If you want to make a circus, then a Ferris wheel is a must-have. You can also build a lighthouse, this is another cool idea in Minecraft ideas for your next project alongside the sea in it, it’s a short project to work but it looks cool. By spa do you mean hot tub/jacuzzi or what?

I built the car and the hotel these were extreme cool ! I've gotta learn how to make that TV.

Make sure to include a kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, spa, swimming pool, and gym to make your hotel really luxurious! Parkour is another fun idea to work on, this is Minecraft ideas for your next project. And please let us know what you decide to work on? Hiding glowstone inside the leaves can give a cool glowing effect and keep it lit up for some more shading! #18) Bowling Alley. Placed around the outside of a base with walls in between can transform your base into a more secure settlement and help protect against mobs or other players! I thought it was amazing. An Asian home is a great idea to work on maybe you should make it unique to stand out from others and It is a common project but you should make it big at all to compete from others. Me My Self And I Lol on September 08, 2019. The Eiffel Tower is another best option for your next project in Minecraft, you can make it cool by adding something cool around that park to make it stand out from others project. Underwater bases give an epic feel to your building ability and seeing huge glass walls with an ocean trapped behind is an amazing feeling for your Minecraft world! A bunk bed is usually one of the first advanced builds a player will make in their world. A simple stone bridge or a more complex wooden archaic bridge gives a lot of character to your town or base and shows that you can build functionality as well as just flashy builds! We added this in the list Minecraft ideas as once you start building a Zoo you’ll think about resources and animals and will put some life into the game. In the world of Minecraft Hospital will be your next project. Treehouse is the best Minecraft ideas for your next project ever, maybe you can build a large once. Minecraft: Random Block Generator remix by dankbrin123; Minecraft: Random Block Generator remix by cheestopia; fortnite item no pricker thingy by dale99977; Minecraft Random Block Generator by imaiden_B; Minecraft: Random Block Game by MaxCat88; Minecraft: Random Block Generator remix by Pro1024; Minecraft: Random Block Generator … Thanks for the ideas! and also how many rooms should go in a hotel with about 28 houses? And why not add some vines or a mossy stone near the base of your ship to give a worn-down effect! Minecraft Global brings top and exciting news and information on Minecraft. Assassin's Creep, as the name suggests, This Minecraft map is based on the theme of famous game Assassin's Creed. Make an anvil cannon. Bowling Alley is another great option for you in Minecraft, you can make the place look awesome by giving the small attention to details around that place. The police station is necessary for Minecraft to grab the criminals in Minecraft maybe you are! Catching some fishes in Minecraft? Builds like this make Minecraft fun to play and it shows the creativity of the player base. Mojang gives us so many options regarding greenery and shrubbery, leaves, grass, flowers, dandelions, trees and more allows us to build massively detailed garden scapes that turn a normal house into an impressive mansion.

I love the underwater base, bridge, sea town, tree, and hotel.

awesome ideas i love the tv and under water base. Try using different types of leaves to give more depth in different areas of the tree and maybe use darker wood for the roots or to make grooves in the tree. You don't have to worry about hosting Minecraft as it's always online for you if you have Minecraft Realm.They can be bought from Minecraft.net website from as low as 3.99 for Minecraft and 7.99 for Minecraft: Java Edition. I mean the underwater base was good? . Why not create something yourself such as a digger or mining drone! Hit the join server button and you are in a new world of blocks. Ah, the pyramid, one of everyone's first builds in their Minecraft world.

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