The Geologic Information Portal has a geologic map single-topic map that shows mapped landslides in the state.

This map is for illustrative purposes only and represents the general locations of the major watersheds of Kitsap County Federal Emergency Management Agency Flood Map A Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM), Flood Boundary and Floodway Map (FBFM), and Flood Hazard Boundary Map (FHBM) are all flood maps that have been produced by FEMA.

1 1/2 0 1 Mile 2 Miles 3/4 1/4 Scale of Miles W IN K I T S A P O N Y COU N T ASH GT R2W R1W R1E R2E T 28 N T N T N T N T N T N T N T N T 28 N 26 27 25 24 23 23 T N 24 T N 25 T N 26 27 R2W R1W R1E R2E 614 Division Street, MS-36 Port Orchard, Washington 98366 These landslides are compiled from existing geologic maps.

Despite safeguards and regulations the community and environment are at risk if any hazardous chemical is used in an unsafe manner or released in harmful amounts anywhere we live, work or play. Please turn on JavaScript and try again. The Geologic Information Portal has a Natural Hazards single-topic map that contains the site class, liquefaction, and seismic design categories data. ����s��P�C��6_����Wy��~��XŋG�b�{J����Ai$�=Vf ����(�Č���e҂l�b�l��km��A����OΝ�+%�����$�|�=a�P@\�;��xG�1Ƒ|�v�{�����Ө�K��&�� �����H��@�ר9�Us��[�i�l����r���Ukպ�㥮h����� a9�]o�,@�E\9`Q�#���J$�A)P'\�2mcvN5���+��I�,3v3;t� ��1z��/�,��������L�4* �Hq�7]Ѯ�;�Y֜��v��. Kitsap County GIS Maps are cartographic tools to relay spatial and geographic information for land and property in Kitsap County, Washington. GIS Maps are produced by the U.S. government and private companies.

206-842-0962 | Website | Map. The department will complete a review of the map to determine if the proposed activity is located within a hazard area. Most of these reports are county-based, have been converted to PDF, and are available from links below.

Dangerous exposure situations can happen during production, storage, transportation, usage or disposal of these materials. Clicking on a region will download the publication. uuid:4781efba-d041-4f21-b6bf-964838e0ab68 Click the "Minerals" button in the Map Contents window. x��]�v��}�W�Gr��j� �ɓۉg9�#˓���ER���Eɗ|�?x�� j�q�F�� nU��]�vue�]=���N�>���'���������O~8�v������w�g/\Ŧ�9:/^���4���|4��vv�~ؽxwr�;{�s���Y�;7m5�^\�|��ٹ��08��>;o�njO����И��N�xf�Θvr$Λ�o�~���{?���gM�v�c7��s�?����55L�����Q;��o�λ��z,��{���T���ӯ���K�z�]��}��n����tޘ��V�`�����O^����'K����ՙ���m�H)Nwc��wt�u}�7_���=��:����m�vӸ�Wb��ӯׅ�}�NV�T�{�V&�� ����ͨ깙u[[ۻ6ܘ��ę�����]W��;�+��f��n�׾�����yB�xq�n�� ;7�fg�$��oNj�O^��qy47m��ug�ލuf����g��ژ�͖�#��[Ǥ�X��>;��ֶ9��LJy:�n)�Ӎ]��>����sa� Don't put them in the trash or recycling.

These publications can be searched on the Washington Geology Library catalog. Click the "Seismogenic Features" button in the Map Contents window to display faults and earthquakes. that are unstable are extremely hazardous during strong earthquakes.

Choose a scenario to see the modeled damage to infrastructure. does not provide consumer reports and is not a consumer reporting agency as defined by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). These transportation routes are over land, rail and water ways, potentially impacting our environmental soils, water and air. The Washington State Seismic Scenario Catalog contains loss estimates for a suite of earthquake scenarios. The following maps show generalized lahar hazards for each of the major volcanoes in Washington. The absence of a mapped landslide does not indicate the absence of landslide hazard. Kitsap County GIS Maps are cartographic tools to relay spatial and geographic information for land and property in Kitsap County, Washington. ©2020 Kitsap County Department of Emergency Management.

The Northwest Association of Networked Ocean Observing Systems (NANOOS) has developed an interactive map of tsunami evaucation zones, routes, and assembly areas for both Oregon and Washington. Most are used to produce products that improve our overall quality of life, boost crop production and make routine household chores easier. Olalla, WA 98359, 9380 SW Barney White Rd Bremerton, WA 98312, 2850 Bucklin Hill Rd Silverdale, WA 98383, 635 High School Rd NE Bainbridge Island, WA, What Do I Do With It? 2011-10-09T16:40:51-07:00 These maps are based on model results from hypothetical earthquake scenarios on the Cascadia subduction zone, Seattle fault, or Tacoma fault. Pipeline features will not display when the viewer is zoomed in closer than a 1:24,000 scale (approximately 0.2 miles on the scale bar). In cooperation with NOAA, we have developed a model based on recent and predicted rainfall data that may forecast hazards and may reduce losses from landslides. Port Orchard, WA 98367, 5600 State Hwy. Help others by sharing new links and reporting broken links. Microsoft Word - SHW_WMP_9-2011.docx Click the "Landslides" button in the Map Contents window. © 2020 County Office.

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