A man sues his ex-girlfriend for the value of personal property she refuses to return; another woman says she has audio tape of him admitting to being an abuser. The plaintiff petitions the court for a DNA test because he believes he and the defendant may be offspring of the same man. A woman says her boyfriend's other girlfriend harasses her, has sent her more than 300 emails, and falsely accused her of having a sexually transmitted disease. Man sues ex-roommates for $5,000 and faces counter-suit. Judge Mathis deals with a case involving stolen jewelry. A woman sues her ex-boyfriend for unreturned property and emotional distress, claiming he was verbally abusive; he says she is a crack-addicted prostitute. A woman says that, after she allowed her friends to move in with her, they threatened to attack her, so she's suing for an unpaid electric bill and harassment; they say they were the ones who were attacked and are countersuing for pain and suffering. Judge Mathis season 1 episode guide on TV.com.

The plaintiff says her daughter's best friend's dog damaged her property. A woman sues her ex-boyfriend, who she says was just using her for money, for repayment of loans. |, The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story, Please read the following before uploading. If you have any of these or can help with info please email me. The plaintiff hired the defendant to plan her 30th birthday party, but is suing because she claims she was dissatisfied with the defendant's services. The Judge Mathis website gives fans all the latest news and information about the Judge, his book, Inner City Miracle, as well as job opportunities for court researchers all across the country. The plaintiff says she put her 12-year-old daughter in a group home for acting out, but the girl ran away to the defendant's home. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. A woman claims her niece stole $200 from her.

A woman says she and the defendant had a "friends with benefits" relationship, but she is confident that he is her son's father. The plaintiff and defendant dated despite their 23-year age difference, but she claims he had jealousy issues and would show up at her workplace just to keep an eye on her; they have since broken up, and she sues him for a loan and car damages. After meeting online, the plaintiff started dating the defendant, who she claims is a pathological liar with eight children; she sues him for three unpaid loans. A woman sues her cousin to get a refund on rent. Don’t miss a minute! The plaintiff says that after she had sex with the defendant's ex-boyfriend, the defendant punched her in the face, so she's suing.

In Judge Mathis' courtroom, Romeo, Bullethead and Lydia produce persuasive evidence that the electronic messaging device is a computer that falls well within the school's guidelines.

A woman sues her baby daddy for back child support; he says that, when the plaintiff got pregnant, she wanted to raise the baby with her girlfriend. A woman sues her ex-fiance, who says she lost custody of her child due to her heroin addiction. A woman sues her former roommate for stolen property and says the defendant was passive-aggressive and verbally abusive; the defendant counter-sues for defamation of character. A hairstylist sues a former client for failure to pay her in full, falsely accusing her of theft and defaming her online.

A man sues his stepdaughter's boyfriend, saying that, after a court hearing, he assaulted him and broke his glasses. © 2020 TheTVDB.com, A Whip Media Group Company. Judge Mathis deals with a case involving lovers and their money. A woman who was adopted at birth believes that the defendant is her biological father, so she has petitioned the court for a paternity test. A woman sues her son and daughter-in-law for repayment of a loan and airline tickets, saying their relationship is toxic and that her son gave up custody of his child to stay with his wife. Home; Contact; Privacy Policy; Login; Judge Judy; Judge Mathis ; Judge Joe Brown

Judge Mathis deals with a case involving child support. The plaintiff says her husband has four children with his ex, the defendant, but after he and the plaintiff married, the defendant started calling CPS on them; she has filed a restraining order against her and now sues her for defamation. The plaintiff admits that he and his wife split due to his drug use, and has petitioned the court for a DNA test to prove that her child is not his son. The plaintiff says that after she found out that she and the defendant were dating the same man at the same time, the defendant started harassing her and posting her personal information on Facebook. A woman sues her former friend, claiming he's a convicted felon and lied about being a TV producer; he is countersuing for a pair of headphones and stolen money. A mother petitions the court for a paternity test because the man she says is the child's father has doubts. The plaintiff says her brother got nearly $6,000 worth of traffic tickets in her name.

