The reversed meaning of this card is less troubling with regard to a long term romantic relationship than the upright indicator, however. Stay focused on the positives and remember that … So, Upright Swords can suggest stress, anxiety, worries or arguments for example, but when Reversed we could be looking at an improvement as issues are resolved, or the concern would be that the original stress, worry or anxiety has not been addressed with the individual now facing clinical depression or other mental health conditions. There are always, always options of one sort or another. You may be feeling as though you are out of control right now, even when this card appears in reverse. A note of caution accompanies The Devil Reversed whether you are extricating yourself from the lure of the material world, money, gambling, prostitution, drugs, crime or an abusive relationship. > Aeclectic Tarot Forum > Tarot > Using Tarot Cards: Welcome to the Aeclectic Tarot Forum, the largest and oldest Tarot bulletin board community online. The Devil being Reversed can mean a lessening or intensifying of his upright aspect so it would be hard to tell. The Devil can represent evil and manipulation in Tarot readings. It can also indicate that a lack of hope may be holding you back from moving towards the light. This may signify you emerging from a period of depression, sadness or feeling spiritually lost to once again move towards love and light and reconnect with your higher consciousness. If this is the case, seek the help of a professional counsellor to assist you both during this time. If you have a diagnosed illness, The Devil tells you not to let it define you, while you may have some restrictions be careful that you are not putting excessive limitations on yourself out of fear of exasperating your illness. This may signify you emerging from a period of depression, sadness or feeling spiritually lost to once again move towards love and light and reconnect with your higher consciousness. Look to supporting cards to confirm this. Consider taking a break from your dating. Learn how your comment data is processed. They have experienced some form of enlightenment as it slowly dawns on them that no one owns them and they have the power to change their lives if they so choose.

You and your partner should take a step back and try to rediscover some interests outside the relationship. When the Devil appears reversed your shadow’s power is fading. ( Log Out /  Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Use the freedom you have. In the meantime. Or check out the rest of the Major Arcana or Minor Arcana in The Tarot Guide for free tarot meanings online! Small steps are important, too.

The man and woman in The Devil Card have eventually realised that the noose around their neck is not so tight after all, they just thought it was. The influence your abusive partner once had over you may be lessening as you start to realise that you have choices and there is help out there for you. If you are in a relationship, The Devil Tarot card reversed can indicate that you and your partner may have been feeling stuck in a rut or felt like the relationship was on its way out but you having started to come out the other side of this. If you are in an unhappy job situation which you are enduring because of the “security,” stay aware that this is a choice that you are making, nothing has been foisted upon you. Do not look on this as a negative card, particularly when it comes up in reversal. Bring it all into the sunlight. In a health context, The Devil can indicate poor health brought about by harmful behaviour such as drug addiction, alcoholism or compulsive overeating. You may have just come out from a life changing experience, something that rocked you to the core and are looking at your life in a very different manner. Do you have positive people in your midst, or are you surrounded by overly critical, fault-finding people who complain and nitpick you to the point where you’re even less able to function well? Upside-down, they're repressing their inner hedonism.

If you are in a relationship, The Devil can be a sign that you or your partner are feeling trapped. The Devil Tarot card can be a sign of jealousy, envy, deception, dominance, cheating and in an extremely negative context abuse, violence or sexual assault. Take stock, then take action. In a spiritual context, The Devil can indicate that you have become too materialistic. The Devil upright in your Tarot reading can also indicate obsessive, secretive or impulsive behaviour.

All three cards point to control and entrapment, a dysfunction personality. You may not recognise him at first as he wears many disguises so only surround yourself with those you know you can trust. It is important at this stage to realise how you got into this situation and belief pattern, otherwise you are bound to repeat this somewhere else down the line. What position is it in the spread, and what is the question for the reading? Just because you want out of your situation, doesn’t mean to say that those around and involved with you feel the same. He had sounded so damned convincing but thank God, you have eventually seen through him and his evil ways. If you’re seeking love and you draw this card, give some consideration as to whether or how much you may be feeling “trapped” in single-hood and do your best to make peace with your situation and who you are, where you are, right now, today. It can also signify that you are starting to overcome stress, anxiety and any mental health issues that may have been causing issues in the past. It can also indicate that you are getting a new perspective on issues that you felt powerless to change previously. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. It can also be a sign of feeling trapped or restricted. You call this person a narcissist. ( Log Out /  It is bound to have reached a terrible depth before any real action was taken and the strength found to get out. You have to keep on your toes with this Fella for he will seize any opportunity to worm his way back in the door.

As far they are concerned the situation had become intolerant. The 9 of Swords Upright or Reversed would always be a worrying card and with the Devil Reversed the individual feels well and totally trapped in the ongoing nightmare that plays out in their mind. You are not trapped unless you allow yourself to be trapped.

Also, avoid gambling or any sort of risky or impulsive investments. Divorce in this case would not be associated with typical scenario of marital breakdown. Can you explain what you mean by horizontal ? The time will be coming soon where you may need to try to talk about it, if you want to save the relationship. Help is always available. In a spiritual Tarot spread, this tells you that the universe has been kind enough to allow you to learn your lesson without major negative consequences. It will be important to try not to resent the situation, but to deal calmly and rationally with it. You are in control of your own destiny and are not bound by anything other than your own attitudes and behaviour. You cannot change the past, so getting angry about or worrying about what has already happened is wasted energy. If the card is lying horizontally and facing left then read it upright. The Devil can also indicate a colleague or person in a career context who is deceptive and may be trying to sabotage you. Especially when reversed we are reminded to stay clear on the fact that life can turn on a dime, and sometimes those “turns” are very positive. Even if you are literally in jail, they cannot constrain your spirit, your soul, or your mind. This personal emancipation can be on a physical, emotional or psychological level. Love: The Devil reversed can be a friendly indication that trouble could be vaguely brewing if you are in a long-term romantic relationship. The disappointment and discontent associated with this card provide an answer of no to your question. Enough is enough, you realise that you cannot live like this anymore and are very possibly craving the simple things in life. It is what it is. Do not fall back into the old bad or risky behaviours that led you so close to danger. You may be having unfulfilling or even dangerous sexual encounters or allowing yourself to be used by people who do not care about you because you desperately want to be loved. Save for a rainy day! However, it may be you, a reformed Devil who is trying to turn over a new leaf after experiencing some levelling or humbling ordeal. The truth is, that you are sick down to your very toes with all of it. Be careful who you trust, this person will be all smiles to your face and while simultaneously stabbing you in the back. When The Devil Reverses, the lovely five-pointed Pentagram returns to its right and proper position. ( Log Out /  The first step is always to take some deep breaths and calm down. If you feel like you have a mental health problem, please do not look to the cards to diagnose you, seek the help of a mental health professional.

Read on, and enjoy! This scares the heck out of me. UPRIGHT: Shadow self, attachment, addiction, restriction, sexuality REVERSED: Releasing limiting beliefs, exploring dark thoughts, detachment Devil Description. Whatever your situation, it is a safe bet that it will not be permanent.

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