In 2016, he was deemed mentally fit and transferred to HM Prison Frankland, where he will remain until he dies. Ball also shot police constable Michael Hills and journalist Brian McConnell, who tried to intervene.

He was taken to Broadmoor in 2008 after murdering Rachel Nickell in front of her young son. … Remanded to Broadmoor Hospital, he fatally battered a fellow patient. “Peter’s always been good with kids and he must think killing two children is worse than 13 women. They follow, persecute me wherever I go, and have entirely destroyed my peace of mind… It can be proved by evidence. Sign up to our newsletter. Note: If you’re just interested in Charles Bronson, we’ve got an entire list dedicated to the most insane prisoner in England. On the afternoon of 20 January the Prime Minister’s private secretary, civil servant Edward Drummond, was walking towards Downing Street from Charing Cross when M’Naghten approached him from behind, drew a pistol and fired at point-blank range into his back. The third is Ashworth in Maghull, Merseyside. During the 50s and 60s, they were involved in arson, murder, robbery, protection rackets and countless assaults.

He was found to be unfit to plead and committed to Broadmoor; during a brief escape in 1952 he killed again. Soon after he began work, his foreman, Bob Egle, grew ill and died. Charles Bronson grew up as Michael George Peterson but as a bare-knuckle boxer renamed himself after the Hollywood tough-guy actor. Big Brother: Rylan saddens fans as he visits former site of BB house, GMB: Bill Turnbull admits he has ‘good days and bad days’ amid cancer battle, Katie Price son Harvey: Man arrested after ‘cruel’ internet video, Second lockdown: Boris Johnson insists four weeks is ‘enough’, Phillip Schofield recalls moment he came out as gay to wife’s parents, Ruth Langsford reveals heartache as she is forced to visit her mum behind a screen, Susannah Constantine reveals she’s a recovering alcoholic and felt ‘shame’ over battle. In 1842, Sir Thomas Phillips, the former mayor of Newport, chose Dadd to accompany him as his draftsman on an expedition through Europe to Greece, Turkey, Palestine and finally Egypt. Ronald, commonly referred to as Ron or Ronnie, suffered from paranoid schizophrenia. Many confuse the hospital for a prison as patients are often brought in via the criminal justice system. The facility house up to 240 patients at any one time. He made a brief statement in which he described how persecution by the Tories had driven him to act: “The Tories in my native city have compelled me to do this. After progress was recorded he was sent into a trial leave project and eventually discharged into the care of a psychiatrist and social worker. The Kray twins Ronnie and Reggie are two of the UK’s most infamous gangsters. Respited due to his mental state, his sentence was commuted to life imprisonment and he remained in prison until his death more than 50 years later. You can unsubscribe at any time. A sickness swept through his workplace and, mistaken for a virus, was nicknamed the Bovingdon Bug. Rampton may seem an unlikely venue for a tea party, but this week patients and staff raised cups to celebrate a milestone year at the secure hospital better known for treating some of Britain’s most disturbed and dangerous individuals.

Now known as Charlie Salvador, after the artist Salvador Dali, the 64-year-old inmate of HMP Wakefield has achieved the high-security hospital hat-trick: periods at Rampton, Broadmoor and Ashworth.

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