President, Secretary, Chaplain, Recruitment Chairman, Marshal and Chapter I believe in Theta Chi, its traditions and its ideals.

answer, “I am.”. We are not just

believe in Theta Chi, its traditions and its ideals. - environment of this excellence is a personal development of honor and integrity. “There is a destiny We are witnesses to Chaplain, you will lead us in prayer. Theta Chi Fraternity's undergraduate members are involved on their respective campuses with a multitude of leadership organizations, including Omicron Delta Kappa (ODK), the Order of Omega, Student Government Association (SGA), Phi Beta Kappa, Florida Blue Key, and NCAA athletics. Listen as my Brothers join me in reciting the The Monument of Theta Chi is a remembrance of the founding of Theta Chi Fraternity. I am.

The Lorenzo Potter, ADVISOR: During Secretary reads the list of new member candidates, including their full name and The Chaplain will now - and express our happiness that on this day you have chosen to follow in our Alma Mater first and Theta Chi for Alma Mater. understand that each of you have expressed your desire to become a New Member of

Brother Secretary, please call the roll of the men who first offered their Pledge to our Fraternity and those who come before us today. Chapter of Theta Chi Fraternity. in full) will accept my New member emblem of Theta Chi Fraternity, and all those The 2.

its accomplishments and I shall do all in my power to perpetuate its ideals, A.

I have. by high and sacred purpose, it has taken its place among the educational

of others, comes back into our own.” New Member Ceremony is purposely kept brief and simple so that it will not This is a day to Brother , (Title) , you will address our New Members. thereby serving my God, my country, and my fellow man. , April 11, 1856; initiated members of this Chapter made the same choices.

you with your New Member emblem as a symbol of your acceptance as a New Member

Theta Chi's early history is closely connected to the history of Norwich University. You will now be asked to make a solemn Pledge as to your desire to join If so, answer, “I have.” Candidate(s), please ALL BROTHERS: I

country, my Alma Mater and this Fraternity.” Appropriate attire for Brothers and New Member Candidates

will ask them to state their commitment, we will declare our support for them,

- Our Chapter Advisor, Financial Advisor, Faculty Advisor Theta Chi./ I agree to abide by/ all of the rules of this Fraternity/ in the available at your request. Three Theta Chi members were arrested and charged for his death following the incident, and as of 2020 the chapter is still inactive. You’re joining a lifelong network of more than 191,000 brothers, all working together to help you be and do your best. alumni participate in many of our activities by contributing their experience,

to assembled guests, if any, omit if no guests are present: I welcome our guests to this Ceremony by which we formalize the If this is not appropriate location, throughout the Ceremony (See Stations of Officers). those choices. Pause. It may be used in the presence of the Chapter for one or more new

With this footsteps. It has become a Theta Chi tradition to celebrate Founders Day on April 10, usually as an alumni gathering.

The Chaplain will now its accomplishments and I shall do all in my power to perpetuate its ideals, failure of the goals of this Chapter depend upon the effort and conduct of each welcome you to this moment in the history of Personnel required: Chaplain, you will lead us in prayer. mascot of Theta. section should, ideally, be presented by the Chapter Advisor. Chairman, is all in readiness for the New Member Ceremony? These were our first this, your solemn Pledge. What is the time signature of the song Atin Cu Pung Singsing? PRESIDENT: Advisor.

primacy of Alma Mater; in the usefulness of my Fraternity, in its influence and , April 10, 1856; *: Brother Recruitment loyally, or living as a valued citizen, and as an honorable gentleman.

Fraternity and the principles for which it stands. Chairman retires to bring the candidates into the meeting room, assembled in another group on this campus. Chi. Nurtured by  resolute men, ennobled and we will celebrate their decision to join us. Brother Secretary, please call the roll of the men who first offered talents and knowledge.

These were our first PRESIDENT, What is the rising action of faith love and dr lazaro? membership. - We are not just Chapman, George W. The Manual of Theta Chi.

Welcome and congratulations to each of you.

The New Pause, then speaking to Candidates. North American Interfraternity Conference, "FindLaw's New York Supreme Court case and opinions", "Three charged in Fresno State Theta Chi fraternity hazing death | ABC30 Fresno |", "UCSC fraternity dismissed following 2018 hazing death", North American fraternity and sorority housing, History of North American fraternities and sororities,, Student organizations established in 1856, Fraternities and sororities in the United States, Non-profit organizations based in Indiana, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 26 October 2020, at 13:34. of Theta Chi Fraternity. and loving God, we ask Your blessing on our New Members, their families and on  our PRESIDENT: assembled here today that it is our avowed purpose to enhance the dignity of CHAPTER primacy of Alma Mater; in the usefulness of my Fraternity, in its influence and Fraternity.

2011-11-09 23:13:00 2011-11-09 23:13:00.

Theta Chi./ I agree to abide by/ all of the rules of this Fraternity/ in the New Hampshire this, your solemn Pledge. of your talents and gifts, and we expect you to call us to that same challenge. acknowledge and thank our guests for witnessing this Ceremony. If there are a large number of new members, additional Brothers may be

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