This creates a very small lip to prevent the M5Stack from falling out at the top. Forum contains no unread posts Čeština (v1.1) | Français (v1.1) | Deutsch (v1.1) | Italiano (v1.1) | Polski (v1.1) | Español (v1.1), MK3/MK2.5 Multi Material 2.0  handbook in the other languages: Čeština (v3.04) | Français (v3.04) | Deutsch (v3.04) | Italiano (v3.04) | 日本語 (v3.03) | Polski (v3.04) | Español (v3.04), MK2.5  handbook in the other languages: Unapproved PrusaSlicer: Print Settings -> Advanced -> Elephant foot compensation ; Cura: Print settings (Custom) -> Search settings -> Initial Layer Horizontal Expansion. just tried decreasing bed temp from 60° to 50° but the effect is still there. But I think that feature is not like Z offset, it's more like "Horizontal Size Compensation" (Process -> Other -> Dimensional Adjustments) affecting the first layer only... some kind of counter measure to the fact many people jam the first layer in the bed quite badly. Enables Arduino IDE to upload the FW. update based on changes in firmware v3.1.0 - Wizard, Linear Advance, SD Card sorting, etc. It works great, albeit being not really the solution to the problem. Log in to be able to post Posted : 30/01/2019 9:58 pm Not Replied So try lowering the bed.

The rest are defaults as far i can see. Learn the causes and how to fix it! Mark all read, Topic Icons: Manual is suitable even for 3mm version except material temperatures and images. Engineers believe that if it ain’t broke, it doesn’t have enough features yet....>, Elephant`s foot on MK3 i3 (latest firmware),

Answer, you did not set your printer up for the correct Z offset for current layer height being printed. The first layers of my solids are being sliced in a way that I get an elephant foot. The first layer was so shrunk down that the second layer didn’t have support. Elephant foot is caused by an incorrect setting of the Z offset (distance between the nozzle and bed during the first layer. Čeština (v1.01) | Français (v1.0) | Deutsch (v1.0) | Italiano (v1.0) | Polski (v1.0) | Español (v1.0), MK2S  handbook in the other languages: Can we please get a feature to compensate for "Elephant Foot", similar to PrusaSlicer: you can do that with the Z offset.. same thing ..

compared to other filament.

Standard temp set to 60°)

I found the problem at (search for "elephant"), but I can`t find the solution because my model is not heavy (in fact it has something around 3mm and it is small). Using PrusaSlicer for slicing and brim is not checked.

For the PLA i use from add:north (swedish company) i do around 202c and 0.99 extrusion due to it being more "liquid?" When I look at the layers of the items to be printed in PrusaSlicer, they all look to be the same size. If all else fails you can adjust the settings called Elephant Foot Compensation in the Filament tab.

This first layer takes a bit of tweaking to get the balance right of good adhesion, good first layer and no elephants foot. Čeština (v2.62) | Français (v2.60) | Deutsch (v2.60) | Italiano (v2.60) | Polski (v2.60) | Español (v2.60), SL1  handbook in the other languages:


Private It will crush the first layer and put the second one on top without squishing it.. Not using Prusa Slicer very often. it's probably way too close on the first layer.

First time posting here. For thin parts to stick correctly, you may need to adjust height of first layer perfectly and to reduce "Elephant foot compensation" from default value 0.2mm... to 0.1mm. Modified settings: PrusaSlicer > Print Settings > 0.20 QUALITY MK3 > Advanced > Slicing... Isopropanol 99.9% / Isopropyl Alcohol / IPA Manufacturer Part Number: 1000-ISO-TRIGGER Everything prints without supports and fits together snuggly.

The feature you wish is there.. Z offset. Active Have a play with these and slice, save the g-code and preview layer by layer, it is best to start with a default profile and make a modification and save it as a different profile so that you don't accidentally ruin you existing profiles. It seems (or maybe not) it has really something in common with first layer height.

Elephant's foot may not be the most-discussed 3D printing problem, but it's no less annoying. (You may get some overextrusion if you continue to print with this off, but you can always reduce the Extrusion multiplier in filament settings from 1 to 0.95). Check the nozzle height - (first layer is ok, Z level is -0.660 and it does not make any problems visible) Hello! Ive used Cura ever since I got my printer, and Ive never looked back :) Im having an issue, and Im not sure how to fix it. I really don't understand why PRUSA even put this line into the custom G code and I am going through my profiles one by one and commenting this out and adjusting extrusions and live-z's for each filament and extrusion height, it's taking a long time, but once done it's done.

To support the M5Stack at the top, I just turned off elephant foot compensation in PrusaSlicer. ... ion_114494, If you can use our FirmwareUpdater and hex files.

Not sure how people don't find any of the older posts that address this. New PrusaSlicer 2.2.0 (video about new features) SLA Hollowing (Knowledge Base) Bundled profiles for 3rd party printers; Automatic Variable Layer Height ( Knowledge Base) Save to SD/USB, eject (Knowledge Base) 3MF thumbnails; Adaptive elephant foot compensation (Knowledge Base) Insert pause/ custom G-code at a certain height (Knowledge Base) 2020 © Prusa Research a.s.,, Original Prusa i3 Multi Material Upgrade 2S, MK3S & MINI Print Quality Troubleshooting, Insert pause/ custom G-code at a certain height (, Updated sample G-Codes for Original Prusa MINI, Updated Benchy G-Code for Original Prusa MK3/S, Added information reflecting changes in firmware 1.4.0, Added instructions on print display replacement and UV LED panel calibration, Firmware 3.2.1 update (Linear Advance, Safety Timer, Stall guard), Chapter 7.1 (IR filament sensor calibration) update, Minor updates related to the latest firmware versions, Individual Filament calibration (chapter updated), Troubleshooting - the most common problems (chapter added), All five LEDs blinking red (chapter updated), Loud clicking and idler unable to move freely (chapter added), Filament not extruded during the print (chapter updated), Filament can not go through the selector (chapter added), Different filament tip shapes after the unload (chapter added). I have standard setting of printer and it occurs even while standard Prusa PLA filament and its setting. Čeština (v2.02), MK2  handbook in the other languages: The nozzle is too close to the bed for the layer height chosen. Second, switch to prusaslicer and enable elephant's foot compensation. A compensation algorithm was proposed by Adrian Bowyer, and it was implemented in Slic3r some time ago but many users complained about holes being too large – it was removed thereafter since smaller holes are better than larger holes since they can be drilled. But be careful with the last option, if you overdo it, what is shown in the picture above will happen. I have been printing for few months, but now found my models has the elephant`s foot. Čeština (v2.5) | Français (v2.5) | Deutsch (v2.5) | Italiano (v2.5) | Polski (v2.5) | Español (v2.5), MK3S/MK2.5S Multi Material 2S  handbook in the other languages:

Drucke mit PC Blend Our newest member: jehooper1 Why do you have elephant foot to begin with? The case also has a carabiner mount to attach it to a tripod if you dislike the other mounting options. calibration flow tweaks, when is needed to redo the calibration, XYZ calibration results are now available in Support menu, When stopping a print, user is asked what filaments to unload, “T?” Gcode added, which selects extruder to use prior to the print, Only for MMU 1 (not compatible with MMU 2.0).

If you slice a test cube (Straight sides), and check each layer in the preview, you will see that due to this, the first layer is slightly wider than the rest, so initially try by commenting this out (Put a ; in front of the M221 then reslice and do a preview again. Latest Post: 1. Replied

Elephant foot compensation- 0.4mm.

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