Just cooperate with them and get to Gate B, to wait for the MTF units, MTF SCP-106 will typically begin to gravitate toward the lure subject within ten to fifteen minutes after hearing the subject. SoundBoard ... (Class-D) *Femur Breaker*" Sound: Download "(Class-D) *Femur Breaker*" Sound: Download Sound. agents are all equally ranked and have the same equipment, making them better than MTF equipment-wise. This SCP isn’t made for cooperation, Your email address will not be published. Wait for them to come in, and then make your way to EZ.

Your email address will not be published. SCP-106 appears at the Gate A ending, attempting to escape when it is effectively halted with the H.I.D.

Class-D All physical interaction must be approved by no less than a two-thirds vote from O5-Command. The result of #049 reviving a body. “WHY DID YOU THROW A GRENADE INTO THE ELEVATOR WERE GOING TO DI–” [guess what happens next]. SCP-106’s got 2 ways of recontainment. Note: Observation of SCP-106 has shown a slight “resistance” when passing through lead or other similar metals. Allies: Any other SCP subject, partially C.I. If you find only a Janitor/Scientist keycard, you can head to 914 and put the card on the 1:1 setting and get a Zone Manager keycard. The following is a step-by-step process to successfully recapture SCP-106: This should successfully re-contain SCP-106 and it will no longer appear around the facility. Alpha Warhead Maintenance Station SCP-096’s Containment Chamber Agents

No recovery attempts are to be made under any circumstances. This appearance may vary, but the “rotting” quality is observed in all forms. At some point before the game's events, Agent Skinner (whom is actually a Chaos Insurgency operative) allowed SCP-106 to breach containment. Home » Guides » SCP: Secret Laboratory – All Classes Guide. Said container is to be kept suspended by a “continuous current” system within a fluid medium. Judging by the corrosion found in Dr. Maynard's room and the fact that the player can find his security code note in the pocket dimension, it is presumed that Maynard was taken by SCP-106. The larger a group is, the less damage you’ll do, and the more damage you’ll take. A document about the protocol can be found on a desk next to a keyboard.

The lower #173’s HP is, the faster it moves, capping at around 417% normal d-class’ speed. Not much you can do really. It regens overtime at a base rate of 1 AP/s. SCP-173 can move fast while not being observed. Return to SCP-914 and upgrade the MP7/P90 to an M4 and upgrade any flashbangs to frag grenades. View and manage file attachments for this page.

This will activate the rage state anyway… somehow…. The player must look at SCP-173 to limit it’s movement, but it will also activate your rage state, making you a very dangerous force to be reckoned with, [haunting screams of the Femur Breaker in the distance], Object Class: Keter Don’t go for big groups, hunt only single targets.

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