! They increased in popularity after being featured as the title character of a popular 1950’s book and movie, “Goodbye, My Lady”. Some breeders try for them - Nocturnals for one. A black, brindle, and white Basenji is a tri-colored dog with brindle markings in place of the red and is often referred to as a trindle or a brindle-pointed tri, though for AKC showings dogs with this pattern would be considered to be tricolor. Below are some nice examples of Basenji colors. Above are two dogs that are at the extremes in markings from quite flashy to rather plain. These variant tri-colored dogs resulted from tri-colored Basenjis who carried the cream gene, and thus they too began to disappear as early breeders worked to eradicate the cream color. Breeding two tri-colored Basenjis will always result in a litter of tris though two tri-factored dogs (meaning they carry but do not show the tri-coloration) can produce a litter of pups in black, red, brindle, tri, or trindle as the tri-coloration is a recessive trait. IIRC all dogs are three colors -- red, black, and white. The Truth Behind the Basenji's 'Rare' Status, 23 Common & Rare Dogs With Blue Eyes | Blue Eyed Breeds, What Colors Do Goldendoodles Come In? For example the whippet has a very thin skin, which tears easily. Other alternative colors are perfectly acceptable but rarely seen today. The standard describes the most desirable colors and markings but it also makes no disqualifications about color.

The white coloration for each of the standard colors should always cover the feet, chest, and tip of the tail. This topic has been deleted. Basenji skin is pliant and strong. The short coat is the appropriate coat for the heat and humidity of the Basenji's native countries where the weather is generally hot and fairly humid. Brindles only started appearing in America after a special importation project in the late 1980s. Color— ... tricolor (pure black and chestnut red); Tricolors sometimes come with a bar across the red on the cheek.

I have a Basenji puppy and he looks bluish / Grey, can anyone help me with my question is he a rare color? On Basenjis with black and white coloration, the white should be vivid and clearly defined while the black should be a glossy, deep, dark, pure black. Blue and Cream are diluted colors. If a barred tri or a red carrying this type of tri gene is mated to a bitch who also carries the gene, a recessive black and white can be produced. As a result, your viewing experience will be diminished, and you may not be able to execute some actions. These very rare colors would rightly come with a much higher price tag. [alt text](image url) We also participate in other affiliate programs and are compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies. In.

In the earliest imported Basenjis, cream and white was a common color pattern but breeders did not care for either the color or the pale nose leather and greenish eyes that came with it and selectively bred to eliminate the color and indeed were nearly successful. The apparent degree of shoulder layback can be improved or spoiled, the apparent length of the neck or the hocks can be altered and in moving sometimes where the white is can be a factor in appearance of faults. Aug 25, 2017 - Basenjis are small, graceful hounds instantly recognizable by their glistening short coat, tightly curled tail, and wrinkled forehead and expressive almond-shaped eyes that convey a variety of subtle, human-like emotions. At this point in time, however, the Basenji Club of America only lists the standard colors for Basenjis. Many Basenjis do show this beautiful coloration and within this coat color many shades are possible. It is interesting to compare the types of skin different breeds have. In Shiba Inus, this coloration is referred to as sesame. Basenjis labeled sable and white have the usual red and white pattern but the red hairs are tipped with black, giving the dog a totally different look. The conditions in which Basenjis work also explain why it is important to have: "Skin very pliant" included in the description. Breeding two brindles or a brindle to a tri will produce both brindle puppies and red and whites pups. Basenjis were prized for their versatile hunting skills, superb vision and hearing, and the tendency to silently leap vertically into the air in order to spot game in the dense grasslands of their home territory. They are separately inherited and are passed on to progeny independently of each other. Only users with topic management privileges can see it. In place of the chestnut red coloration, cream and white Basenjis, as you might guess, have a light cream to pale yellow color. Unless you are consistently seeing lack of white, one dog is not likely to adversely affect your breeding program. 2013, Contact the Basenji University with comments, questions, updates and Workbooks at, CLICK to return to College for Basenji Breeders. : Recessive black and whites tend to have tan hair intermingled in the black as they mature which is less desirable than pure black. These are sometimes called barred tris. Color— ...or brindle (black stripes on a background of chestnut red); At one point in time AKC asked the Basenji Club of America to provide a list of all the colors that have ever appeared in the breed. The photo above is showing the coat at its best.

