dimensions of Luxembourg’ on collision course with South Georgia island Placing wildlife in Danger, They Supply Accredited testing through Quest Diagnostic Laboratories, Provide services of a certified medical review officer (MRO), They Also Give You the Drug and Alcohol Policy by the national laws, Their testing Procedure is quick, easy, and reliable, They also provide an accurate and detailed Record, They keep all Data confidential unless you agree via written Consent, After Telling, drug testing has to be performed within 24 hours and alcohol testing over 3 hours, Non-completion of Arbitrary testing results in a written warning to the First-time, Any Following compliance may result in the Elimination of Their Firm’s name in the App, Without a refund, There’s a penalty if the payment Isn’t received on time, There’s a one-year Duration of This Arrangement.

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