Judge Mathis deals with a case involving a man stealer. A woman sues her ex-boyfriend for wrecking her car. The plaintiff says his girlfriend's ex has been harassing him, assaulted him and vandalized his car. Syndication. The plaintiff says she was accused of stealing at work, but her former co-worker says all of the employees were stealing, and that is why they got fired. The plaintiff, who used to be friends with the defendant, sues her for an unpaid electric bill, adding that she has five children by three men and is working as a stripper. Judge Mathis deals with a case involving an unstable wife paying her lover. A man sues his former longtime friend, who helped him with his drug- and alcohol-addiction struggles, for rent and breach of contract. Man sues ex-employee for $1,000. Season 1 | Season 2 | Season 3 | Season 4 | Season 5 | Season 6 | Season 7 | Season 8 | Season 9 | Season 10. The man the plaintiff says is her child's father passed away before he could take a paternity test. The plaintiff sues a felon she met online for a bail bond, property and stolen money. Judge Mathis deals with a case involving roommates. Judge Mathis deals with a case involving a dispute over car payments. Do not upload anything which you do not own or are fully licensed to upload. Suing his baby-mama for unreturned property, a man finds himself being counter-sued for unpaid child support.

Plaintiff sues defendant for an impound fee and airfare; defendant countersues for defamation of character and emotional distress.

The plaintiff suspects that the defendant may be her biological granddaughter, so she has petitioned the court for a DNA test to find out the truth. A woman sues her mother and her cousin, saying that after a falling-out, they killed her dog.

Couple sues for $5,000 for son's broke arm

Watch all 52 Judge Mathis episodes from season 1,view pictures, get episode information and more. When available, episode names will be translated into, Plaintiff is ab aspiring Singer who Hired the Defendant. The plaintiff sues her daughter's boyfriend for the cost of car repairs because he wrecked the car she bought for her daughter. Judge Mathis deals with a case involving a woman that stole from an imprisoned man. A man says he recently got emergency custody of his granddaughter due to her mother's drug use, and sues for unpaid rent. Plaintiff insists the defendant is her son's father, but the defendant petitions the court for a paternity test.

Judge Mathis deals with a case involving a man's girlfriend who trashed his apartment.

The plaintiff sues her son for breach of contract because, she claims, she is financially supporting his son, who is abusing drugs. The plaintiff sues her former friend, who she says lost custody of her children because of drug addiction, for assault and damages to her car. The plaintiff sues a man with whom she had a one-night stand for day care expenses for the child she says is his. A woman sues her former friend, who she says is in a physically abusive relationship, for breach of contract. A man sues his birth mother for repayment of a loan, saying she gave him up for adoption at the age of 10 because she was a drug addict. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. A woman sues her ex-husband, who is now engaged to her former best friend, for unpaid childcare. Judge Mathis deals with a hair-dying suit.

A man says his sister's ex-husband and her current boyfriend robbed their father's house; he sues her for repayment of a loan. Otherwise they will be shown using the series' origin language. A plaintiff sues for impound fees, a loan and emotional distress; the defendant says the plaintiff started stalking and harassing him on social media. Judge Mathis deals with a case involving a damaged car. The plaintiff says he has always had doubts about fathering his former girlfriend's twin sons, now 26 years old. A woman sues her ex, who she claims became physically abusive and vandalized her property; he says she threatened him with a knife in front of his children. A woman sues her ex for wrecking her car, saying they used to drink excessively and use drugs together until she checked herself into rehab. A woman sues her baby-daddy for child support, saying he won a court settlement, started throwing money around at the clubs and went to jail for abusing drugs; he says she cheated on him with his cousin while he was in prison. A woman sues her son's ex-girlfriend for repayment of several loans, saying the defendant once broke a window in her house because she thought the plaintiff's son was inside with another woman. A woman sues her sister for going online and accusing her of having a sexually transmitted disease. Judge Mathis deals with a case involving a woman suing for dental fees after her son was hit with a rock. Judge Mathis deals with a case involving a custody battle. A woman sues her ex-boyfriend for unpaid credit card and cellphone bills.

The plaintiff says her childhood friend hit on her years later, despite the fact that he had a girlfriend; she sues him for the cost of Disneyland tickets. Watch Judge Mathis episodes, get episode information, recaps and more. Judge Mathis deals with a case involving a car accident. A woman says the defendant's ex-girlfriend vandalized her car in a jealous rage. The plaintiff says that after she refused to give the defendant a kiss, he punched her in the face. A woman says her ex-boyfriend assaulted her, and she sues him for damaged property and the balance due on a phone and a watch. A woman sues a one-night stand for defamation of character, saying that ever since she got pregnant and had his child, he's been trying to ruin her life and got her fired from her job.

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