In the future certified pedigrees from the AKC can include the actual color so will be more useful to breeders. Mahogany and white Basenjis are much darker in color than typical red and white dogs due to the smattering of black hair within the red portion. Breeders are well aware of this, but potential buyers may not be and will therefore gladly pay more for a brindle than they might for a red. That said, it should be stated again that some of the alternative colors are somewhat undefined by breed standards and have nearly been eliminated from the gene pool in the U.S. thanks to the preferences of early breeders. Blue happens when there is an absence of red pigment. Sometimes a pup is born with just a dash of white on one or more toes. However, dogs showing alternative colors can be registered, bred, and shown though might be given a fault for color in the show ring, depending on the judge. ! I can’t find any information on him! A normal rough and tumble with a Basenji in play can cause tears in the skin of a whippet. Generally breeders prefer that at least the entire foot is white but it is important to realize this marking detail is a small part of being a Basenji. Each has clear color demarcation. Deze Afrikaanse boshond is er in vier kleuren: rood-wit, zwart-wit, tricolor (zwart-wit met rood masker) en brindle (gestroomd). Colloquially, most Basenji breeders call this color trindle. Although some breeders do not care for this coloration, the Basenji Club of America reports that a trindle recently won the best-in-show title at an all-breed dog show. While the odd ones are not favored, they are also not disqualified as the breed has no disqualifications.

This color pattern is so rare that few pictures depicting it exist, and those that do are unfortunately in black and white. In any event it shouldn't affect personality or behavior. When two pure-for-red (meaning that they do not carry any other hidden color genes and are homozygous for the trait) dogs are bred, the puppies produced would also all be pure-for-red. Basenjis are a lovely sight at a standstill but more impressive yet at a fast trot, when they exhibit the long, smooth strides of a mini racehorse. Markings can be deceptive. Keep perspective on the importance of color and markings. Fun Fact: Brindles only started appearing in America after a special importation project in the late 1980s. How old is the pup? This interesting combination of color is lovely on a Basenji. Het haar is kort, fijn en enigszins hard. Don't lightly give all the other breed qualities away to have the most attractively marked, brightest colored Basenjis. The definition of lacking white also varies. Especially when it comes to what is the absolute minimum or maximum. The overall quality of the skin and coat is described as: "Coat short and fine. Re: Basenji Colors I have a Basenji puppy and he looks bluish / Grey, can anyone help me with my question is he a rare color? [alt text](image url), Have you spoken to his breeder? Basenjis with a brindle and white color pattern still have the usual white markings but instead of solid red markings, have clearly defined black stripes on the background of chestnut red. Note that the AKC has deemed that a tricolor with brindle marking showing in the red area should be considered a tricolor for the purposes of showing. We’ll do our best to keep things simple as we walk you through the standard Basenji colors and explain why most of the beautiful, natural, alternative colors have all but vanished in the domesticated Basenjis of today.

They can be just as good overall as the other colors. The pliant skin produces the Basenji's typical facial wrinkles as well as protecting them while they work. Contact the Basenji University with comments, questions, updates and Workbooks at BasenjiU@basenji.org Note: The white coloration for each of the standard colors should always cover the feet, chest, and tip of the tail. Taking things a bit out of order here again: Color and markings should be rich, clear and well-defined, with a distinct line of demarcation between the black and red of tricolors and the stripes of brindles. Although the AKC breed standards show no disqualifications for color, the four most common colors, red, black, tricolor, and brindle are considered to be standard. Although the AKC breed standards show no disqualifications for color, the four most common colors. Some breeders do not like the trindle variation but a good trindle has already won an all-breed best in show. Ancient Egyptian artifacts feature Basenjis which were already a well-established breed at that time period and were often presented as gifts to pharaohs. Skin very pliant. The white should be pure and brilliant white. In reality, it costs just as much to produce and raise a highly desired colored puppy as it does for a pup showing a standard color.

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