Good review.

They do have a Canadian website with free shipping. The Snell MTB Black reduced the compression by 7% to help the high spin guys off the driver (and maybe slightly less spin around the greens).

Can’t justify the ProV1 cost for the quality of my game and also don;t need to spend that extra money for the name Titleist when there are other just as good balls out there like the Snell line. If you care, you can hit the Titleist semi annual sale and get down to $36 a doz.. Just buy the same ball and learn how it plays. THE DISTANCE YOU FOUND WITH THE DRIVER AND THE 7 IRON AT THAT SWING SPEED IS UNDERSTANDABLE; HOWEVER, THE DISTANCE FOR THE WEDGE AT THAT SWING SPEED IS BIZARRE. I generally order 15 dozen every year in May with company log which Snell does for me. I am anxious to try out the new MTB-X balls. When I run out of Kirklands, Snell MTB’s are top of my list.

When you start playing better than bogey golf you can try premium balls to try and shave a couple more strokes. So it should be no surprise to anyone that they perform nearly identical. After watching this video completely it appears that the PRO V1 and the new Snell MTB-X are so close in performance data that the biggest difference is price. Thanks to Dean Snell and all his staff for continuing to provide outstanding products at outstanding value! Thanks for the info!

I tend to go through a lot of balls. The new X looks great- but the Black hits the sweet spot for me….

The data collected during this test suggests that the Snell MTB Black and Titleist Pro V1 offer similar performance. Always enjoy the videos with Dean Snell.

I have a 95 mph swing speed and currently play the Callaway Chrome Soft. I don’t lose enough balls to be overly concerned with the price so I’ll stick to ProV’s for any type of competitive rounds. The Titleist DtTrusoft is a durable balls with adequate spun for an affordable price. Would very much like to see a comparison using the new Snell RED!

Putted well and was happy to keep Dean Snell busy..Then the new balls came out and found they were a worthy replacement.

Love it!! And after all the American workers who have lost their jobs to overseas manufacturing companies, I’d rather pay more to an American company. When green fees are $55 spending an extra $1-3 a round on balls is insignificant… I’ll stick with Titleist or TM or Callaway (balls I’m playing now)… I can just buy them at the course when I need more… much easier. A mil gracias Señor Dean Snell!!!

But I will certainly order a couple dozen of the MTB X to try out. And for that reason viewers who like wasting their money on Titleist Pro V1’s should buy the new Snell ball.

Even with a massive data set, I’m sure the differences are within the margin of error. i give the ball 5 stars. If it was truly independent and unbiased, there would be no need for the Snell guy to be there.

Received my sample pack of Red and Black MTB and here is my feedback.

The Snell Red and Black MTB balls haven’t shown up on the Canadian website.

I am a 4 handicapper.

I have not hit a Snell ball but after watching the video, they are definitely on my radar as one to give a go. Would like to have seen descent angle on the iron shots simply because that is a factor in determining overall stopping power, but still easy enough to deduce (stopping power) based on launch, spin, and the difference between carry and total distance. ANY THOUGHTS ON AN EXPLANATION? Absolutely the right ball for me. So many affordable urethane balls to choose from (right now the Vice Pro+ is my go to ball) but I’ll just keep trying different ones out to see which one fits my game the best .

. Hahahaha Pro Vs lose distance over a round? However, after spending some time with the ball I found some problems.

So imagine when I tell someone that one dozen Snell balls only cost me $28. BIG BANG for the proverbial buck. So, does Snell’s wonderful new ball come in yellow?

I believe the only advantage the old balata balls had was they were easier to work left and right, but the durability of the old balls is not even worth discussion. After doing a ball fitting (hold your comments, ) it came down to Chrome Soft or ProV1. Snell seems to maintain performance thru several rounds where ProV’s lose over time.

Switched to the Black for second half. It could state the Snell is best for low handicappers, but the Titleist is better for high handicappers. Ray, if you play the Srixon XV you may want to give the MTB Black a try.

MyGolfSpy accepts $0 advertising dollars from any of the major golf manufacturers. If you swing down with the driver at 90 mph, the guy that swings up will hit it 20 yard or more farther.

As usual Dean is constantly innovating, listening to his customers’ feedback and making his great product even better. Few issues with refurbished balls – (1) the painted cover does not perform as well as original cover for both spin & wear (2) if a lake ball, water is absorbed and distance suffers (not a huge amount but definitively happens). How would the Kirklands compare to the MTB blk in performance and price? It is as long or longer than the ProV1.

Would love to test those balls when the season starts…. Currently play MTB Black and have tried MTB Red.

The Titleist Pro V1 produced marginally lower launch, but appreciably higher spin rates.

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