B) Some of the J-mods liked the idea of adding a set of Ornament kits to turn the three powerful spirit shields, acquired through the Corporal Beast's sigils, into a more decorative variant without altering the stats, perhaps one kit for the regular spirit shield too. Through efforts, there's good news.

The following is a list of upcoming updates, derived from official Jagex sources: Updates in this section have either passed a poll or have been otherwise officially confirmed.

Utility rings are those rings that usually give 0 stat bonuses, but can still trigger some sort of effect. The island requires to be visited for a Medium Clue Scroll step, and the only current way of getting there is through the Experiment Cave. There have been numerous suggestions to move Hatius Cosaintus from Lumbridge to somewhere else and the team has been in accordance with this request. Proposed changes to OSRS Skull Sceptre in Poll 73 Poll 73 reveals some proposed Skull Sceptre changes on Sep. 17, like: 1. The mods have faced numerous petitions for them to look into "Random Events". The most commonly brought up and agreed upon change is to add a built-in spell to the Sceptre, it would consume some Ether and 1 Soul Rune per cast. 2.

The RuneScape Wiki also has an article on: As such, the information is subject to change. C) There's more ideas for earning Construction XP, although more passive, but outside the POH, that would involve some travelling and adventuring in order to earn this extra XP, these are: 1 - The concept of "buildable Agility shortcuts". One of them was to bring back the dangerous Random Events, but to also allow players to select which kinds of Randoms Events they want to possibly get, including the 'none' and 'all' options.

Read the information below for some details. This has also been requested as an add-on to the Jewellery Box, but since its interface is already very packed with other teleport options, it'd be much more likely for silver jewellery to be introduced as mountable furniture instead, if it were to come in some sort of way.

A) To start off, there have been requests for extra teleportation features for the POH.

Changing Torag's hammers has also been discussed to be more unique, the requested changes include increasing their attack speed or providing two hitsplats every time they're meant to hit, to match with the animation hitting twice.

Rare item tokens                            1 Relive the challenging levelling system and risk-it-all PvP of the biggest retro styled MMO.

That is, to overcome as much fragmentation as possible, so as to support uprising PvPers - be it through tutorials or new practice modes.

Over 200,000,000 RuneScape Accounts Created Quick Poll. There have been everlasting talks about how to solve this issue, but a proper solution on how to deter people from leaving their team before the last wave, has yet to been decided - though there are still very high chances of something being done on this regard.

Those are two different types of textual overlays which can turn out to be very useful: one kind would be placed over the Agility shortcut icons on the map to display the Agility level required for said shortcuts, the other kind would be placed around Fairy Ring icons and would display what the travel-code for said rings are.

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