2. Default: ” If testing was unsuccessful, review the following: This guide describes how to integrate Sezzle into your Salesforce Commerce Cloud website so that you can provide Sezzle as a payment option for your customers. The Android SDK is available in Gradle or Maven. Type: string The OpenAPI Specification can be imported into the Swagger Editor to easily generate a Sezzle client in a variety of programming languages. Sezzle gives merchants the option to enroll in an interest account program.

Example: Additional Details: ignoredPriceElements can be used to solve targetXPath variations between sale and regular-priced items. 8. If you have any questions regarding our API, please reach out to our team by email at dev@sezzle.com. Purpose: Character or string at which to split the price elements (for elements with price ranges). You’ll need to wait for the Sezzle team to review and approve your application before proceeding. Go to the Magento 2 installation directory, then run the below commands: You can now directly navigate from the Configuration Page to get signed up for Sezzle. Once your keys have been created, you will notice a public key and a private key. Any order or cart totals below this amount, will not be able to checkout using Sezzle. If 30 days or more have passed since your purchase, we cannot offer you a refund or an exchange. Determines whether this capture is a partial capture. 'SPAN-2’). If you are redirected to the Sezzle checkout page, your integration is complete.

Must be in yyyy-mm-dd format.

View the Sezzle v2 OpenAPI Specification.

However, if your flow requires that the user confirm their checkout on your site after being approved by Sezzle, you may set the intent parameter to AUTH with the session request. Type: number


Purpose: Specific word appearing in the url of pages where the widget config should be applied. WooCommerce v1 Additional Details: To match the selected language in the window instead of the user’s default browser language, use document.querySelector('html’).lang. POST https://gateway.sezzle.com/v2/session.

Two of these boxes need to be filled out very specifically as emphasized below. Make sure to replace keys with your API keys from your Merchant Dashboard.

Note: Update {sezzle_merchant_uuid} in the above script template to reflect your site’s Merchant ID (removing the curly brackets), which can be found in the Sezzle Merchant Dashboard. If successful, we return an HTTP 204 Status No Content. To connect, copy both public and private keys from the Sezzle page, ensuring the public key gets placed inside the public key field in TrueIMS, while the private key gets placed in the private key field.

alignmentSwitchMinWidth is typically only necessary when alignment is not auto. v2 endpoints will return an array of standardized error objects. Website Address: go to your BuyItLive account home page and scroll down to your “Store Links.” Copy your “Sales” link and paste it onto your Sezzle application.

