Instead, focus your study sessions on a single subject and shorten the time frames. Education specialist Dr. Kathleen Dudden Rowlands explains: “Used effectively, checklists can help students develop metacognitive awareness of their intellectual processes. With this Process Street Study Guide Template checklist, all the research on how to best study is already done for you and all that's left to do is input all the information you need to study, follow the process step-by-step, and you'll be acing that exam in no time! ), HR Best Practices: What They Are and How You Can Implement Them, Burn out: How I Beat It, and How You Can Too, Employee Engagement: How to Get a Happy, Productive Team, Don’t Micromanage: How It Destroys Your Team and How to Avoid It, How to Boost Your Productivity in 3 Effective Ways, 8 Remote Team Tools for Powerful Collaboration and Productivity, Breakdown of the Best Workflow Management Software. For example, if you’re trying to master the division of fractions, you may think it’s best to work out as many consecutive fraction division problems as you can until you’ve got it. Using a study guide template allows you to save the valuable time and energy that you may normally waste practicing inefficient study methods and spend it on actually absorbing the material. Let’s walk through some of the benefits of using study guides! So for instance, your problems may encompass, not only division, but maybe multiplication, addition, and subtraction as well.

At that point, you can focus your attention on gathering the information needed to fill in the gaps of knowledge. Your email address will not be published. Hammermill paper is scientifically designed and rigorously tested to perform at the highest level everytime. Because you’ve already spent time not only reading the material, but also reflecting on it and recording reference notes for yourself, your study guide will help keep the information you’ve absorbed in your memory long-term. Feel free to use the form field below to take any notes, if needed. It simply wastes time. Now for your first step, simply divide your paper (or digital document) into two columns, making sure the right column has more space than the left.

Subscribe to ReportCard Newsletter! All you have to do is ask yourself as you’re reviewing your material, ‘what might be asked on a test on this material?’ and write down test questions as you’re studying. Just write your test questions on the front and the answers on the back. Even though you’re making your own study guide, it doesn’t mean your teacher’s study guide is rendered useless. That’s why you’re here, reading this article. Then, take your test at the end to see how well you’ve retained the information you’ve just reviewed.

They are an amazing tool.

It allows you to keep track of your study activities during Morning, Afternoon or in Evening hours. This forces you to not only remember the information, but also process it as you paraphrase, and reflect upon it. First things first, before you even begin studying. Study Guide Template 1; Study Guide Template 2; Study Guide Template 3 . The answer to this question can vary from person to person, but one thing’s for sure: Cramming the night before an exam isn’t an effective long-term solution for anyone. “Make my own study guide?

In fact, research shows that students that are consistently successful actually spend less time studying than their peers; they just do it more effectively. Cram it all in the night before? Quick! William Glasser also states that humans remember 95% of what they teach to another person.

Take notes? Using a study guide template is an efficient and effective way to ensure that you're following tried and tested methods when studying, but also giving you the ability to customize the template to better suit your material and personal needs. The process of reviewing your material and synthesizing it into a functioning study guide is one of the most important (and most effective) steps in your exam preparation, because it forces you to reduce the information into its main ideas. You’ve re-read the same sentence five times and still have no clue what it said.

But keep in mind that a study guide is only as helpful as the information you put in it. It’s not uncommon for students to fall into the ineffective trap of blocked practice when studying. Study guides can provide you with a quick and easy way to go over important material before tests or exams. You have an exam in a week and you sit down at your desk to study. It can be especially helpful to write your thoughts down and in your own words as you do so, or even draw supportive images that you know will help trigger your memory on the subject when you review it in the future. You have an exam in a week. First off, if you’re just here to grab our Study Guide Template, here it is below: Alright, let’s get started with the basics!

Now that you've recorded your information, it's time to get started on putting together your study guide. Details. Multitasking is never as productive as focused work. It happens to all of us. Now, on the back of the card, write what is most important to learn about the main concepts in your own words. And when you leave studying to the last minute, it doesn’t give you much opportunity to become mindful of what areas you could improve on to optimize your information retention and the depth of your understanding of the material.

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