As you can see, apposed to the other reference, this example is full of emotion. 4. They are without respect for all things living, including themselves. 5. Especially now that the people in her neighborhood gave up on watching the kids, Rosa is very tired of having to take care of all of them all on her own with no money or help. Expected to button, bottle, and baby, Rosa cries “every day for a man who left” (Cisneros 69) her to tend to her many children. ” (85) She is a victim because her husband beats her. 4. 4. Papa, Carlos, Kiki, my sister Nenny and me” she said. Rosa Vargas had many children to take care of and was overwhelmed by them, her lack of money and that her husband left. Function/s of Space in Sandra Cisneros’ The House on Mango Street Space occupies a central role in Sandra Cisneros’ coming-of-age novel The House on Mango Street. This episode tells the reader that Esperanza’s family expects their members to respect elders and to be obedient to them. How does she explain? I think that Esperanza learns that sometimes being a woman is very hard and it is not always fun. In the chapter, the reader is introduced to Esperanza’s neighbor, Meme Ortiz and all of his strange and unique qualities. She learned that being a mother can be extremely hard, frustrating and tiring. “Louie’s girl cousin is older than us. In the story Esperanza tells you about a misbehaving boy named Darius. 3.

She cant d all of I by Herself, and we know that because one of her children have already died. Geraldo’s death could have been easily prevented. Times are very rough for Rosa Vargas and nobody is there for her, even the neighbors don't want to help Rosa and her children. Sally is a teenage girl who gets abused by her father if she shows any interest in boys. “ Sally, do you sometimes wish you didn’t have to go home? Not the shy ice ream bells’ giggle of Rachel and Lucy’s family, but all of a sudden and surprised like a pile of dishes breaking. …he grabs my face with both hands and kisses me hard on the mouth and doesn’t let go. He has always been the one to be there for her when she was crying, but now it’s the other way around. She says the people there are the “special kids” and that everything about it is cool, right down to the name. I have a sister, and he has a brother. In the book, Sandra Cisneros devoted a whole chapter to hips. Who is Rosa Vargas. Both he and Marin went to the hospital, where he eventually died. GIL’S FURNITURE BOUGHT AND SOLD: 1. This shows the status of women in Mexican society was thought to be lower than that of men. Here the owner, a black man who doesn’t talk much, shows them an old music box. The chapter Geraldo no Last Name is the last chapter in the book that Marin is mentioned. Esperanza learns from Rosa Vargas the struggles of being a single mother to many very loud, crazy, and frustrating children. an evolution of the neighborhood’s attitudes toward the kids, from Rosa Vargas’s son, Angel, died because he tried to fly and ending up falling to the ground. Rosa Vargas tuaght her that being a mother is not as easy as it looks. They stereotype people, out of fear. Like she knows how to speak two languages, probably something her family taught her, but she doesn’t even know which subway train to take downtown, which is something that you learn when you get a job, and get your freedom Similarities between Esperanza & MammaDifferences between Esperanza & Mamma . What is the best word to describe Esperanza's feeling toward her house on Mango Street. LOUIE, HIS COUSIN AND HIS OTHER COUSIN: 1. Because of her beauty she is called a slut, feels exiled from her classmates, and is not allowed to come out of her house because it’s “dangerous to be too beautiful”. “ She met him at a dance. Rosa is hurt by the sudden disappearance of her husband and she feels overwhelmed by her rebellious children. “There is nothing I can do,” Esperanza says to Minerva. She tells you that her mother is very important to her and very crucial to the family by devoting a whole paragraph to her. “…But all of a sudden and surprised like a pile of dished breaking. One time one of my neighbors wasn’t being very nice to me. 3. “I knew he was looking. Rosa Vargas' kids are too many and too much. He wanted more than anything for his siblings to look up at him with amazement. 5. Esperanza has her fortune read by a neighbor, Elenitia, and Elenetia reads that Esperanza has a home in her heart, which disappoints her. Angel Vargas is yet another example of the people of Mango Street trying to “fly” and falling instead. After the, her grandmother felt caged, not as free or powerful. That quote tells you all the places she has lived, but it doesn’t tell you why Mango Street is different.

• Mamacita, who dreams of the pink house she left behind and refuses to speak English. Look at Rosa for example, her husband left her with who knows how many kids, no note or reason saying why he left, and not a single penny to help out with the kids. The reason Mango Street is different is because it is their house. Ruthie still can’s read, so we know that even though she is an adult, she still acts like a child, just like Cathy. “My Papa, his thick hands and thick shoes, who wakes up tired in the dark, who combs his hair with water, drinks his coffee, and is gone before we wake…” (57) Esperanza’s Papa has a hard, strenuous life and probably works as a laborer. I hold and hold and hold him”(57). And Kiki, who is the youngest, has hair like fur”(6). 7. later. No one offers to help with her kids anymore which can be a rough thing to go through.

