She does carry out the orders she is given, however and seems to want to become like Izaya after finding out he can be defeated. Byakuyamaru Natsugawara, who happens to be acquainted with the Kishitanis, has urged Izaya to pay Shinra a visit in the ending of A Standing Ovation with Izaya Orihara, to which Izaya has replied, "I'll see about that, if I have the time." There's not much known about Izaya Orihara, but any hardcore Durarara fan would know these facts. However, in the first season he mentions in passing that he hates the “eyes of dead fish.” The reason is unclear. ” – Izaya Oriharaeval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'shareitnow_net-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_5',608,'0','0'])); 6-“Have you ever thought about why you’re so good and your parents are so bad? Toward the end of volume 12, Izaya reveals a bit more about why he seems so fixated on Shizuo. Izaya and Namie have a complex relationship. ” – Izaya Orihara, 10-“The harder you try to see the good in people the easier it is to fake you out. A telling example is seen during Shinra and Celty's date away from Tokyo; when Izaya calls Shinra from the hospital—the latest in a long line of callers interrupting the couple's date—Shinra swiftly hangs up. Izaya was like a guardian to Saki and took care of her before she left with Kida. There’s no proof he exists. This gambling ring, which Shinra tries to dissuade Izaya from upon learning it exists, leads to a turning point in their relationship. During their very first meeting, Shizuo threw a punch atIzaya after … ” – Izaya Orihara, 15 Best Ken Kaneki quotes from Tokyo Ghoul, 16 Tetsuya Kuroko quotes from Kuroko no basket. I’m over here, you’re over there. One way for Izaya to manipulate information and spread chaos is to spread misinformation via the internet.

Izaya has cited the incident as one of many that influenced his personality; he had envied the way Shinra seemed to observe humans from a "different plane." But in your mind, you think that you’d have a sense of “nothing” after you die. Their friendship can best be described as "bizarre." In the Baccano! Sarika is obsessed with anime-manga and she can't believe she's living her dream of writing about things she's, well, obsessed with! In contrast to this, he is highly impulsive and does many unethical things just to see what will happen. I guess I wanted to see the faces that mankind has to offer. ” – Izaya Oriharaeval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'shareitnow_net-leader-1','ezslot_6',609,'0','0'])); 7-“To enjoy an ordinary life, you must constantly evolve. That is why I can never ever leave the places where humans abound! While Mairu and Kururi are inseparable, their feelings on Izaya are not as clear—on the one hand they say that they still consider him family, but on the other they wouldn't mind killing him and throwing his dead body in the garbage in order to meet their idol: "Hanejima Yuuhei," Shizuo's younger brother. He manipulated the Blue Squares to attack the Yellow Scarves and vise versa. Despite his twisted and manipulative ways, he does have a form of attachment towards her as he appears to be genuinely sad when she leaves him and runs off with Kida, since she is one of the few characters that actually likes Izaya. In other words, you don’t even have an idea of what death is really like. However, Shinichi always has a leg up regarding information and is a very necessary contact for Izaya to have. Despite his actions, Celty helps save Izaya's life after he is seriously injured during his fight with Shizuo. 3-“Oh, please. In this special series written by Chiaki Kisaki, its events take place after everything that occurred in Durarara! ” – Izaya Orihara. While Izaya is a calm and mostly collected individual who remains emotionally detached from most situations, Shizuo reacts impulsively on almost every single turn, causing him to go on a blind rampage. 30 Best Izaya Orihara quotes from Durarara!! The two of them are almost complete opposites of each other both physically and mentally.

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Izaya attends Raira University after graduation and Shinra does not, though Shinra occasionally spends time with him on campus.

