Map data from a Map Station would be highlighted in blue, and become pink as the player enters their respective Scroll Block. Phazon Lost in the depths of Tallon IV? Only thing I found is some old Google Code issue that said it's an issue with the amd drivers (go figure!) Bosses When I don't use Uber sharers I get 40 fps in the map. By a door: Tallon Overworld I'm running the game @60fps x3 native resolution without a problem. © 2010 - 2020 Support. MDb Reviews In Metroid Fusion, Samus’s current position on both the main Map and the Minimap is indicated by a flashing white box. Distinct features While the game's map system provides a fantastic interface, pinpointing the locations of items isn't always easy. Metroid Metroid II Return of Samus Super Metroid Metroid Fusion Metroid Zero Mission Metroid Other M Maps by Falcon Zero Metroid Samus Returns AM2R Metroid Prime Maps by Falcon Zero Metroid Prime Hunters Maps by Falcon Zero Metroid […] In both Metroid Fusion and Zero Mission, Map Stations display unvisited rooms as gray; when Samus enters them, the tile turns blue. (Metroid Quarantine A) This missile's waiting high up at the top of the dark cavernous part of this room. Even if you don't post your own creations, we appreciate feedback on ours. But hey, you never know. (And counting), Metroid:Planet Saris (GETTING BACK INTO PRODUCTION! Deck Gamma Monitor Hall • Subventilation Shaft Section A • Subventilation Shaft Section B • Main Ventilation Shaft Section A • Main Ventilation Shaft Section B • Main Ventilation Shaft Section C • Main Ventilation Shaft Section D • Main Ventilation Shaft Section E • Main Ventilation Shaft Section F • Biotech Research Area 2 • Connection Elevator to Deck Alpha • Deck Alpha Mech Shaft, Temple Hall • Temple Security Station • Temple Lobby • Artifact Temple, Frigate Crash Site • Overgrown Cavern • Transport Tunnel C • Transport to Chozo Ruins East • Frigate Access Tunnel • Main Ventilation Shaft Section C • Main Ventilation Shaft Section B • Main Ventilation Shaft Section A • Reactor Core • Reactor Access • Save Station • Cargo Freight Lift • Deck Beta Transit Hall • Biohazard Containment • Deck Beta Security Hall • Biotech Research Area 1 • Deck Beta Conduit Hall • Connection Elevator to Deck Beta • Hydro Access Tunnel, Great Tree Hall • Great Tree Chamber • Transport to Chozo Ruins South • Transport Tunnel D • Transport Tunnel E • Transport to Phazon Mines East • Life Grove Tunnel • Life Grove, Arboretum • Gathering Hall Access • Gathering Hall • Save Station 2 • Watery Hall Access • Watery Hall • Dynamo Access • Dynamo • East Atrium • Energy Core Access • Energy Core • Burn Dome Access • Burn Dome • West Furnace Access, Furnace • East Furnace Access • Crossway Access West • Crossway • Crossway Access South • Elder Hall Access • Hall of the Elders • Elder Chamber • Reflecting Pool Access • Reflecting Pool • Antechamber • Save Station 3 • Transport to Tallon Overworld East • Transport Access South • Transport to Tallon Overworld South, Twin Fires Tunnel • Twin Fires • North Core Tunnel • Geothermal Core • Plasma Processing • South Core Tunnel • Magmoor Workstation • Workstation Tunnel • Transport Tunnel C • Transport to Phendrana Drifts South • Save Station Magmoor B • Transport to Phazon Mines West, Courtyard Entryway • Ruined Courtyard • Save Station A • Specimen Storage • Research Entrance • Map Station • Hydra Lab Entryway • Research Lab Hydra • Observatory Access • Observatory • Save Station D • West Tower Entrance • West Tower • Control Tower • East Tower • Aether Lab Entryway • Research Lab Aether • Research Core Access • Research Core • Quarantine Access • North Quarantine Tunnel • Quarantine Cave • Quarantine Monitor • South Quarantine Tunnel • Transport to Magmoor Caverns South, Transport Access • Frozen Pike • Pike Access • Frost Cave Access • Frost Cave • Save Station C • Upper Edge Tunnel • Phendrana's Edge • Storage Cave • Security Cave • Lower Edge Tunnel • Hunter Cave • Lake Tunnel • Gravity Chamber • Chamber Access • Hunter Cave Access, Elite Control Access • Elite Control • Maintenance Tunnel • Ventilation Shaft • Control Room • Omega Research • Map Station Mines • Dynamo Access • Central Dynamo • Save Station Mines B • Quarantine Access A • Metroid Quarantine A • Elevator Access B • Elevator B, Fungal Hall Access • Fungal Hall A • Phazon Mining Tunnel • Fungal Hall B • Missile Station Mines • Quarantine Access B • Metroid Quarantine B • Save Station Mines C • Elite Quarters Access • Elite Quarters • Processing Center Access • Phazon Processing Center • Transport Access • Transport to Magmoor Caverns South.

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