(10), but she holds that abjection actually derives its power by excluding the subject in favor of an object whose existence it rejects, whose presence is an infinite object of pleasure or desire: “De cette élément, signe de leur désir ‘je’ n’en veux pas, ‘je’ ne veux rien savoir, ‘je’ ne l’assimile pas, ‘je’ l’expulse […] ‘je m’expulse, je me crache, je m’abjecte” (10-11). This banality becomes problematic, bothering not only Marc but also the spectators witnessing his life. Editor’s Note: Some of the quotes in this article have consciously been left in their original French. As a result he slowly becomes aware of his solitude, the difference or marginality that excludes him from the world, that shocks him out of his ordinary routine, into another universe, on the other side of the mirror, the other side of sanity, and ends up losing his identity, his life. . The moment of surprise occurs when Marc’s wife, who has seen him just minutes before he takes his bath and shaves off the mustache, does not notice the change. That flooded image suggests the viewer is about to leave the trival and delve into something profound.

Consequently, being marginalized does not equal the absence of desire or pleasure (jouissance). The ‘Uncanny’. The importance of references to water and the word flood have been mentioned above, and there are at least four moments in which their presence and related implications are imposing. Fernand Cambon.

I like mystery, and don't mind additional tags such as "drama" at all. Have Marc's friends tricked him with a conspiracy of silence, or was that mustache a growth only in his mind? ), etc.

Paris: Ellipses, 2007. However, it should be noted that upon initiating the metaphorical journey depicted in this film, Mark derives immense pleasure despite the traumatic pain caused by his investigation; he discovers that his wife lies pathologically, that his father may be dead and that he has no memory. This explains why Marc, the protagonist of La Moustache, searches through the trash (a symbol of his own home) for evidence of the mustache he had shaved off earlier that morning, an act that none of his close friends or family members seems to have noticed. Do you love it, or do you think it’s gross? 22 minutes (5475 words), “Being mad […] can mean acting as if one were sane.” (Phillip Going Sane 3-4). By declining his wife’s request that he seek treatment, a suggestion that he initially voiced himself, Marc begins the journey of questioning his own sanity, losing his identity, and searching for signs that validate him as sane, insane, or neither, but signs that at least validate his search for the missing mustache. Through the act of shaving off his mustache, Marc effectively cuts away part of his identity and voluntarily alienates himself—both at that moment and in the next scene when his wife rejects the “new” Marc, insisting that he has not changed at all, in effect deleting him from her memory.

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