And my property right now we want to ask him. I have liked to the government -- me where you a thug is that fair to say no I wasn't a thought that was just not afraid it's two different things.

In real life, Simmons is caught in a web fighting a man who's been caught breaking the law more than once. Many of us thought that we would have to take care of ourselves, as usual. I never could have imagined this city of more than eight million, this center of Thai business, without the traffic jams or overcrowded public transportation that I grew up with. The team traveled to different neighborhoods in Bangkok to provide free testing to people who’d been judged to be at risk based on contact tracing. As a rapper, Houstonian Norman Simmons goes by "The President." This transcript has been automatically generated and may not be 100% accurate. Ultimately making millions of dollars to so I have my background straight what have you been conducted -- I was convicted of you know running Iraq -- you know being in organized crime little back and -- arson. ABC's chief investigative correspondent Brian Ross. Photograph by Mani Albrecht. Arson kidnapping kidnapping extortion to be exact conspiracy to -- it. You were a serious criminal connected the Russian organized crime you testified for the FBI. He's been twice federally convicted and described by one New York Post columnist as someone who tests the definition of "evil, brutal and dishonorable.". The work has been frustrating at times, not because there’ve been so many cases but because there’ve been so few. That was 2002. That is, the immigration system now prioritized immigration of family members of those already here. The FBI informant says he does have one regret it given your background to -- bother you to be known as a snitch as a -- Of course it still bothers me that you are till this day. A place where people come to have -- Yes and we're a party and cruising down a one a seemed to fit idea which is why we chose to use then again there is.

I followed one of the mobile COVID-testing units for a week. On March 21, most non-essential businesses were ordered to shut down, including schools and entertainment venues. To prevent the spread of coronavirus, the Thai government shut down places like Tilak Bar, a famous go-go bar for foreign tourists in Soi Cowboy, a red light district.

While that Atlanta couple was dealing with police on their own, Simmons certainly complained to the Houston Police Department. All rights reserved. He even bragged about it in a 2009 National Geographic documentary. I've missed almost two million dollars worth of luxury cars including a half million dollar Rolls Royce. He and his wife, Elizabeth Jones, never did get a title, but for three years they've been making payments on a car they can't legally drive. (See how coronavirus has spread around the world.). I have several masks at home, including a proper respirator with twin N95 filters to use for the days when it hurts to breathe the air. Yes of course none of that happened what I cooperated you took the FBI's way out I took my way out yes. International flights stopped on April 4, except for those bringing Thai citizens home from abroad. "That pisses me off quite a bit, to be quite honest. we asked Simmons. -- -- -- -- -- And about a high living former Russian mobster turned FBI and work. After his first conviction, Mani's prison sentences was cut short when he testified against his criminal comrades. -- Ohio may not be quite as Smart as he thinks he. Bangkok became so quiet. Three years later, the feds helped shorten his sentence again when he was busted for selling cars he didn't own. Nighttime movement is allowed, and most businesses in Bangkok are resuming operations.

Fast forward to this year and again allegations it's the same old story -- supply him. The first coronavirus case outside of China appeared in Thailand. Now Playing: COVID-19 becomes top issue for Latino voters after decimating their communities, Now Playing: George Lopez joins forces with Latino organizations to get out the vote, Now Playing: Summer camp aims to show that diversity and faith go hand-in-hand, Now Playing: Women of color will play vital role in elections, both presidential and local, Now Playing: Voter feedback on final 2020 presidential debate, Now Playing: Experts break down the biggest moments of Trump, Biden’s final presidential debate.

They're both suing Mani. Early on, healthcare workers monitored the temperatures of people arriving at airports and quarantined them if necessary; eventually everyone arriving from abroad was quarantined. This is a story about a -- The murder of an Atlanta restaurants called move back to what she will also -- I -- -- little. More people are homeless because they can’t afford to pay rent.

Now Playing: Florida delivered Trump the White House in 2016: Will seniors there reelect him? But Mani's hardly hiding from his past. We were more value than hit men," he says in the documentary. The cooperation of ordinary citizens has played a key role in containing the epidemic. Back to his criminal ways selling stolen cars and worse than that and saying he was still being protected by the government. He told a federal judge in 2002, "I am sorry for all my actions. There are more than 1,000 epidemiological teams investigating cases and monitoring them. We were that non-violent talent back then. But the coronavirus isn’t done with Thailand yet. It put you back on the street and you broke the law again that's the record. He's he's untouchable. Supply of quickly admitted deal to cooperate with the government and the FBI.

The team operates out of a modified ambulance, which brings tests to potentially infected people so they don't have to travel and expose others. What do Tuesday's election results mean for Texans in 2021? When the news hit in January, uneasiness spread among the population. It was subtly called "Brooklyn's Russian Gangsters.". Coming up in the next {{countdown}} {{countdownlbl}}.

How many strikes you think -- you deserve. We have the story of a Russian mobster turned FBI informant turned Floridian Playboy -- now accused of aiding in the murder of a rap star. I was surprised by the suddenly available breathing space and how fast I could travel across the city. Some preventive measures remain, such as wearing face masks and social distancing. "There was a search for young talent, no violent talent, people who would come up with schemes -- stockbrokers, Medicare and stuff. After all, the minister of public health is a business tycoon without any background in health—unless you count his advocacy for legalizing marijuana. Over the past few years, wearing masks has become common practice in Bangkok because of its terrible air pollution from heavy vehicle traffic, industrial emissions, and farmers burning fields to prepare them for planting. And that's what it is and people can't stand it stupid people can't stand Smart people they -- -- me. The food sections of some stores as well as supermarkets were allowed to stay open. Five days later, an emergency decree came into effect banning all public gatherings.

Informant says agent "obstructed" murder case, FBI opens internal investigation. He bragged about his teenage start with the Russian mob in a 2009 National Geographic documentary. And by his own later -- and the National Geographic documentary union that teenage -- quickly became a major organized crime terror in New York. But by the time detectives untangled this web for themselves, Mani was long gone. A man walks through the empty main hall of the Central Pinklao department store in Bangkok, which was closed during the coronavirus shutdown. Now the country is opening up again, with masked crowds filling Bangkok's Chatuchak Market, one of the largest in Southeast Asia. What sounds like -- -- novel plot is a startling piece of unraveling nonfiction. Famed for the ferocity of its inhabitants, the region maintains a … Thailand reacted quickly to the coronavirus pandemic and managed to control the spread of the disease. From there, government leaders made the sensible choice to pass the reins to experts. Accused in the murder of -- Something he strongly denies there's no reason to be afraid -- -- the nicest guy eleven me. He's managed the play the system for years and years I need these people -- right now -- and as we found only first approached him. Many believe that dying from the virus is better than dying from hunger. "Not the title for either one?" "No matter what he did for the government, should he have some immunity to scam you?" "The first time we went to the police, they told us they would be under arrest within a week or two. (Thailand is among the top destinations for travelers from Wuhan.) Simmons has something else in common with the Joneses in Atlanta. In his videos, he sits in the Oval Office with cash piled high on the most powerful desk in the world. The public is strict about mask wearing. For Travis Jones, it all sounds painfully familiar. To the wording now despite his tattoos. Copyright © 2020 KTRK-TV. Now under investigation by the FBI -- itself. The government surprised us with its efficiency. Now Bangkok is gradually opening up. "Somehow, someway these guys are walking the streets. Few people seemed confident that our government could handle the situation.

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