Source(s) The House on

People around her understand where her and her family comes from because they themselves come from the same place and that diminishes any fear of being ridiculed or judged. I think that ,like previously in the book when Angel Vargas died, Geraldo’s death was preventable.

Esperanza, a free-willed young girl, differentiates herself from her family by her hair and her laughter.

Esperanza knows that her mother bonds her family together. Because I didn’t have nice clothes. In the story, Esperanza is telling you about her friend Juan, or as he likes to call himself, Meme. . Learn exactly what happened in this chapter, scene, or section of The House on Mango Street and what it means. 3.

SALLY: 1. She learns that Rose Vargas is dealing with so much, that she can't even take care of her own children. “She sits all day by the window and plays the Spanish radio show and sings all the homesick songs about her country…” (77) Mamacita is trapped, she misses her home in another country, and she doesn’t feel like she belongs in Chicago, where she currently lives. Esperanza now knows the struggles of being a responsible adult and being a responsible parent. He has no last name because he has no id on him, and Marin never found out his last name because they just met. It’s a good description because it describes how she feels. Instead of showing off to his friends, he wanted to come home and show his kin what he made of himself. These sections contain many images of people who try to Cathy, one of Esperanza’s neighbors, tells Esperanza all about the people in the neighborhood. ” (32) Alicia’s dreams and goals for herself are to get a good paying job and move away from her father. “I have inherited her name, but I don’t want to inherit her place by the window”(11). Alicia is a girl who lives with her father after her mother died and studies at the local university. • Sally, the subject of abuse until she marries, to escape, before eighth grade, and moves from Mango Street into into another sort of trap. So Alicia makes the Tortillas every morning because her mother died, so she has to take over the role as the woman of the house. Rosa is a single mother and takes care of her kids alone. Minerva is a woman who gets beaten by husband that keeps leaving and coming back. One day I’ll own my own house, but I wont forget who I am or where I came from.

Alicia also wants to get away from her abusive father that views her as nothing more than somebody to make his lunch and to clean up after him. She wears a new dress, new underclothes, and new socks but her mom forgot to buy her new shoes. 2. They think were dangerous. At first the people in the neighborhood feel bad The hospital could tell the Geraldo was Spanish because of his first name that is a common Spanish one, and the fact that he didn’t even have a last name. I think that Mama always wans the best for Esperanza, because she didn’t get the best for herself. The special kids are the kids who get to stay at school for lunch because their house is too far away. She learns that Rosa is a single Mom who didn't expect to be single with kids who are disrespectful. she finally abandons her tether, she’d like to fly away, not fall Because of her developmental issue, she never had a job, learned to read, moved out of her mom’s house, got married, or had children.

Some pluses of the job are that it’s easy and it brings in more money for Esperanza’s family. Not only does Esperanza see women her age suffering, but she sees women older than her suffering as well, encouraging her to make different decisions and escape from the societal norm. I think Aunt Lupe meant that Esperanza is a really good writer, and that if she pursued a career in writing, it could take her away from Mango Street, away from everything she knows as bad, and especially away from windows. In the previous chapter Cathy says these are girls you want to stay away from, but Esperanza takes a liking to them.

” (15) Esperanza corrected Lucy, neighbor, about her grammar. Situations like this force you to grow up, and Esperanza is no exception to that. Perfect for acing essays, tests, and quizzes, as well as for writing lesson plans. 2. Hit-and-run. One day, another The dangerous world of men is officially revealed to Esperanza in the chapter “The Family of Little Feet”; being viewed as a sexual object by men with assumed physical and mental power over her. Rosa is forced to raise her rambunctious children on her own while also suffering from severe depression due to the abrupt disappearance of her husband. It shows their personalities as well. She does her best, but her kids are often misbehaved and rambunctious. Ezperanza finds her great-grandmothers fate shameful, and doesn’t want to end up like her. ( Log Out /  We both have older siblings. It never obeys barrettes or bands. They are “he not here” (77) “no speak English” (77) and “holy smokes” (77). “ And then I don’t know why, but I have to turn around and pretend I don’t care about the box so Nenny wont see how stupid I am”(20) Esperanza says. You don’t want to know them”(12) Cathy said. She knows things that people can teach her, or that she can pick up from someone who controls her, but when it comes to doing something out in the world on her own she doesn’t know much about it. It begins to become clear that these vignettes are not necessarily in chronological order, but are connected by Esperanza’s free-association and childlike logic, as Angel Vargas will appear in later story, still alive.

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