Su Can Can loves learning about literary works.

Follow her on Twitter and join her for recaps of the current dramas she’s watching, also feel free to say Hi and have a chat! She enjoys discussing her favorite dramas and sharing her knowledge of Asian entertainment.

-- also sidenote: I've seen Thumping Spike already).

She uses her coding skills to build a program for K&K to improve their clicking speed and hilariously, even offers to raise Han Shang Yan if he ever runs out of money. Warning: Minor spoilers for the drama below. School - Love On

I really liked Buzzer Beat the best, but recommend/liked these a lot too: Heres a link with everything sports I have watched

8.4. She’s so popular that she even regularly holds meet-and-greet and fan-signing events.

Reply 1994 , Glory Jane, H2 have one of the two main leads who is a baseball player, 9 end 2 outs and Operation Proposal have baseball in it too but it doesn't really play a huge role in the plot, Buzzer Beat - main lead is a basketball player, The Whirlwind Girl 1 and 2 - martial arts. 1 as the most popular summer Chinese television series in a poll conducted by The Beijing News.

The young teenage prince Xiao Yan Zhi, a prodigal young military talent, is sent to ward off a force of invaders. Might be totally obscure, but it'd be even more awesome if you know of any that revolve around volleyball or baseball (as a former player of both sports, it just makes it so much more fun to watch! Outsiders will say he is cold, but he is just very focused, as he takes on the responsibility and heavy burden of honing the skills of K&K and helping build a bright future for them very seriously. Our male lead, Han Shang Yan is known as the legendary Gun God in the world of CTF, which stands for Capture The Flag, a cybersecurity competition designed to challenge participants to solve computer security problems and capture and defend computer systems.

Han Shang Yan may be No. On the other hand, Han Shang Yan is a man of his word, as he always keeps his promises and tries his best to sincerely make Tong Nian happy.

Even though he is always being misunderstood by others, she sees right through his facade and knows he is really a warm and caring guy. #4, Which Was the Last Drama Episode You Watched? Just like Tong Nian, us viewers quickly fell for the charming Han Shang Yan, as he doesn’t care what others think of him and just fights hard daily for his dreams. As they get to know each other and journey through the struggles…, A story about the naivety of young love, the pureness, and beauty of friendship and the warmth of family surrounding a group of friends.

In her adolescence, she meets her…, Chai Xiao Qi, who was an alien girl from the "Cape Town Planet", lost her signal and had to stay on earth. She’s also super supportive of Han Shang Yan’s career and dreams. Although he is cold and grumpy with a no-nonsense demeanor, Han Shang Yan is really a fluffy marshmallow on the inside who is very caring and tender. Han Shang Yan and Tong Nian are both geniuses in their own right, but the two couldn’t be more opposite, especially in terms of interests, fashion tastes, and age. It’s seriously impressive!

In the drama, she’s in the midst of doing her master’s degree in computer engineering and starting her Ph.D. in the following year. Xiao Yan Zi decided to sneak into the mountain where the Emperor hunts, but Zi Wei…, It is the sixth century CE and the Qi Kingdom, in what is now Eastern China, is a land at war.

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