Shinichi Tsukumoya is an undesired and disliked source of information for Izaya. Forever and ever and ever and ever”. But despite everything, he maintains a safe distance from all the complications he creates because he hates being part of conflicts. 2-“Everyone’s the same, no exceptions. Despite Shinra's lack of interest in humans, Izaya considers Shinra's assessment of humanity to be accurate. They grew up in the same house as Izaya, where all three siblings were said to have had "fairly normal parents." Share Share Tweet Email. related interviews that he is very much like Izaya. While Izaya claims to "love all humans," Shinra has no interest in or feelings toward other humans at all; he is instead devoted to a non-human, and Izaya holds no love for non-humans. He also wears a black colored cape which has a fur lined hood. I LOVE HUMANS! Haruto is one of the children Izaya took in after orchestrating the deaths of Haruto and Himari's fathers. The Biology club is essentially a front: for Shinra, it is an excuse to make a friend (thereby earning the approval of his 'beloved'); for Izaya, it is a means to facilitate baseball gambling with his peers. Izaya is mentioned in a crossover with Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens.

Not only has Izaya consistently never shown any interest in any woman (or man), he has said clearly in his light novels that he isn’t attracted to anybody. ” – Izaya Orihara, 19-“Well, hurting girls isn’t one of my hobbies. Izaya is a tall and lean built man. I LOVE YOU ALL! Izaya has consistently stated that he loves human beings and he enjoys seeing them at work. She always suspects him of being involved with many of the major events that happen in the city and doesn't trust him at all. He has short, glossy black hair in a somewhat spiky style. THAT’S WHY YOU ALL SHOULD LOVE ME TOO! ” – Izaya Orihara. If you’d so kindly let me give away the answer; it’s because even if you’re cheating on someone or you’re being cheated on, everyone laughs at bad jokes and eats over-sweet boiled vegetables.

As an information broker, Izaya Orihara is perhaps one of the most influential people in the city of Ikebukuro. 28-“jumping on a guy So you brought your boyfriend because I don’t hit girls?How admirable of you.I’d like to make you mine, but sorry, you’re not my type.So go home! Izaya displays some affection for his sisters when he sends Celty to stop some thugs picking on Kururi; he claims that he only did this because he needed a distraction for a job. Regardless of their feelings toward each other, both Izaya and Namie seem to have grudgingly accepted the other as the closest they'll get to normal human interaction. Shizuo is prone to random outbursts and sudden rages and has little self-control; however, he ultimately has a very mature goal to live a peaceful life and become strong enough to control himself. ” – Izaya Orihara, 23-“I don’t believe in god. Vol. However, Celty doesn't like Izaya in general due to the manipulative tactics he uses. As for Shizuo, he shares a very clear love-hate relationship with him. ” – Izaya Orihara, 21-“Well, if I had to give a reason for my actions, I guess it’s because I love people.

Izaya encounters Shinra on the opening day of Raijin Middle School, when Shinra—his classmate—approaches him with an invitation to found a Biology Club together. In the very rare instances he’s been in trouble, he uses his intellect to get out unharmed. 2-“Everyone’s the same, no exceptions. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. ” – Izaya Orihara, 8-“I’m not rude… I just wasn’t taught to politely pretend to be nice to people I can’t stand. In the manga, his hair has long bangs that frame his face. No matter whether you’re aiming higher or lower. RELATED: Bleach: The Espada, Ranked From Least To Most Evil. However, in the twin's episode of Epitome of Eighteen Histories, the twins claim that they "couldn't care less" but they still "sometimes" love him. Izaya once used Shinichi's name as an alias to annoy him and Shinichi responded by posting a forged photo of Izaya crossdressing on the internet and entering it in a contest. Most fans dismissed it as part of his many eccentricities, but his games actually represent all the chaos that keep occurring in Ikebukuro. He is restricted to a wheelchair, although it is mentioned his inability to walk is more psychosomatic than due to actual injuries. Izaya takes the blame for the incident and uses it to continuously blackmail Nakura throughout the following years. Where Izaya tends to use his superior agility and precise planning to get what he wants, Shizuo almost exclusively uses brute force to achieve his goals. Shizuo wonders what would have happened if he and Izaya had not been enemies. However, he is also described by the same characters as appearing mischievous or otherwise unsavory.His regular outfit consists of a black coat with brown fur lining that goes down to his hips, along with a plain black long sleeved v-neck, pants, and dark brown shoes. This is similar to how Masaomi depends on Izaya to lead the Yellow Scarves (which eventually led to his downfall).

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