These snakes are quite long, and the average adult ranges between 4 – 6 ft. in length. Snake advise:, Here's the Flickriver site with over 300 wonderful pituophis images!

If you corner a bullsnake, it may exhibit the same behavior. Bullsnakes eat more than rattlesnakes, so they are constantly foraging, and they do so during the day. (This subadult earlier was collected as a possible yearling male in 2009 from the Kankakee, Illinois region. Before sloughing off the outer skin, their eyes will cloud up to murky blue color due to the lubricating fluids that separate the outer skin from the newer underneath. The longest specimen ever recorded was 8′ 2″, but finding individuals this size is unusual.

With natural incubation averaging about 81-82 degrees varying up or down some days, they hatched Saturday, June 2, 2012 (56 days after eggs were laid or 87 days from copulation). Continue to feed the females as many smaller rats or mice as she wants to eat during the breeding and gestation period.

Digital Image by Patrick Houston Briggs, Sunday, October 6, 2019, Adult female Illinoise Bull Snake  Pituophis catenifer sayi  (Head Study Left Side), Adult female Illinoise Bull Snake  Pituophis catenifer sayi  (Head Study Viewed Above), Photo by Patrick Houston Briggs Courtesy Lloyd Lemke. Left Dick Buchholz with a big Kankakee bull snake and Right is Pat Briggs with a large Black pine snake (August 20,2014), ©2007 Photos and Text by Patrick Briggs except where indicated, WORLD PITUOPHIS WEB PAGE BY PATRICK H. BRIGGS. Axanthic Patternless WS DH Hybino X Albino Het WS Het Patternless Het Hypo Het Axanthic Het WS PRICES UNDER EACH PIC. The book below is a must for serious Pituophis people. I've successfully bred and produced this morph from snakes collected from this area many times, even producing two clutches in the same year. I wonder how she would look like as an adult. Sometimes a confused snake will deposit the eggs right into the water ruining every egg. Feed  the neonates newborn "pinkie" rats or mice within a week or so. This season the other female produced what I was aiming to get a couple of years ago.
A wild collected father Bull snake Pituophis catenifer sayi, with his hatchling daughter face off for the camera. Distribution: Pituophis catenifer sayi: Canada (S Alberta, S Saskatchewan), USA (Montana, SW North Dakota, South Dakota, Illinois, Indiana, Colorado, Wyoming, Kansas, E New Mexico, Minnesota, Nebraska, Oklahoma (BURT 1935), Wisconsin, Texas), Mexico (Chihuahua, Coahuila, Tamaulipas); Type locality: Missouri. Gopher, Pine, and Bull Snakes-The Genus Pituophis  Pat Briggs article continued... Pine snakes,  gopher snakes, and bull snakes are nonvenomous and although a bite from a snake defending itself may be painful due to its small, sharp teeth, the bite is harmless to humans. I put her with a wild collected male from the same area that was about a year older that I labeled "Michael-founder male #1".

Rattlesnakes and bullsnakes share the same habitat, and may even hibernate together, so the snake you just happened across on your nature hike could be either one. A number of different color morphs have been identified, including albino and white variations of … The gravid femele  will usually lay the eggs in a clutch above the surface of the moist substrate provided within the week after the molt. Past the vent above, there are 8-20 dark tail spots, as documented so thoroughly by the late herpetologist, Olive Stull. The number of times they do this depends on factors such as weather, food consumed, and growth.

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