Many believed there was government's involvement in the disappearance. There is no proof of the entire incident, but many weird theories involving wormholes had emerged at that point in time.

Many theories were raised about what might have happened over the years. Login using OTP Once the airport authorities approached the plane cautiously, they opened the doors from the outside and what they say, chilled their bones to the core. Among the many trailers that were released last week including that of The Batman and Wonder Woman 1984, Justice League and The Suicide Squad, was Sony LIV's JL50 that couldn't attract a lot of limelight, which it truly deserves. It looked in a well-maintained shape and the engines were still up and running even after the plane touched base. The teaser of. Is the series about time travel? Aquí te dejamos un breve documental: Con información de Mundo Oculto, La Neta Noticias y YouTube. Aeroflot Flight 513 was a domestic scheduled passenger flight operated by Aeroflot that crashed during takeoff from Kuybyshev Airport in the Soviet Union on 8 March 1965, resulting in the deaths of 30 passengers and crew. The search had to be called off. However, on October 12th, 1989, the plane suddenly reappeared, without any contact with air traffic controllers. ¿Te gustaría saber más del famoso Triángulo de Las Bermudas? Santiago Flight 513: A Fictional Time Warp. In today's Daily Debunker: The "mysterious disappearance" of Santiago Airlines Flight 513, a viral photo of the "world's smallest bird," and how to spell "Trump" by folding a $20 bill. Ya habíamos mencionado lo hermoso que es viajar, siempre y cuando tu avión no se vaya por el camino incorrecto y termines en otra dimensión. Four years before releasing the story on Flight 513, they had published yet another story of Pan Am Flight 914, which went missing for 37 years before reappearing and landing unscathed. Algunos conspiracionistas han sugerido que el gobierno tuvo que ver con este supuesto experimento. The government never came out with any proper explanation about the incident. ", Furthermore, many believed that the story was similar to an episode of The Twilight Zone's The Odyssey of Flight 33, and hence, believed it to be false. As per the Brazilian aviation authorities, a commercial aircraft Santiago flight 513 that took off from West Germany on September 4th 1954, vanished somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean.

Here's the teaser if you haven't watched it already. At the time of the disappearance, authorities believed that the plane had crashed and for the years to follow, multiple search parties were formed in order to look out for the remains of the passengers or the plane but nothing was found. Nnanaka Nwofor wants the Ohio company that conducted the DNA test to pay $75,000 for the cost of supporting the child and her mother and the pain of learning he wasn’t the father. The mysterious story of Santiago Flight 513 seems uncannily similar to an episode of 1961 show The Twilight Zone titled ‘The Odyssey of Flight 33’ in which the aircraft “somehow, someway” travels back in time to 1939. Neither the remains of the plane nor of the passengers were found later. The 1 minute 20 second teaser will blow your mind. in 1989, Santiago Airlines Flight 513 took off on September 4, 1954 from Aachen, West Germany and was scheduled to arrive in Porto Alegre, Brazil 18 hours later.

The story of the puzzling incident that allegedly happened to Santiago Flight 513 between 1954 and 1989 has been making rounds among the believers of the ‘supernatural’ for decades now and still, people aren’t sure of what to make of it.

Santiago Flight 513 is a fictional tale about a space-time warp. This material may not be reproduced without permission. Missing Santiago Flight 513 Landed After 35 Years With 92 Skeletons, Also Read: 18 Most Haunted Places In India. February 22, 2020    It was finally assumed that the plane crashed and all lives were lost. Forgot Password? It's not a regular survival horror show, but a suspenseful mystery.  No comments. The lack of evidence was one of other reasons why this story soon vanished into thin air. Flight 513 Enters a Time Warp. Pollock Twins – A Story Of Life After Death, Blind Woman Regains Her Sight After Getting Hit On The Head, Shocking! The strange case of Santiago Flight 513 continues to captivate the researchers around the world. The Brazilian government did investigate this strange occurrence. The passengers would have had no reason to think twice about it.

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