as for silencing the wolves, I believe it is because you can't silence a basic attack, as they have no cool down. The synergies weren't clear and I couldn't get a good build.

Is it just me who absolutely hates the lightning skill tree? Theres no skill tree on fire or physical that can match up to it. yes to being able to control AI behaviour! My current plan is mind freeze the second terminator (stuns and cool down + 3. Thanks for being part of the dev team, despite my complaints, it's still an incredibly good game.

First sorry for necroing this.. It is too restricting to equip passives on your ability wheel. We appreciate your support, and hope you'll let us know what you think when the patch hits. Most of the game is realizing which party members/abilities will work in each set of battles - for example, I left my healers home in a fight where surviving a long time was the key and got nuked. I can see a few choice passives being chosen to be upgraded multiple times for specific bosses, but otherwise... it just seems like a very lasy system. We are currently working on a patch to address balance and respecs, and we hope to have that delivered soon. borderline tearful reseting over and over for RNG on last boss of zone 5. but then we were over the hump. Most of the time adding 1 point in control skill is more than enough, and it makes me confused on where should I spend my points on. i remember in sonny 2 having to decide between two pieces of gear from the shop, because I could only afford one, or KNOWING I could beat the boss if I just reset my skills/stats one more time, but I couldn't afford it! Ask Question + 100 Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. I don't remember being able to perma stun in sonny 2 ether. shadow I got through zone 3 legend, then restarted. first few stages were a challenge. oh and 4th, is it possible for passives to be effective outside the wheel?? I'm assuming other ability trees can do the same thing, instead of lowering enemy energy for stall, increase your own speed, reset your cool downs faster, extra stun, or something like that. Otherwise when you've gotten all your skills, which occurs quite early in the game, that's it then. Focus control was a great build in the previous games, mainly because it acted similarly to mana. The only thing I would add is that I really don't like the upgrading of skills in that all they do is add more damage, the only ones I actually like are the increased crit modifiers on some specific skills, as I find this more interesting. in terms for the stun silences not working, I believe it's working as intended. and sometimes you'd beat the boss, but then refresh the page without saving anyway, because the item you needed didn't drop. At first I wished the developer would change the status page so that it resembles sonny 2(str, instinct, speed, vit), but it will be too hard to code(need to change each and every item). 開催店舗:ソニーストア 銀座

The first was on the double terminators. What builds are people using? Sorry to hear the bug reporting feature isn't working for you! Im currently playing the ice path, but most of my stats are still in the physical tree. ソニーストアは、あらゆる"声"が交わる場所へ。 ソニー商品が、たくさんのお客様に驚きの体験と、暮らしの変化を生み出しています。ソニーストアは、ユニークな体験を通じてあなたとの対話と、新しいライフスタイルが生まれる場所へ。 In this game it just slightly slows them down, making it far less effective (i see this as mainly a problem for the shadow tree, and i always went shadow in previous sonny games). I wanted to let you know that we (as in Krin and the rest of us at the studio that published the game) actually put together a basic tips and strategy guide, not intended to be a walkthrough, that's supposed to help make how some of the skill combinations are best used or how stats are calculated. this would leave the challenge for legend players, and take out the frustration of endless grinds just to try out new respecs for normal players.

Seemed really married to two or more of stun/slow/bleed. I'd much rather less damage and perhaps the fifth skill point adds something interesting, such as a buff/debuff.

as long as you were faster, you won. while a little bit of focus slightly slows them down, which also slows down their cool down regeneration, and a lot of focus control means you stop the enemy completely. Sincerely. To enable Verizon Media and our partners to process your personal data select 'I agree', or select 'Manage settings' for more information and to manage your choices. more equipment slots. I understand your thought that sonny is your prime damage dealer, therefor you want a strain that optimises that. Hopefully it works out. frost, game completed legend. Hey, thank you for this! Get your answers by asking now. ソニー商品が、たくさんのお客様に驚きの体験と、暮らしの変化を生み出しています。ソニーストアは、ユニークな体験を通じてあなたとの対話と、新しいライフスタイルが生まれる場所へ。, VLOGCAM™ MOBILE STUDIO rotation was mind freeze->break->icewall->frost charge->wound->icewall->cripple-> shockwave if they are above 50 focus, pulse if they are below 50 focus. Im jumping in here late, but just figured i'd put my two cents in. disappointed in how easy legend was TBH. zone 5 was the speedy boss, so was hard to stall unless you got the right evolutions. Tagging /u/ArmoredDora here in hope that he/she could forward this to the dev team. I have passed them along to Krin. Also someone should start up a subreddit for this game!

Sonny 2 let you dictate what your allies would prefer. Swapped to fire and it's the total opposite. or tip screens constantly recommending me into the stall build of using energy drains and slows and stuns. Giving us the option to see what all 5 levels of each skill would be nice in planning out builds. Grosk goes down easy through comboing Cold snap (the one that stuns and silences an ability), the physical stun attack, and then slow and bleed. Even buying only speed items doesn't help a ton. its gone down from the 9-10 slots in sonny 2 (dual wielding or 2hander), to 4 slots. This sonny lacks assignable skill points, which is frustrating when youre trying to go for a specific build.

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