Rodrigo TX: Rest in peace to his mom—we definitely are his extended family, and he fits like a glove in the circle. How do you scout people for DGK? Dirty Ghetto Kids.” Just embracing it basically. We tried for a couple years with DGK, then right when I finally gave up on it, it came through. On October 5, 2012, DGK launched the "Free Fabes" campaign to raise legal fees for Williams' close friend and former professional skateboarder, Fabian Alomar. Dwayne is my homey from Brazil. He quit Deca and I quit Chocolate.


He doesn't skate at all. From the North Shore skatepark to flying private with Travis Scott and appearing ... 16 Skateboarders Named to First-Ever USA Skateboarding National Team.

At the time, they didn’t really want photographers taking photos of us. He kind of pioneered what DGK was about in terms of style and tricks. I don’t think a lot of skaters have that mentality. Partnering up with Troy Morgan to launch an entirely new distribution house called the Kayo Corporation in Carlsbad, California, Stevie’s ’02 decision not only launched DGK, the company, but ultimately provided backing for DGK: Parental Advisory (2012 Video) Full Cast & Crew. Where did he come from, he just popped up with Tree Fort back in the days and the rest is history? There was a lot of emotional attachment for me to Chocolate at that time, and I didn’t end up pulling the trigger on that deal. With DGK we are into the same things. Gold Topic Start : Start a topic with over 10,000 replies. I had always been trying to get my best friend Marcus [McBride] on every company that I skated for. I don’t stop until I can show people what I’m all about. Its just kind of interesting that he keeps everything so on the low. At the end of the day though, when all of those dudes stopped coming to LOVE Park and we basically took it over, LOVE Park was DGK.

The DGK team was selected for the "Best Team" award at the 15th Annual Transworld SKATEboarding Awards. It’s definitely for him too. Josh Kalis:Josh is OG. You would think he had been on for years, but it’s only been a couple of months. You said it started to take off after that. We was like anti Ricky Oyola, Matt Reason, and all those dudes. [4] Their skateboarding during the period was documented in numerous videos, including the ON Video series, Transworld SKATEboarding's The Reason. Man.

He’s a nomad from Florida.

It’s a pastime that lives and breathes to see the underdog rise up. We was all in a circle like a cipher talking about it.

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