Nah, she’s a well written and developed character especially after this most recent season. I love the darkness and grittiness of these shows but that story would be way too depressing.

Big headed, arrogant and still making people do things to get themselves killed while she isn't held accountable - or even expresses any regret. She is also Daredevil's longest-running love interest. Karen eventually leaves Matt and moves to California to pursue an acting career. Press J to jump to the feed. Ridiculous logic. Shes is very annoying as a character. This brings Paxton back to his own senses, pushing Daredevil and Karen to safety. At least up to episode 8, she's got the highest body count on her conscience--and all of it was pointless.

At some point, she needs to realize she's a useless wimp. When Matt introduces her to the adventuring, wisecracking aspect of his personality, in the guise of his "twin brother" Mike, she finds herself equally charmed by this side of Murdock. None of the corrupt officers are desperate enough to just kill Fisk? Thank god they didn’t go with the comic version of her. [16], In the What If comic 'What If Karen Page Had Lived? [4] She constantly fears for Matt's safety, but Daredevil cannot give up fighting crime. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Initially bitter at Karen dying simply so that Mysterio could feel better about himself, a later conversation with Spider-Man helps Daredevil realize that the infant he's saved represents something positive that has come of the whole affair. I don't know if they wrote her that way on purpose, but she always seems to be on the verge of a mental breakdown. Karen returned in Born Again, the award-winning storyline beginning in Daredevil #227 (February 1986) that would ultimately restore her earlier role as Daredevil's love interest. When she fights for her "gut feeling" she's never right and it almost always leads to people getting killed or hurt or threatened. Because despite being in direct harm she took photos for proof of Fisk's crimes.

", Karen is narrowly saved from death when Bullseye hits her in the shoulder rather than the head. Like a high schooler wrote it. She just plain right a terrible person.

She eventually realizes that she is too dependent on Matt and that her past is a constant barrier between them. Yeah I was really disinterested in her subplot throughout the series. If he wanted her dead, being in prison wouldn't stop that. Well, she's not sold Matt out for a shot of heroin yet, so she's at least somewhat more tolerable than her comic counterpart.

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