There are all kinds of P320 enthusiasts who are probably in the same position as you are. To suit different weapons you make adjustments to the gun and replace the backplate. The ability to swap calibers, frame sizes, and more makes this a fantastic little gun.
It would lessen the frustration if you included magazines that would fit the appropriate shots you intend to use.Bottom LineIf you’re looking to switch calibers on your P320, you’ll need a conversion kit that will definitely stand out. The X300 lights come in a variety of lumen counts, and this one goes up to 1,000 lumens. We consider this one of the best sizes for your P320 if your main goal is to make it as concealable as possible all while not making it too small for your hands. A comped gun is a lot of fun, and if you haven’t tried it I’d at least give it a spin once. Thanks. This retention also allows you to draw unimpeded without worrying about the gun falling out. Especially when they might be having a concealability issue with a full-sized pistol. They aren’t the only company jumping into the custom grip frame module game. Better than that, you can go completely custom with modules with the American flag if you are feeling patriotic, or the Rebel Alliance, or better yet–the Galactic Empire. Grip modules for the Sig P320/P250.

Bottom LineIf you need something to start your conversion process with, a chassis like the B&T USA USW-320 Upgrade will help get you started. Who Will Use This MostThis chassis will be a much-needed accessory for a successful pistol conversion. Find the one that best fits your personal needs and preferences and you’ll be able to easily make the changes you want to it. Let us know below. You can use the same trigger you have in the P320 and a very natural grip angle. Both are used widely across the gun world. But, I am positive that the DPM recoil reduction system will proceed to work as long as I maintain it.
This holster also features active retention to ensure no one can take your weapon when it’s holstered. Over all a much more enjoyable shooting experience. Always place quality at a high priority, even if it means buying a conversion kit that might be on the higher end of your budget scale. Boom–now you have a red dot sight mounted without needing to mill your slide.

Absolutely worth the cost. This will be a lot better for those who want better concealability but don’t want the pistol to be too small for their hand size. This is a duty holster and would be terrible for concealment. This Kydex holster is designed for close body concealed carry. It’s incredibly well made, insanely bright, and built for serious duty use. The system includes one spring plug and three different external springs. What Recent Buyers ReportMost recent buyers used this chassis as the framework for their P320 pistol conversion. 40, but am now converting it to 9mm because there is literally no upgrade options for the. One user said he wanted to change things up. It’s also an affordable option for those on a budget. We’ve got a dedicated section for the AR-15 here. These are our recommendations for the best Sig P320 conversion kits: Below is a list of the five best SIG P320 Conversion Kits currently on the market.

They also were satisfied with the overall rugged design.

Now, let’s unveil our “best overall” P320 Conversion Kit: What Recent Buyers ReportMost recent buyers were looking to turn their P320 pistols into a more compact, concealable version of the pistol itself.

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