"https://gateway.sezzle.com/v2/session/fadbc642-05a4-4e38-9e74-80e325623af9", "https://checkout.sezzle.com/?id=12a34bc5-6de7-890f-g123-4hi1238jk902", "https://gateway.sezzle.com/v2/order/12a34bc5-6de7-890f-g123-4hi1238jk902", "https://gateway.sezzle.com/v2/order/12a34bc5-6de7-890f-g123-4hi1238jk902/release", "https://gateway.sezzle.com/v2/order/12a34bc5-6de7-890f-g123-4hi1238jk902/capture", "https://gateway.sezzle.com/v2/order/12a34bc5-6de7-890f-g123-4hi1238jk902/refund", "https://dashboard.sezzle.com/customer/checkout-approval?merchant-request-id=3f3244fd-78ce-4994-af0c-b8c760d47794", "https://gateway.sezzle.com/v2/token/7ec98824-67cc-469c-86ab-f9e047f9cf1a/session", "https://gateway.sezzle.com/v2/token/7ec98824-67cc-469c-86ab-f9e047f9cf1a/session ", "https://gateway.sezzle.com/v2/customer/a9d8e15c-5e4a-4201-aa8f-7540f934a9a2", "https://gateway.sezzle.com/v2/customer/a9d8e15c-5e4a-4201-aa8f-7540f934a9a2/preapprove", "https://gateway.sezzle.com/v2/customer/a9d8e15c-5e4a-4201-aa8f-7540f934a9a2/order", "https://gateway.sezzle.com/v2/order/6c9db5d4-d09a-4224-860a-b5438ac32ca8", "https://gateway.sezzle.com/v2/order/6c9db5d4-d09a-4224-860a-b5438ac32ca8/release", "https://gateway.sezzle.com/v2/order/6c9db5d4-d09a-4224-860a-b5438ac32ca8/capture", "https://gateway.sezzle.com/v2/order/6c9db5d4-d09a-4224-860a-b5438ac32ca8/refund", "https://gateway.sezzle.com/v2/token/4f8cf865-2089-4423-85fd-ea833a16b62d/session", "Order amount must be greater than $0.99", "https://checkout.sezzle.com/?id=example", 'or 4 interest-free payments of %%price%% with %%logo%% %%info%%', 'ou 4 paiements de %%price%% sans intérêts avec %%logo%% %%info%%', "https://widget.sezzle.com/v1/javascript/price-widget?uuid={{replace_with_your_merchant_id}}", "https://widget.sezzle.com/v1/javascript/price-widget?uuid=12a34bc5-6de7-890f-g123-4hi5678jk901", the transaction flow when buying with Sezzle, Enable Sezzle as an online payment method, Sezzle Merchant Dashboard Setup Checklist, The HTTP request information used to redirect the customer in the case of a cancellation, The HTTP request infromation used to redirect the customer upon completion of the session. If you are eligible, we will send you a replacement product. Type: boolean 1. Find API Settings. . If the customer agrees to be tokenized, Sezzle will add a query parameter to the complete URL named, Merchant can subsequently charge the customer by calling, Supports Sezzle Checkout in an iframe, pop-up window, or redirect to Sezzle. Log in to your website’s BigCommerce store admin page. Default: {en: 'or 4 interest-free payments of %%price%% with %%logo%% %%info%%’, fr: 'ou 4 paiements de %%price%% sans intérêts avec %%logo%% %%info%%’}

*Silver or Gold tier subscription is required in order to use Sezzle and/or other payment gateways.

If your account is already tokenized, the order will be placed without redirection. Zazzle's Associates Program allows anyone with a Zazzle account to make money by promoting products and even individual pages found on the Zazzle site. This guide describes how to integrate Sezzle into your BigCommerce website so that you can provide Sezzle as a payment option for your customers. Currently only the GET method is supported. After integrating Sezzle, your BigCommerce site will: If the Sezzle App fails to maintain the widget script on the product pages, or to add the script manually for additional pages, complete the following steps: The script to be inserted into your webpage is as follows: Template: Open a terminal window and run the following command to enable. To ensure that Sezzle is properly linked to TrueIMS, use the referral code VEE during signup.

Do not enter the unit (e.g.

It is recommended to use the Copy icon in the. Placing the following code snippet into your HTML loads SezzleJS into the webpage.

4. Default: 'light’, Purpose: Ratio at which to scale the Sezzle widget. A numeric code that corresponds with the Type field. Click on the “create api key” button if no API keys have been created yet.

BigCommerce 3.

Select the “Learn More” option and begin your Sezzle application.

Sezzle’s Magento 2 extension is certified in the marketplace and can also be downloaded from github. Next, click on API keys. GET https://gateway.sezzle.com/v2/customer/{customer_uuid}, You can use this endpoint to get details on an existing customer, DELETE https://gateway.sezzle.com/v2/customer/{customer_uuid}, You can use this endpoint to delete an existing customer, POST https://gateway.sezzle.com/v2/customer/{customer_uuid}/preapprove, You can use this endpoint to preapprove an amount for a customer, POST https://gateway.sezzle.com/v2/customer/{customer_uuid}/order, You can use this endpoint to create an order for a customer, Use the token endpoints to get the status of a customer tokenization, GET https://gateway.sezzle.com/v2/token/{token}/session, You can use this endpoint to get the current state of a session (tokenize) token. Offer Sezzle as a payment option on the checkout page. Type: string

Be sure to save the setting. Type: string

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